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what is love

February 6, 2012
By hollybuckley GOLD, Buskirk, New York
hollybuckley GOLD, Buskirk, New York
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when you ask me what love is.
I don't know were to start
It's just this strange feeling I get when I'm with you

When you ask me why I love you
I don't know what to say
there is just to much
to even know were to begin
I love everything about you

When you ask me how I love you
I can't explain
I never meant for this to happen
never meant for it to end up this way it just did

When you say I love you
all I can do is reply back
I love you too
Don't ask me to explain how or why or even what it is that makes me love you cause I'll just reply
with a smile because
there's just no way to explain it

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