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Jupiter, Florida

“And I ran, I ran so far away….” The cold, metallic bus seat and the obnoxiously yellow lights kept me sane. My earbuds hung loosely, twisted and knotted beyond...
KCM BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
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elbarros BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
The obstacle that poses the biggest challenges, often comes from ourselves.

#3 Fiction
By Katey_1030 SILVER
San Jacinto, California
Katey_1030 SILVER, San Jacinto, California
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Favorite Quote:
Stars can’t shine without darkness

#4 Fiction
By apeeke BRONZE
Hammonton, New Jersey
apeeke BRONZE, Hammonton, New Jersey
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By Andy Binker Cosen BRONZE
Buenos Aires, Other

Looking down the barrel of a gun is a strange feeling, but after staring into Death's dark face so many times, Jack had become accustomed to the tickles and prickles that run acros...
Andy Binker Cosen BRONZE, Buenos Aires, Other
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By MakenaB_mjbc99 BRONZE
Brookline, Massachusetts
MakenaB_mjbc99 BRONZE, Brookline, Massachusetts
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By aladjuarez BRONZE
Mission, Kansas
aladjuarez BRONZE, Mission, Kansas
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Time MAG
By Anonymous

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