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Beaverton, Michigan

The sky was black with thick smoke, making the mid day seem as though it would never happen. Loud roars and hisses filled the air, creating a musical of supernatural war. All aroun...
AdrianI BRONZE, Beaverton, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Wisdom is found not in the minds of men, but on the pages of the stories they have written

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By Moesah BRONZE
Santa Ana, California
Moesah BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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By Anonymous
#4 Poetry
By alexa01 BRONZE
Santa Ana, California
alexa01 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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By NoraHurley BRONZE
Salt Lake, Utah

Please Help him Help him see he is worth it Worth love, worth life Please He believes he is a monster A demon, unworthy of love He puts on a mask Makes them think he is...
NoraHurley BRONZE, Salt Lake, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"There are poets who sing you to sleep, and poets who ready you for war, and I want to be both." - Ashe Vernon

By Carl Haynes
Staten Island, NY
Jerk MAG
By Christina BRONZE
Clifton, Virginia
Christina BRONZE, Clifton, Virginia
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By Ryan Moran BRONZE
Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Ryan Moran BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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