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Articles from this issue

College Guide

By WriterAtWork Appleton, WI

I'm not sure when it started, exactly. Behind all the Star Wars memorabilia and planet diagrams hanging in my room - and the planet picture books on my bookshelves - lay an ongoing fascination for space, science, and the great beyond...


By Bruvton Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

The Association of Dumbness in Everything Committee has recently come up with a bunch of new rules for schools worldwide after a complex brainstorming session that considered research done by the Fun Depletion Committee...

Hot Topics

By brianahx Glendale, AZ

I was moved by Cara's article, "Why I Forgot How to Swallow" and can relate heavily to the issue she discusses in her piece...


By mielej Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

It's cold; it's so cold that it drowns out any other feeling. The chill is so intrusive that I can't evoke any other thoughts, can't force myself to go back to sleep despite layers of fleece pajamas and soft blankets and down comforters...


By anuthereal Duluth, GA

Hunger swept through the people. Gnashing of teeth and sadness filled the air. Whining and wailing could be heard. The dark eyes of little children were sunk in, their ribs visible...


By Anonymous New Orleans, LA

The first day of summer, I sat in the car fidgeting with my pilled old pillow. I was on my way to Camp Danbee. Camp Danbee is an all girls sleep away camp in Western Massachusetts...

Art / Photo

By doodlesmores Milford, IN


By rybloom Wayland, MA

We didn't care then. Looks didn't matter. / Especially not at camp. / The rain was pouring down, slapping the dirt paths / mixing with them to make mud...

Smith Summer

Parkland Speaks