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April 16, 2014
By Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
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Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
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All that we see or dream is but a dream within a dream
-Edgar Allen Poe

Author's note: This took me awhile and please excuse my mistakes(if there are any). I barely had any time to actually work on it and I really wished I didn't have bad writers block. I would have ended this much, much better.

Walking alone in the woods. Brushing my hand against all the trees when I pass by them. I have no memory on who I was or where I was at. Left alone in the woods.
The sun shines bright in the day as I run into the field of grain. Some deer lift their heads and watch me as I walk. The big strong buck watches me, ready to bold. But all I do is smile and walk away and the deer get back to grassing.
Looking down at my feet I see I have no shoes on. Why don't I have shoes on? Picking at my shirt I see it is worn down, faded, and ripped in many places; my pants are the same. How long have I been in these cloths? I thought. But I just smile and run into the woods again.
Men are in the woods now. Two big men with guns ready to hunt. I am curious about the two men and why they bring guns into the woods to hunt animals. But I keep my distance between me and the men.
"Hey, over here! Got some tracks." One man yelled to the other. His voice was like a loud boom in the silent night. When I heard it I jumped in fear and surprise.
The other man came running then stopped before the first. Bending down to look at some prints.
"Hmm... This ain't no deer tracks Charlie." Said the man that was kneeling onto the ground.
I wanted to get a better look at the two men but I didn't want to be seen by them. I quietly and slowly got up and started to creep towards the men, watching where I stepped so I did not make a sound.
"What was that?" The man that was on the ground was now standing up, scanning the area. With his gun up ready to shoot.
"Calm down Joel, It was probably just a deer or something," said Charlie with his hand on Joel's shoulder to calm him down. But the man called Joel didn't stop searching in the shadows.
When I stepped on that branch and snapped it I tried not to jump in surprise and make myself be seen by these mysterious men. I knew nothing about them so I kept my distance.
Later on that day I climbed up into an old tree. Sitting with my back against its big trunk and one leg dangling from a branch. A small raccoon climbed up to me and sniffed the air. I smiled then slowly reached my hand out to it-I've always had a way with the animals in the woods, they trusted me and they did not fear me. I showed respect to them as did they to me. We live in harmony, together in the woods- the raccoon brought its head up to my hand and sniffed it. Then she put the top of her head to the inside of my hand.
Stroking her soft black and grey fur I felt at peace with the animal, like I always do.
She made a soft sound then she crawled onto my lap as if she were like a pet cat.
Still stroking her fur, lessening to the sound of the woods, and watching the sun go down. From the tree tops it was the most beautiful view.
Then night fell and I climbed down from the tree to find a nice place to rest.
* *
"Gunshots." I whisper to myself.
I get up from where I was sleeping at. It has been the same place every night for a long time-I don't really have a sense of time, so I have no idea how long I have lived in the woods alone-
Grabbing my spear and quietly running through the woods, deeper into the shadows looking for the men who caused the loud sound.
All of a sudden I hear yelling. It was the man called Charlie who was yelling. Even though he was speaking loud I couldn't make out what he was saying but I tried my best to understand what they were saying.
"Charlie, I think there's someone out there," said Joel almost trying to whisper.
"Oh don't be such a baby Joel! If there is someone out here, let 'em be. We got guns, we got guts, nothin' can bother us!" Exclaimed Charlie but Joel didn't care what he said and he walked off into the woods.
Getting closer to see the camp they had set up I saw many tents then a gated in area.
Getting closer and closer to the small camp to look at it better. Leaning against a tree that sat up on a little mount of dirt. I leaned closer and closer, I fell forward and landed in front of Charlie.
"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. Hey Joel! Get your butt over here, you were right for once! We did have someone watchin' us!" Howled Charlie, and as he said that Joel came up from behind me and grabbed me by my arm. He whorled me around and grabbed my other arm.
Trying to pull my arms out of his hands I wasn't able to get free.
"Let me go! Let me go!" Kicking and screaming at them did nothing.
"Put her out and throw her with the others Joel!" Ordered Charlie.
All of a sudden I was hit across the face and was knocked out. Darkness consumed me whole and I was out.
* * *
I open my eyes and saw the clear blue sky, and then a small round face appeared. Little blue eyes looking into mine and short light brown hair hanging down, brushed along her face.
"W-what? Where am I?" I say, trying to sit up but my muscles ache and my head is throbbing.
"You’re in a camp," said the young girl. She grabbed my arm and helped me up. "I'm Ashley... What’s your name?"
Looking around at the camp seeing more kids around my age chained up, I look at myself and see that I too am chained.
"Why?" I ask coldly.
"Are you asking why we are here? Because none of us know why we are here." Said a small voice. It was a little boy sitting in the corner.
Ashley turned to him then back to me and said, "He was brought here after me."
I nodded my head and got up to try and get a better look at the camp and the gated area we were in.
"Get up maggots! One of you is gonna fight today!" Yelled Charlie. When the kids heard it they all started to huddle closer together in fear.
Leaning over to Ashley I ask, "What does he mean by that?" Once I asked that her eyes started to fill up with tears.
"They make us fight," she said but I didn't understand that alone so I asked again.
"What do they fight?" Then she looked up at me.
"They make is fight in pits! We fight either each other, wild animals, or... Or... Them." I could tell she was terrified by just the thought of it.
"Them? You mean the men?" I asked and she nodded. She was done talking.
I wanted to ask more questions but I had no time. Charlie opened the gate with a key then walked over to the little boy who was in the corner. The boy jumped back with a cry of fear.
"How about you? You wanna fight today?" Charlie asked but it was sarcasm. He reached for the boy and grabbed the chain that kept the boy in the pen. Unlocking the pad lock and grabbing the boy’s arm, to take him where ever it is where they make kids fight for life.
"He is going to die..." Whispered some of the kids.
* * *
A few days later. Ashley and I have started becoming friends by chatting about the pits and other things.
I was almost picked to go and fight in a pit with a bear, but I wasn't picked. It was a small girl, she was so small, weak, helpless. I would do anything to save her, but I did not dare to say a word.
But one day I had enough, I didn't want to see any more kids go and not come back, some did come back but most of them didn't.
So one night I yelled out to Charlie and Joel.
"LET ME FIGHT! LET ME FIGHT! LET ME FIGHT!" I screamed and screamed, Ashley tried shutting me up but I insisted that I knew what I was doing.
"Oh so you wanna fight huh?" Mocked Charlie, "Well if you wanna fight, you can fight me or Joel, how about that?"
I got up and pulled at the chains taking a few steps toward him, Bearing my teeth and snarling at him like a wild cat.
"Oh such a tough girl, eh?" Said Joel who unlocked the gate and stepped into the pen. He then took my chain to unlock me, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the pen. Charlie locked the pen up and walked behind Joel and I.
* *
Now standing in the middle of a large dug out pit at least nine feet into the ground, I was alone with Joel. Not alone; there were hundreds of people up above watching the fight, placing bets and chatting among themselves.
"Now everyone take your seats! We have a special fight here tonight! Joel our most respected bounty hunter, well other than me!" Charlie said then laughed, "And this young girl here is... Well we don't know our kids names but she was found outside our camp watching us." He went on about it when someone from the crowd yelled out, "Come on! Let see them fight! I wanna see a fight not hear stories!" And the fight begun.
* * *
All I had was a stick in my hand and nothing else. Joel on the other hand was big and full of muscles. But I didn't want to give up or go down and die, so I fought him.
He walked around me a few times, circling around me like a vulture. Then he jumped at me and punched me. I fell back and tried to recover myself in time, and I did. And when I did I swung my leg around and tried to kick his face. The fight lasted for a few minutes of him trying to hit me and me hitting him. Since I lived in the woods for a long time I've learned how to be fast and agile, and how to use some ones strength against them.
He went to grab my hair and pull me towards him, and he did so. When he pulled me to him I took the stick and shoved it into his stomach, kneeing him in his groin and then smashing my palm into his atoms apple, and it was over.
I had won the fight.
Everyone gasped in horror as I killed their beloved bounty hunter. And I climbed out of the pit and stood with the stick that had his blood on it. I slowly walked to Charlie.
"Where do you think you’re going little missy?" He reached out to grab my hand and as he did I grabbed his knife he had in his belt loop and cut his throat.
Everyone yelled and some even screamed in fear and in horror. But I ignored them, grabbing the keys and running to the pen where the children where being held.
Some of the men ran after me to try and stop me, yelling and trying to throw things at me but I was too fast for them.
I got all the kids out of the pen and away from the camp in time.

I left the children at the gates of their home. They were tall wooden gates with stone walls built around the small town. And the inside of the town I did not know what it looked like, but I liked to imagine what it looked like. I thought of it being as if there were millions of people who lived working for a king and had no happiness but I was wrong.
A young man by the name of Tom came to me when I was going back into the woods. He stopped me by making a bird call. One that I haven't heard for a long while. He approached me with caution. But he came to me with a willing/helping hand.
He took me into the town and I lived with him and his kid brother who is about my age. This man is a bounty hunter. He is well known in the town and out in the woods.
* *
Sitting outside in the shade of an oak tree I read a book. Tom's kid brother, Benny, comes up to me and sits next to me. I may not know him very well but I guess him and Tom are now my family. I wonder what they think of me, if I am family to them. We have spent so much time together for the past year or so, so am I just a visitor or am I now family to them?
"Hey Lilah. Tom just got done making us some lunch. Come on inside for food." Benny got up and smiled at me. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up, even though I didn't want to get up.
"I'm fine, but thank you." I said with a ghostly whisper.
"Benny, Lilah! I made y'all some food! Get in here now!" Tom yelled from the kitchen. And when I heard his voice I pushed Benny aside and ran into the house. I don't know what love feels like, but I believe I love Tom.
* *
After eating lunch I got up from my seat-where, it was right next to Tom- and put my plate in the sink. Going back to the table and taking Tom and Benny's plate and putting them with mine in the sink.
"Lilah, you don't have to worry about the dishes. I will do them." Tom said to me. But I ignored him and started washing them.
I try this every time. Trying to be like all the other house wives in the small town. But it is hard because Tom is almost twice my age and the council has matched me up with a young Asian boy named Chong.
* *
"Benny! Benny!" Yelled a name from outside in the front yard. "Benny! Come out here and check this out!" Benny, Tom and I went to the door and opened it. Chong was standing outside holding a wanted poster of me.
"Chong, what is that? And who is that on the front?" Benny snatched the paper out of his hand and looked at it. Then Tom took it from him.
"Lilah? What is this?" Tom said but before he was able to turn around and look at me I was gone, out the door. Ever since I've been living in this town my skills have gotten a little rusty, but I am still able to out run everyone in the town. Well almost everyone, I am still unable to out run Tom, even if I still lived out in the woods I was unable to out run him.
"Lilah! Stop!" Tom yelled at me then he quickly rushed up behind me and grabbed my arm.
Turning around and looking him in the eyes I was terrified because I didn't want him to hate me.
"No! No! I didn't do it! Let me go! I didn't know it was bad to kill them!!" I screamed out. Tears filled my eyes and I wiped my head around screaming. Tom covered my mouth to stop my from screaming. He held me in his arms calming me rocking me like I was a little baby.
"Shh, shh. Lilah its okay. I can work something out with the people." He held me in his arms then got up. He took me back into the house and set me down on the couch, and I feel asleep.
* *
"Lilah. Baby cake, my love." Chong got closer to my face as I woke up. I quickly got up pushing his face away from mine.
"Tom, I'm sorry... I didn't know it was wrong." Then I saw the Governor walk out of the kitchen with Tom.
"She didn't know Governor. She lived outside of town when it happened."
"It doesn't matter. We can’t have a cold killer living in this town. She must be hung or let loose into the woods. I cannot have here in this town with the people." The Governor looked at me and winked!
"Tom? What is going on now," Asked Chong. "What is going to happen to Lilah? Her and I are..." He then stopped and looked at me. Head down and walking sadly away.
"What is it kid? What were you saying about you and that girl?" Governor grabbed Chong's arm and pulled him in. "what is it boy? Speak up, and tell the 'ole governor what you were about to say."
"G-governor. The c-council matched us up. T-they said that w-we were meant to be together o-or something..." Chong was trying to say.
"Hmm... Well maybe I can cope with that young man." The Governor went back from kid, to boy, to young man. It was odd of him to say that kind of stuff referring to one person in one time line. "Well in the matters way, she still has to be kept in eyes view of someone. She can't kill any other bounty hunters. So Tom, I may say she cannot live with you."
* *
I was taken to a room where they kept me and other people. It was like a cage of some sort. Metal everywhere, eve the bed and toilet were metal! There was one other person with me in there.
"Sup sexy." He made a clicking sound with his mouth then made the gun fingers. "My name is Morgan. Yeah it may be kind of a girl’s name, but I can pull it off." Then he winked at me. It was charming and sweet but I didn't fall for any of his tricks.
I glared at him as I walked over to the bunk beds, hoping onto the top bed and settling in. Morgan laughed then smiled. His teeth were nice and white, His eyes were a calming brown color, he was also tall and muscular. Dark long, shaggy hair went down to partly cover his eyebrows.
"So what you in here for? I got caught for shoplifting," He let out another laugh and that caused me to laugh. "Oh so you can laugh, well what about talk?"
"Oh please, I can talk!" I gave him a scowl then another laugh. "Your pretty funny, but never call me that again." I gave him a serious look then a smile.
"Well okay what should I call you then?" Another charming smile, and added to that he tilted his head and that caused his hair to drape down and hang over his face.
"Call me Lilah. I'm in here because..." He then yelled it out. Yelling out what I was about to say.
"Oh my god! You’re the girl who killed Charlie and Joel! I can't believe that is you!" He stopped, coughed then lowered his voice to act cool-maybe to impress me- "I mean. You’re a girl, and you killed to grown men by yourself? Took some guts to do that. And you pretty hot, so that's a plus." I laughed at what he was saying until he called me "hot." That bothered me a bit but I didn't care after awhile.

I got out of jail and went home to Tom and Benny. It has been a while since I saw Benny; Tom has visited me a lot since I was in jail. Morgan and I became good friends during the time and I am glad of that.
"He Lilah." Said Chong. He is still upset about me not loving him, the way he loves me. But it isn't my fault, is it? I don't care to think of that thought because I have other things on my mind.
Morgan will be out of jail sometime soon. His dad won’t let him live in the house anymore, so Tom have Benny share his room with Morgan.
* * *
"Tom? When is Morgan moving in?" I asked. I haven't seen Morgan for a couple of days and he is the only person I opened up to other than Tom.
"He is moving in later today, I k now you haven't seen him for days and you would want to catch up but don't bug him. He has been having problems with his old man."
"You know I'm one not to bug. That's Benny," I pointed back at Benny then looked at Tom. "I’ll just help him unpack and Ill clear space in Benny's room." I walked toward Benny's room door and opened it.
"Hey! You can't just go in there!" Benny quickly got up and tried to pull me away from the door but I knocked him down and went into the room.
It was a total mess. Cloths and garbage everywhere, covering the floor, in piles, hung up on the door and on the dresser. The stench of his room was the worst part.
"Oh my god, Benny!" I stepped out then gasping for air.
"What? I told you, you shouldn't go in there." He was laughing at me so I grabbed his foot, pulled it forward and up then he fell.
"How can you live in this mess?!" I said still gasping and trying to not breathe in the stench.
"Benny I told you to clean up your crap!" Tom looked at him then me, then at the room. "You, Lilah and I are going to clean this room until it is spotless."
* *
"Hey you got the last box?" Tom asked me as I walked in carrying three boxes. Tom looked at me and laughed, I always pulled everyone's weight around even if they didn't need me to.
"Yeah, I got the last three boxes," I smiled and blushed a bit.
"Hey Lilah, ain't you glad I'm movin' in?" Morgan smiled at me then leaned over n hugged me. "Missed talkin' to ya."
"Oh come on and let’s get this done, I'm tired!" Whined Benny. I kneed him in his side to quiet him. He squealed then fell to the ground.
"It’s okay guys. I can do this myself. It is my stuff." He insisted but I stayed back to help him unpack.

"You know Lilah, I missed havin' you around to talk to."
"Yeah," I thought of all the stuff that we talked about. "I missed it too." I opened one of the boxes of cloths and started pulling his cloths out.
"Uh you don't need to unpack anything." He looked at me, then the box, then back at me again. Then I reached in the box and grabbed out a book. I looked at it and it had scribbles all over it.
"No!" Morgan yelled then reached and snatched the book from my hands.
"I-I'm sorry," I said to him. Wide eyed and confused I stared at him. "What is so special about it, it’s just a book." I cocked my head and stared at him some more.
"It’s nothing, I just don't like when people touch my stuff." He looked at the book then set it down.
I left the room before he said anything else. I felt bad.
* * *
"Morning Sweetie pie." My bedroom door swung open and Chong walked in.
“Move out of my way chump!” Morgan came in my room, pushing Chong out of his way. “Sup Lilah? Get some good sleep last night?”
“Mmm…” I moaned then rubbed my eyes. “Yeah I did. I can’t wait to hang out with you all day today!” I jumped out of my bed, my feet touching the cold floor.
“But Lilah, I thought…” Chong got cut off by Morgan.
“Who cares! I’m here now and Lilah and I need time together. Now get lost!” Morgan was a little harsh but that’s just who he was, a harsh and truthful person.
* *
Morgan and I were out back sitting on a bolder at the edge of the pond. Morgan was skipping rocks and I was sketching the pond and the trees around it. It was nice and quiet out here; it was one of my most favorite spots to relax.
“Hey Lilah, I gotta ask you something.” Morgan was about to skip a rock but he turned around and looked at me.
“Yeah sure, what is it? You can ask my anything! Well not anything, I don’t know so much about this town.” I said still sketching one of the trees in the backdrop of the picture.
All of a sudden Morgan took it away from me, but he made sure it wasn’t messed up. He set it down, took my chin and kissed me. I didn’t know he liked me like that. I didn’t know what he really thought of me. The council would be furious if they knew about this since they matched Chong and I up.
“Lilah! Morgan!” A car pulled around to where we were and as soon as I heard the voice I pushed Morgan away from me, grabbed my notebook full of drawings and ran. I felt bad because I ran from Morgan.
“Tom! Tom!” I yelled flailing my arms and running to the car. Morgan soon ran after me. We got into the car. Morgan and I were in the back, Tom in the front and Chong was in the passenger seat.
* * *
When we got home I went straight to my room and shut the door behind me. Morgan was following me but then saw I didn’t want to be by him at that time.
“Oh my god, he kissed me!” I said to myself. “He kissed me on my lips!” I was starting to freak out a little because I have never been kissed before, and because Morgan was just my friend. But I soon realized I liked him more than a friend. “But I liked it. It was nice. I-I-I.” Then someone knocked on my door.
“Come in!” I yelled out to whoever knocked on my door. It was Benny who walked in.
“Lilah, I know.” He abruptly said.
“What? What do you mean?” I was confused by what he meant.
“Lilah, I know about you and Morgan.”
“Nothing is going on between us!” I was out raged by what he said.
“Lilah, I won’t tell Chong. Well,” He paused. “Unless if you kiss me and I be your first kiss.” Once he said that I slapped him.
“I will not!” I yelled. “Get out! Get out right now Benny!”
“What’s going on in here?” Tom came running into my room and saw Benny and I, “Benny lets go.” He grabbed Benny’s arm and took him out of my room. I sat there bewildered.
Morgan standing in my doorway watching me, “You okay? Look, I’m sorry about what happened earlier today at the pond. Didn’t know it would bother you.”
I looked up at him, “its okay, I kind of liked it.” I Blushed.
* *
I woke up on the floor in my room. My back hurt and I had a headache. I got up and looked out the window. The moon was up in the sky and soft light came through the clouds. I walked out into the living room to see Tom asleep on the couch; I walked over to him and looked at him. He looked so beautiful when he slept. Brushing his hair back, out of his face I kissed his forehead. I kneeled down on the floor and watched him sleep. After awhile I fell asleep on the floor in front of the couch. But before I fell asleep I went into the kitchen.
Morning came and Tom work up. He stepped over my sleeping body and went into the kitchen. But by surprise breakfast was made. He went into Benny and Morgan’s room to check on them but they were sound asleep. Benny is a deep sleeper and Morgan was just too tired to stay up.
I got up and went into the kitchen. Tom looked at me and smiled, “You did this?” I nodded then went over to the counter and took a piece of bacon. “I always make breakfast Lilah, you never have to do this.” He walked over to me and hugged me.
“Yes I do.” I looked at him, a little annoyed because he never let me do things like this. “I have to do this. And I did do it and you will eat it.” I took one of the pancakes and shoved it in his mouth and stormed out of the house.
I know I shouldn’t have gotten mad about that but I want Tom to see that I love him. I don’t understand anymore. Living inside the walls is harder than it sounds, you may have protection, food and water but the people are hard.
I went back inside after a few hours to have some breakfast but all that was left was three pieces of bacon and two pancakes. I took them and brought them outside and ate them under the tree. A few of our neighbors walked past the house glaring at me because what I did before I came into the town; because I killed Charlie and Joel.

Tom and I went out to the store to get some things for dinner tonight. Tom was saying something to me about a special get together. We never done anything this big before but I guess it is special to Tom so I will help.
We got home with bags full of food and other supplies. Chong, Benny, and Morgan were here to help unpack everything from the car. I was glad to see everyone working together and not fighting. But I still feel off, I don’t know why but everything seems weird.
There is a knock on the door. I go to open the door but Tom shoos me away and tells me to go into the kitchen. So I go back into the kitchen to get things ready.
“Hello Tom, nice to see you again.” I hear a voice then footsteps coming into the house. “How is everyone doing?”
“Very well Governor. Lilah is helping me with dinner; the boys are cleaning up and setting everything out.”
The Governor, I knew it. Out of all the people in this town Tom had the Governor come. He probably had done this so he could talk him out of whatever is new.
“Is Lilah here?” I leaned over and looked beyond the corner to see the Governor smiling. Tom nodded then called out to me, “Lilah come here.”
“Yes Tom?” I answered out to him, but not daring to go out there to where the Governor stands. He looks at me with an evil smile.
“Hello Lilah.” The Governor bowed down then slowly stood up, keeping his eye on me. I got the creeps when he did this, it felt like he was staring into my soul and looking past the flesh outline of my body.
* * *
We all sat at the table; Tom, the Governor, Benny, Morgan, and I. I felt uncomfortable because the Governor was against me living in this town because I killed the two of the best bounty hunters. But I knew that I was in the right and what I did was right, they were killing kids, making them fight! What was I suppose to do, leave them and let them die even though they shouldn’t?
Morgan leaned over and dropped a note onto my lap. He did this when he wanted to tell me something in secret; and when it was to quiet so if he tried to whisper it, everyone else in the room would hear. Tom saw that Morgan passed a note and he just looked at us, and shook his head.
What did you do to tick the governor off? He seems really mad at you or something.
Oh yeah, and when you’re done eating, come out back. I have to show you something awesome!
I wonder what he wants to show me. Could he want to show me a new fighting move or some new baby animal from the woods? I gave Morgan a questioning look.
“Tom, May I be excused from dinner?” Tom looked at me, and then nodded. I got up and put my food into a container then washed off my plate. Turning around to, look at Morgan to see if he will do the same.
“Tom, may I the same?” I was surprised because Morgan never used proper grammar. Tom let him go as he did the same for me. The Governor did not seem happy about this, but he allowed it because he was a guest in this home.
Morgan and I ran outside, he grabbed my arm to lead me to where we were going. I was a bit scared because I had no idea where we were going and what he was going to show me. He then skidded to a stop; I couldn’t see anything so once he stopped I ran straight into him knocking us both down.
“God Lilah!” Morgan said with a groan. I could see his shimmering eyes in the moonlight. I got up and brushed the dirt and grass clippings off of me. “Ok this may freak you out but I don’t know. Just don’t tell Tom or anyone else about this. This can be,” He paused. “Our little secret.” With that being said he smiled a smile that the devil would wear.
“Morgan?” I said a little worried about what he was going to show me. “Don’t be fooling around, I’m serious!” He just smiled at me then pulled back the curtain of branches from the sagging trees. There was a dug out pit, full of people. No these weren’t people. They were dead; their flesh was rotted, pale skin, dark dirty eyes, and black mouths. They were reaching out of the pit toward us. Morgan was staring at them, in awe.
“What is this? Morgan!” I yelled out at him terrified. He looked at me with horror.
“This isn’t what I wanted to show you. This isn’t what I wanted to show you!” I was in shock when he said that.
“What did you want to show me then? And what are those things?” I curled up into a ball and was shaking, covering my eyes and head. Morgan bent down and leaned over me; I uncovered my head and said, “We have to tell Tom.”
“No way! I don’t want to get in trouble!”
“You won’t get in trouble. All we have to do is go to Tom and tell him about these people.” I sat up and pointed to the pit full of the dead-but yet living-people. “He will do something about it and make sure that the people in the town are safe or something.” I was calming him and yet myself by what I was saying.
“Tom! Tom!” Morgan busted through the door as I was screaming Tom’s name. Benny was lying on the floor covered in blood. No not his own blood, someone else’s blood. He moaned softly, looking up at me.
“Tom…” Benny tried to talk but couldn’t say much.
“What is it?” Morgan pulled Benny up by his shirt and got in his face.
“Morgan stop it! Benny, what happened to Tom?” I held Benny like a child, coddling him in my arms.
“T-the Governor. He, he took Tom!” Benny looked up at me, his eyes filled with tears. “He is going to kill Tom! He is, he is!”

“Ok let’s go guys.” I yelled out to Morgan and Benny. We were on the move. Out in the woods again made me feel home, but without Tom I felt alone.
“Hey, Lilah. I’m ready to come with you guys.” Chong came running wisth a big bag full of items.
“Oh are you kidding me? You can’t come with us; you’re not made for this kind of stuff. Go home!” Morgan sounded irritated by this. Chong has been trying to come with us for days now. I try my best to keep him safe but sometimes it’s just too hard.
“Benny, take Chong back home. I don’t have time for this. We have to get a move on! Seriously.”
“Come on Lilah, He wants to help find Tom. He is good at this kind of stuff. And Tom would like it if we worked together.” Benny has been trying to get me to let Chong join us, and this time it worked on me.
“Fine! But no screwing around, can’t risk getting caught.” I huffed. They gathered their stuff and we headed out.
* * *
It was hot outside, the brush was covering the light but the air was thick and damp. We walked slowly and tried to keep close. The Governor must be out here somewhere, maybe close by watching us. Watching us coming for Tom.
“Lilah, can we stop for a minute? I’m tired!” Benny said. He was in the back, slowly walking. I stopped and looked at him.
“Are you kidding? We need to keep on going Benny. Don’t you understand that your brother is gone? You are just driving me crazy with this! It’s like I’m the only one who cares about Tom!” I was frustrated by this, after all Tom has done for us-including Benny-we stop? Benny has to understand that Tom is his brother and he has done so much for him.
Crack! We all stopped talking and looked around. There was another sharp sound in the brush.
“What was that? Is it the Governor?” Chong said with a shaky voice. He got his bat out and put it up. “Who’s out there?” He yelled.
“Shut up Chong!” Morgan yelled at Chong, smacking him upside the head.
Snap! Snap! Snap! Guru. There were moans coming from the woods. Chong came up behind me, holding my arm close to his face. I take out my revolver and c*** it. Morgan slid out his sword and Benny pulled Chong close to him, and they both sit curled up together on the ground.
A person walks out from behind a tree and looks at me. They have only one eye and some of its skin ripped off. She wore a nightgown that was tattered and faded, blood stained it and other unknown stains were on the dress. Gray hands reached to us, long sharp nails and hands that were probably strong enough to break bones. Her mouth was open wide; making snarling sounds, as if she was a hungry rabid dog.
“Miss, are you ok?” Chong got up and took a step toward her. Pushing him back and aiming my gun at her chest.
Bang! I shot my gun, but the woman did not fall and die. She was somehow already dead but yet alive.
Another sound came from the bushes, but out came a man running. He had an ax in his hands. Once he saw the woman he threw his ax at the woman’s head. She screeched then fell to the ground.
‘What are you doing?” Chong yelled then threw himself at the man.
“You kids shouldn’t be out here,” He pushed Chong back then looked at me. “Wait a minute. Aren’t you that young girl who killed Charlie and Joel? Yeah, yeah you are.”
“Yeah she is, so what? What’s it got to do with you? She is with us!” Morgan stepped up and got in the guys face.
“Whoa kid, I’m out her because Tom has been missing for days and now I heard of the kids he was with have gone missing too. I’ve been looking out here for you guys and Tom. Speaking of him, where is Tom?” He looked around to see if Tom was around but Tom wasn’t.
We told him about what happened a few nights ago before we left to look for Tom. He nodded a lot wile lessoning to our story. After that he told us to wait here. It was about half an hour before we saw a car. The man came driving and pulled over.
“Get in.” He rolled the window down and staired at us.
“First off, Tell us who you are and why you care. I’m not getting in any car, we are going to walk!” I dimanded.
“Alright. I’m Nick. There you know my name now get in the car.” He ordered us.
“How can we trust you?” Benny stood up and tried to act brave, but Morgan just pushed him back down. Morgan and Nick had a stair down.
“Get in the car.” Nick said slowly. Benny and Chong looked at me and I nodded.
“Fine. But if you try any stunt I wont hesitate to shoot.” I showed him my revolver then put it back in my holster.
* * *
A few hours later Nick pulled over. He grunted then un hooked his seatbelt. He got out of the car and went to the back. Benny, Chong, and Morgan were in the back all stairing at me.
“What? What are you looking at me for?” I said agervated.
“Ill go out there n check out whats going on.” Morgan un-done his seatbelt and got ready to get out of the car, but I was already out of the car.
“No. I will. You stay here. I’m the one leading this look out so you do what I say!” I walked to the back of the car.
Nick was sittin on the ground drinkin some rum. He looked up at me and said nothing. He held the bottle up to me and shaked it as if he was asking if I wanted some. I just simply shook my head and kneeled down next to him.
“Nick.” He slowly lifted up his head and looked up at me. “What is going on?”
“No gas,” He paused then went on. “Tom is probebly dead by now. The Governor may have just killed him.”
I didn’t hear Benny get out of the car but what I did hear is when he screamed, it sounded like the shrill of a wild horse.
“Get up! Get up!” Morgan grabbed my arm and pulled me up taking me behind the trees and bushes, Benny and Chong dragged Nick with.
“Whats going on?” Then, Morgan covered my mouth and pointed.
“Look.” A tank came rolling down the road. “You think that’s the Governor?” Nick started laughing, we all turned to him and staired at him.
“What do you think, little man?” He giggled. “That man is the worst! He is evil. I can tell you all the things he has done. He has tourtured people, killed people, burned down rivle towns. He is a cold blooded killer!” I could tell he was being serious, his lip quivered and his eyes watered.
“Where. Is. Tom?” I grabbed Nick by the front of his shirt, and balled it up in my fist and got in his face. Morgan quickly reacted to my action, trying to pull me back off of him. “Where is he?” I yelled over and over again.
* * *
We walked a mile into the woods. I keept my distance from everyone, leading the group a few yards ahead. Morgan kapt them at hush, to not anger me even more. I was determaned to find Tom, and no one could stop me from trying. We came into a clearing in the woods, it was a place where people may have camped. Once I saw it I set my pack down and layed on the dirt. Morgan, Nick, Benny, and Chong stood there stairing at me.
“What now?” Nick stepped up looking at me. I got up stiffly and staired at him, he then backed down.
“We set up camp. Morgan Will make a fire, and by this I mean make a fire to keep us warm and cook our food not to play with.” I looked around at all of them then thought of other jobs for them to do. “Benny you go and gather wood with Chong. No messing around! Nick, I guess you hunt deer right?”
“Yes, I hunt in my time.” He said proudly.
“Well you and I will go hunt something for us to cook.” He odddly looked at me.
“You didn’t bring food? What are we going to do if we can’t find food?” He had a worried look on his face.
“I’ve been following the river all day. What, you don’t eat fish?” I laughed at him and then Morgan laughed with me.
* * *
Morgan had a fire going and Nick and I just left to hunt. I didn’t want to be alone with him after what happened back on the road. We went far back behind our set up camp.
“So, Lilah. You think we’ll get a deer?” Nick looked at me and smiled but I just pushed the brush aside and walked faster. “Come on. You have to talk to me!” He raced after me.
“Stop!” I pulled out my revolver and he backed off.
“Theres no need to pull a gun on me!” He leaned forward and held out his hand. “Come on now. Calm dow and talk to me.” U aimed the gun to the side of him and shot it.
“Ha! I got one!” I yelled out of joy. I then ran over to the deer I shot and it was beautiful.
“Oh. That’s why.” He chuckled then helped me carry the deer back to camp.
“Sorry about almost killing you. I really wanted to, but I didn’t.” Putting my gun back into it’s holster Nick and I carried the deer.
* * *
It started getting dark out and we havent even seem the light of the camp fire yet. I was starting to get curious of where Nick was taking us. I stopped and lessoned to the woods. Something didn’t seem right.
“Come on, keep moving. Its already dark out and we have to get to camp.” Nick looked back at me and ordered me to keep moving. He turned around and glaired at me.
“What is…” I started but then I was cut off by a moan. A deep angry moan that sounded like an animal in pain or some hungry monster. Something then came right at me and pulled me down. I let out a scream as the thing pulled my clothing and my hair.
“Lilah!” I heard someone yell out. It wasn’t Nick, he ran for his life with the deer over his sholder. I let out another scream as I thrashed around, trying to get away.
Snap! Snap! The creature tried biting my ear and neck but I wiggled free running in the direction Nick did. I then saw a figure running to me. My arm being pulled a different direction that from where I was running to, I was being dragged.
“Lilah, come on forget him. He is going the wrong way! We found a shack to stay in!” Said the one who was dragging me. It was Morgan, once I saw his face I smiled then ran along beside him. Then I saw to slim figures running ahead of us, Benny and Chong.
* * *
“Is everyone here? Benny, Chong, Lilah, and me.” Morgan counted and looked around to see if everyone was in the shack, and we were.
“Benny and I got us fish to eat for dinner. Also in this shack here we found all sorts of things. We can live here!” Said Chong, he came to me and hugged me.
“Chong, seriously.” I said, nudging him away. “So we are staying here? What happened to the camp?”
“Well a bunch of the weird dead people came and tried to kill us. So I grabbed Benny and Chong and we ran. I found this shack and we stayed in here. I have no idea what those things are and where they came from. Do you?” Morgan explained.
“No idea. Nick and I had no encounter wile hunting. Only the one that had attacked me, that’s all. I wanna find out what those things are and where they came from. But first, we have to find Tom!” I walked out and looked around the shack. It was like a small house with some rooms, it even had stairs. The stairs were lop-sided and uneven, and the banister was broken.
I walked up the stairs and into a small room. There was a dusty old bed, a table and a dresser. The door was broken off its hinges and lying on the ground. Dolls were scattered all around the room, some of them were ripped or broken.
“Lilah, what are you doing up here?” Morgan came up the stairs slowly, being awair of them.
“Oh sorry, I just wanted to check this place out. To maybe see where we can sleep or something. Ill take these blankets and bring them downstairs. Or maybe we can all get a room or bed to sleep in. That sound good?” I had a flow of ideas of what we could do with the place, but we aren’t going to live here.
“Sure, yeah I guess we can do whatever. Oh by the way. The fish are ready. Come down and eat.” He reached for my hand and took it in his. He smiled then leaned over to give me a little kiss.
After a few minutes of standing in the rooms I went downstairs. We ate some of the fish, but it tasted bland so Benny and Chong didn’t eat much. After we got done eating and got everything cleaned up we brought down the matresses from upstairs and put them in the small living room. Morgan made a fire in the fireplace and I got the blankets and pillows out of the rooms.
“We are all set up.” Benny said with a huff, he sounded exausted.
“Yeah, we are. So Lilah,” Chong scooted closer to where I was sitting on one of the matresses. “How about you and I cuddle?” He tried to make a move for me but I just laughed in his face.
“Seriously Chong, she don’t want you dude.” Morgan grabbed chong and pulled him to the side and started whispering something to him. “She doesn’t care for you, she has no intrest in you. So just leave her alone!” Morgan flicked Chong away then sat next to me.
Benny was looking out the window as this all happened. I didn’t bother to talk to him, as I never did care to.
We all lay down on the matresses that are set on the ground. Chong and Benny on one, then Morgan and I on the other. Facing the wall and looking at the little bugs crawiling around. I turn around to see Morgan stairing at me. He smiled then closed his eyes.
Then from the back of the house there was a sound of footsteps. The floorboards creaking, the grasshoppers stoped churping, and I was aware of the unknown person tresspassing.
“Morgan!” I whispered sharply, shaking him and trying to wake him up.
“What?” He whined. Rubbing his eyes and getting up, there was another thump and the floorboards creaked again. “Lilah, Wat was that?”
Benny moaned softly in his sleep and Chong hummed a tune, they were sound asleep. Morgan and I got upand slowly walked over to the back door. Morgan picked up a rod that went to the curtians and held it up like a bat. I had a dagger clutched in my hand. As we alked closer to the door Morgan reached for the doorknob, slowly turning it.
“Guys? You in there?” Said a voice that sounded furmiluar. The person stumbled across the back deck towars the door. I barely could make this person out but I knew who it was the moment I saw them.

I stepped outside and helped him inside. He stumbled as he walked and almost fell a few times. Beny stood in the middle of the living room as Morgan and I set the man down.
“Whoa, Lilah. Do you know what this means?” Benny stood there wide eyed stairing at us.
“Benny, hush! Seriously. Im going to take care of this all. Don’t worry, I have everything under control.” I said as Morgan sat down.
“Ok but…” Then he was cut off.
“Lilah. Why did you come out here, why did you take Benny and Chong out here?”
“Tom,” I said my eyes filled with tears as he put his hand on my face. “I’m sorry but I had to. Benny couldn’t stay there because of the governor.” I looked down at him and sat next to him. My knee lightly hit his hip and he winced in pain.
“We need to get far away from here. Move far, far away from here. Do you all understand me? The Governor is an evil man!” Tom still held my face in his hand, I was able to feel his hand tremble.
* * *
Morning came and we started to clear the place. Benny and Chong were outide and messing around like they would do if we were all home. Morgan was out gathering items, I have no idea what kind of things he is getting but the shack was full of things to collect. I was in the kitchen making some food that we can carry along with us to where everwe were going to go to. I was also taking care of Tom.
“Lilah, help!” I heard a scream from outside and then a russling from ther woods.
The Governor was standing over Benny, Chong was nowhere in sight. The Governor had me in his sight, and he pulled out his gun and aimed at me.
“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” He smiled. His smile was like the devil’s evil smile, his eyes looked deep into my soul. “Now don’t try anything stupid young missy. Nobody needs to get hurt.” He laughed at me.
“Lilah, Help. Please” Benny cried. Blood ran down the side of his face and he lay on the ground. He looked up at me, he trusted me to save him.
“Governor!” I yelled to him to get his attention back, he was looking down at Benny but once he heard me yell his name his eye linked with mine. I stood up straight and tried to not show fear, “Let him go. You cannot do this to them. Why are you doing this?”
He stepped over Benny and walked toward me. He was a foot away from me when he stopped. Looking down at me, he grinned.
“You don’t understand do you?” He asked, grabbing my neck and forcing me down to the ground. He pushed me down and choaked me. I could bearly breath.
“You. Cant. Do. This.” I tried saying, but the only sound I made was the gurgling sound. Little by little I choaked on blood and had loss of air. He laughed at me.
Thwack! The Governor fell down and I was picked up. Morgan heard the screams and came to save me. He picked me up and brought me inside, Chong took Benny. Tom was standing in the livingroom, sord out and ready to kill.
“He is out there, I knew he would come for you guys.” Tom whispered loud enough for us to hear him. He stepped back a few times then leaned back looking out the window.
“Whats going on Tom? I just wanna go home.” Chong sounded afraid. We all looked at him.
“We all want to go home. Well, I am home. This is my home,” They all shifted their bodies and staired at me. “I know you all lived in that town, but me. I have no family. I don’t belong with people. I kill, I am not one who belongs with people.” I walked outside, forgetting that the governor was out there; I didn’t walk outside, I ran. I ran out the door flinging it open and running into the woods. I ran far, as far as my legs could carry me.
“Lilah! What are you doing?” Morgan yelled, running for me he then was stopped. Something came flying at him taking him down.
“Morgan!” I stopped screaming his name. I ran back for him. The Governor had taken him down. I grabbed a stick, it was long and thick. I took the stick and beath the governor in the head a coupple of times and pulled Morgan up. “Why?” Tears ran down my face and I pulled Morgan along with me.
“Lilah, you cant leave me. I love you more than anything.” Morgan said as he ran with me. “I need you. You are all I have. I have no family, my dad beat me and kicked me out of the house. I lived with you for so long and we got to know each other and…” Before he could finish we both tumbled down off the edge of a hill. I tripped first an grabbed a hild of Morgan taking him down with me.
We tumbled down to the bottom, hitting the ground with a loud thump. I moaned in pain as I got up shakily. Morgan sat on the ground dusting himself off.
“Sure was a fun ride wasn’t it Lilah?” He said laughing. “I may say myself. I sure am falling for you.” He fell back laughing, I stood there glairing at him.
“You know. This makes me really mad. You came after me, I the Governor tried killing you, I had to save you, and now your saying you love me?” I couldn’t hold back the tear, it came out and I started to cry. I walked off down the ravine away from him. He sat there and watched me walk away. A few seconds passed by and he got up.
“Lilah, you can just walk out of my life like that.” He ran up to me grabbing my arm but I pulled away. “Lilah! Im serious. He is coming after us all, and we need to stick together!” He cried out to me a few times but them he stopped. “Ok. Fine. You can go your way. I’m going back to fight him. If I die, I want you to know…” He was stopped by a gun shot. It came from the top of the hill where we fell own from.
The Governor stood there, face covered in blood from when I beat his head in with the stick. Gun in hand and pointed down at Morgan he shot again. The first two shots missed but the third hit Morgan in the leg.
“Morgan!” I screamed and ran to him. The Governor stood there smiling at me.
“Look at that, how sweet. To bad you will be dead.” He aimed at me and got ready to shoot.
Click. He pulled the trigger and nothing happened. He checked the gun and to my luck, he was out of bullets.
“Ha! Maybe next time.” I pulled Morgan over my shoulder and ran with him. He was out of it, talking nonsence and giggling at nothing. I got the strength of running with him on my back and running fast enougn.
* * *
I ran about a quarter of a mile down the ravine when I hit a dead end. Setting Morgan down I looked at him. Rolling up his pants leg and looking at the wound, I saw it was bad. Blood covered his whole leg and there was no exit hole. The bulet must still be inside his leg.
“Oh god Morgan. Why did this happen?” I looked around bt was un able to see anything. Everything was blured because of my tears. “What am I gonna do?” I cried to myself. I couldn’t thing of anything.
“Hey. Psst!” Someone called out to me. Nick was standing at the top of the ravine. He tossed down a rope for me to climb up, but there was no way I could carry Morgan and climb.
“I cant! Morgan is unable to climb. Please help…” I whispered to him. I couldn’t talk anymore. I was tired and I couldn’t do this alone.
He climbed down the hill and walked to me. Picking up Morgan he looked at me. “You alright kid?” He asked but I ust climbed the rope.
At the top stood three people. It was the people I ran from and who I been with for awhile. Tom, Benny and Chong.
“Lilah, are you crazy?” Tom was mad at me, I could tell by the look in his eye. “You almost got killed out there, same with Morgan! Why Lilah, why?” He shook his head in dissapointment.
* * *
We all got piled into a van and drove off. I sat in the back with Morgan in my lap. He passed out; and I keeping an eye on him, stroaking his hear on his head. Benny and Chong sit quietly infront of me, looking back and watching as I coddle Morgan. Nick is driving and Tom in the passanger seat with a gun on hand, ready to jump out and shoot. We drive away from the ravine and away from the Governor. For all I know is, we are all not on the same page here.
* * * *
We came to a stop at a town by the name of Zailum. It was a large town with high walls surrounding it. We stopped at the gate and asked to come in for a place to stay. The man at the gate asked where we were from and we just told him we were travlers, he nodded and let us in.
“Now don’t speak a word about what we been through and who you are.” Tom warned us.
“Tom. I don’t see how they would NOT know who I am. I am the girl from the woods, the lost girl, the man hunter, the…” He stopped me with the look, then I went scilent.
“Now, Benny. You and Chong better not mess around. We have to get medication for Morgan and for later on, food for the long trip and other items.” Tom went on with what we have to do but I blocked him out.
Morgan lay here next to me passed out. I bandaged up his wound for now, but I worry about how we are going to get the bullet out of his leg. I stroak his hair and look down at him, a thought runs through my head: What if he dies, what if he makes it but something goes wrong, what if I die, what if Tom dies? All these thoughts go through my head and I start to worry.
“Lilah. Are you going to be ok?” Tom turned back to look at me, brushing my face and looking e in my eye. I must have been mumbling or made faces. I looked up at him and noded. It was a lie.
They all got out of the van and went inside a store. I was left in the van with Morgan. I sat in the back with nothing to do but watch someone who is knocked out. Sitting there I started to sing an old song I remember I heard when I was little-nobody has ever heard me sing.
After a coupple of minutes I got bored I soung a few songs to Morgan, but he never responded because he was knocked out. I sat there with nothing to do and no one to talk to. Looking around I sound a pack of matches, I grabbed them and staired at them.
“What could I do with these?” I huffed, tossing them awayfrom me. The van door suddenly opened and Benny jumped in.
“Hey Lilah, did you miss us?” He laughed, Chong came in right behind him.
“Where is Nick and Tom?” I asked looking out the door, but Chong slamed the door as I went to do so.
“They told us to get in the van. Nick gave me some things to bring in here.” Benny opened up a bag full of stuff, including a big first aid-kit.
“This is great, but we need to get morgan to a doctor, we can just cut open his leg and get the bullit out that way!” I looked down at Morgan worried.
* * * *
We got Morgan to a doctor who was able to take the bulit out of his leg. He didn’t ask us where we were from, or who we were, not even for money to pay him back. He was an old man who was very quiet, he barely said a word to us. He gave us medicine for Morgan and showed us the door after he worked on Morgan. Before we left we thanked him and picked up Morgan.
“We are so lucky!” Benny smiled looking back at the old man wo was standing in the doorway watching us leave.
“Yes Benny we are lucky, but not as lucky. Just this once we were able to get something free without any troubles.” I said. He scowled at me then turned back to look out the window.
We found a motel about an hour later. We carried Morgan insided and everyone settle in. I lay on one of the beds next to Morgan as he slowly wakes up. Tom is in the shower, Nick is laying on the floor asleep from the long run, Benny and Chong are passed out on the other bed.
“Well then. Looks like someone cared.” Morgan tried to sit up but he was unable to. I sat up instead to look down at him.
“Im so glad your ok.” I sighed with relife. “I umm…” I hesitated to ask, quickly forgetting what I was about to say.
“What?” He looked up at me concerned. “Lilah.” He said my name softly, putting his hand to my face and holding it there for a moment. “I love you, and you can tell me anything.”
“Morgan.” I paused looking down at him “I’m not sure if you really do love me.”
He sat there, looking up at me The expression on his face was ard to read, it was a mix of many. He sat up and looked away from me. A coupple of minutes passed by and he said nothing.
“Lilah, Is Morgan up?” Tom yelled out to me. He opened the door that went to the bathroom and stepped out. A towel was wrapped around him-of course-and he was still wet. Water dripped from his hair and down his body as he stood there looking at me.
“Y-yes Tom. He is up.” I gassed at him like I was in a trance of some sort. He snapped his fingers and got my attention back.
“Lilah, you sould get some rest. We all need to.” He walked back into the bathroom and with out shutting the door, he got dressed.
I sat back down next to Morgan and leaned back lying down. Morgan’s eyes were looking up at the ceiling, he zoned out. I watched his eyes and how they glisined.
“You know Lilah. I think I know what those…” He paused for a oment, then went on. “Those things. I think I know what they are.” He turned his head slightly to look at me.
“What are they Morgan?” I asked, as though I thought that that’s what he wanted me to do.
“I think they are the living dead. Lilah. I think that the world is going to come to a total end. The towns they all will collapse and burn down and these things will take over and be the new rase of living.” He looked at me with the most serious face.
“The end?” I repeated that in my head and grew a sence of worry. “Morgan, the world cant end! I mean. The towns, they. Some of them will survive. Some have huge walls around them and they have protection. What are we going to do?” I got up and went over to the bathroom where Tom was standing in.
Tom stood by the counter looking into the mirror. He heard my foot steps and shifted to look out the doorway to see me. He saw the worried look on my face and asked if I was ok.
“Tom, is the world going to end?” I asked him. I may have sounded a bit childish when I asked, but I was very concurned.
“What?” He looked confused, but laughed at what I had asked. “Come on Lilah, no the world isnt going to end.” He gave me a reasuring smile and hugged me. We walked back to the bed and went to sleep.
* * *
I woke up to the sound of someone choaking, the sound of someone coughing up something and gagging. I got up out of the bed to see that Nick was not lying on the floor and to see a few small blood drops leading into the bathroom. I waked over slowly and quietly and when I was able to see I stopped here I was at.
Nick was on all fours coughing up blood and some green substance. I stood in the doorway watching him choak on his own blood and vomit. No body else was up except me and I was unable to do anything because it was to late. Nick fell down, his face smashing into the ground as he fell. Lying in a puddle of blood and vomit he is dead. I stood there wide eyed unable to make a sound or move, I stood there for hours before someone got up.
“Whatcha lookin at?” Benny was the first go get up, he walked over to me, grabbing my arm and shaking it. He then looked into the bathroom and saw the mess. “Tom!” He screamed. The sound of his scream was like a little girl who had just witnessed her mother being killed infront of her. Tom moaned and lifted his head. He got up slowly and looked stiff.
“Benny, its just a spider no need to scream.” Tom said as he got up.
“Its. Its not a spider.” He gulped. “Its something worse!”
“What is it, come on you two.” He said a bit annoyed. But as he got closer he smelt it. The smell of vomit and fresh deth. “Oh god!”
Tom rushed over to Nick’s dead body and he picked him up. Trying to feel for a pulse and putting his ear by his mouth he pronounced Nicks deth. He yelled out to Chong and Morgan to awaken them. He shook his head sadly and sat down unable to say anything after words.
“Tom?” I walked over to where he sat and I kneeled down on the ground. “I was the first to see him. I actually watched him die. I…” I couldn’t say any more because the look Tom gave me made me tear up even more. I let my face fall into my hands, and I cried. I was unable to take up the feelings I got from him and the others; Chong and Benny came to me and tried to calm me but they were unable to, I cried even worse, louder and harder I cried more and more untill I fell asleep, still wimpering like a cold puppy.
* * *
We were unable to handle it. After a few hours we left, in search of some oil for the van. We wanted to leave as soon as pocible. We left the Motel and walked into the down town area. Morgan didn’t have as much trouble walking as we thought he would, but he still was slow and limped along needing to stop and rest once in awhile.
“I hope Morgan is ok. Im so worried about him. And I don’t understand what happened to Nick, why did he die? What made him so sick? I don’t understand anything. I kind of miss living in the woods alone. I remember the days when it was just me and the deer in the fields. My first memory is a little blury, if only I knew someone else and lived with someone else who knew who I really was and where I came from.” I thought about it all. All that has happened through out the time Ive been alive, and the time Ive lived in the town.
“Howdy fokes. Y’all must not be from this good ‘ole town called Zailum. Where ya be from?” Said the man stood by a cart full of apples. He leaned against the cart, tilting it slightly stairing at us.
“Yes sir we are. I mean arent! I mean.” Benny confused himself.
“No we arent from this town sir. We are just travlers. We arent really from, anywhere.” Tom stated.
“Okie-Dokie” The man smiled and waved to us as we walked away.
* * *
We were able to find some gas for the van, and we filled it up. Tom wanted to save the little money we had so we ended up not getting another motel room to stay in, instead we piled into the van. There was a little more room in the van because Nick was gone, but I didn’t like thinking of it in that way. We all moved to the back of the van were we had pillows and blankets gathered so we could sleep. Benny and Chong were out like a light, Tom didn’t sleep at all, he sat up front alone. Morgan fell asleep before I did, and it took me awhile to get settled in.
Before I fell asleep I got up and sat in the passanger seat next to Tom and talked for awhile. “Tom, do you have any idea what is going on? I am so confused.” He looked at me.
“I hate to say, but I’m not sure I know anymore. I don’t know.” He paused to think. “Wait. I think I know about the dead or whatever they are. They are sick people. Know when we liven in the town, everyone was getting sick all of a sudden?” I nodded my head as it accured to me. “It must be some sort of sickness. There hasn’t been any troubles ever since America went down.”
“What? Ive heard of America, Ive read about it in books when I lived in the woods. What happened?”
“Lilah. Many years ago, maybe about twenty years ago. We were a huge country with other countries surounding us. But then a big war came and some of the countries targetted apart of the world and launched bombs and blew a huge piece of thhe world out. Government shut down, food and water was lossed, electricity was gone, nothing worked. Everything was dead. Well not everything. Survivors came together and made these fre towns there are only thirteen towns or the ones that we know of. The rest of the world is now unknown to man. Animals have probably taken over the other land unless if there are still surviving people. But Lilah, we are going to travile far away, or unless the Governor is dead we can take over the town.” I thought about all Ive read in books about America and the other countries. But I didn’t know what happened to the world. I wasn’t borne untill after the dustruction of the world.
“Tom. Ive read a book that has to do with the dead living. It was something religious, it was called…”
“Jehovah’s Witness?” He interupted.
“Yeah. I don’t remember much because I didn’t finish the book. But I think they could be talking about this, right?”
“I don’t know. Why don’t you get some sleep, you need it. And maybe you are right Lilah, we both could be right. The dead living again or it being a sickness.”
“Why cant it be both? Like. People get sick and die, and then they come back alive. Maybe they attack people, you saw what happened a few days ago when we were out in the woods, the person tried to eat me! That could also be the way to spread the sickness.” I got worked up about the thought of that. People getting sick and eating their friends, what if this all really happened?

What is this is all true? What if we all are going to die and come back to just spread the sickness? What if… My thoughts were interupted by Benny.
“Lilah? We have to go! Come on.” Benny was waiting by the door with his bags packed. Its been only a few days since we have talked about the world.
I grabed my bag and headed out. Tom, Morgan, and Chong were waiting for Benny and I in a new car. Yesterday when we started packing Tom went out and got a car for us to use. He said that we needed to get out of this town as fast as we could, so we could move east and ger away from the many towns annd start our own lives again.
We have been thinking about moving East ward away from the small towns but then also thinkin about fixing up a boat and heading West out to some island and clearing out the island to live on. Tom said that the islands may have been destroyed from the big war but he isnt sure.
What about the Governor? What if he follows us and kills us or what if he takes over all the little towns and kills everyone? Many thoughts ran through my head and I wasn’t able to handle it. Sitting in the back of the van I thought about everything. I wish I would have stayed in the woods and lived there away from the towns.
“Lilah, You ok?” Chong grabed my arm and gave it a little shake. I could tell that the look on my face was a worried look of some sort.
* * *

Hours later we are a mile away from the small town of Zailum heading East. Tom let me drive along the way, teaching me as we go. Benny made some comments about how we were all going to die because of my driving but we made it through just fine.
“Where are we heading Tom?” I asked minutes after we stopped to grab an old map.
Tom just gave me a little shrug and oppened the map and looked. With that given, I sat down on a broken down bench next to Chong. Benny sat in the dirt digging into the soil with a stick. Morgan still in the van as well.
“This is dumb, I wanna go home.” Benny said with a sigh, “Tom why do we have to go? This is all Lilah’s fault anyway. Why don’t we just hand her ove-”
“Benny, stop!” Tom stood over Benny with the map in one hand and the other clenched in a fist. “Lilah is apart of this family, and we cant go back. As ling as the Governor is alive then we cant go back.” Benny looked up at Tom with shock.
“Why not just kill him? I sure would sure like to do that.” Tom shifted his gaize towards me then sighed.
“I agree with Tom. We should just head East, away from the towns.” Chong butted in to our conversation.
“But if we don’t kill the Governor then he could follow us and just kill us out east.” I argued still but Tom waved it off and looked at the map.
We sat there for a few minutes before packing into the van and heading East. No one dared to say a word for an hour until Morgan woke up.
“So what are we doing now?” Morgan asked to whoever would answer him. Tom was driving and I was looking at the map; all ignoring his question.
* * *
Days passed as we headed east and there was no sign of people anywhere. We stopped once in awhile for a break or to camp out. Along the way when we stopped we saw some of the wild animals that excaped from the zoos durring the war. I hunted some of them as well.
How come we haven’t run into any of those things? The only thing I’ve seen for the past few days were just the animals and trees. I thought to myself before the car swerved and then crashed into something. I tried to get up and out of the van, pushing the door open but it woudn’t budge. I tried ramming into it a few times until it opened.
Stumbling out of the van and looking at the mess. The front of the van was smashed in and therer was broken glass everywhere. Tom leaning forward against the stearing wheel and Benny, Chong, and Morgan lay in a pile in the back where I sat with them.
My eyes started to see red and darkness untill I passed out, I lay on the ground next to the crash.

“Lilah!” Some one yelled. Then I felt it, I was being shaken.
“Whoa!” I quickly snapped back out of the blackness. I saw Benny kneeling by my side, he shook me until I was fully awhare of it. “Stop it!” Slapping him and then pushing him aside.
“Lilah, they are all dead!” Benny’s face apeared infront of mine. His eyes full of tears and his face scared, bloody, and bruised.
“What?” Looking around and peering into the van. “That can’t be, they arent there.”
“I know! I woke up to them getting up, but they didn’t breath. They werent alive Lilah! They were dead!”
Right after benny said that there was a snap of a tree branch and then a click of a gun. The suns light stopped shining on us and Benny’s went pailer than it already was.
“Well, well, well. Look who I have here. I guess I didn’t have to hunt you down.” A man said as he took another step and swong his gun into Benny’s face.
Bang! The gun went off and Benny’s brains splattered all over me. A crude harsh laugh erupted from the mans chest and then I saw it. The governor stood right above me; gun in hand, pointed right in my face.
I knew I had no chance, there was no way out. No way to escape.
“Any last words before I blow your brains out?” He leaned forward and used his hand and grabed a hold of my hair, pulling me up and closer to the gun.
“I’ll see you in hell.” I spat hin has face right as he pulled the trigger. The bullet flew into my skull and I felt the pain, numbness, and then everything went dark. I could never escape the darkness in the end.

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on May. 7 2014 at 10:13 am
Demoderby PLATINUM, Pontiac, Illinois
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Its kind of a fan fiction of The Walking Dead and the book series Rot & Ruin. and the reason why I killed her at the end was becasuse I was going to go on, but I couldn't come up with anything else so I just killed her. I'm writing another book now but I don't think it will be alowed on this website because of the gore, killing n fighting, cussing and the sex, but other than that I am more of a poet.

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I-I-I DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE GONNA KILL HER! OMG, good ending! Seriously. I really enjoyed this piece. There were just a few spelling errors, but omg. I REALLY LIKED IT. I saw one of your fave shows is The Walking Dead? Is that where this originated from, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Walking Dead. Anyways, great job!