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It's Only The First Time...

April 24, 2010
By shreya756 PLATINUM, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
shreya756 PLATINUM, Gurgaon, Haryana, Other
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When it gets dark only then can you see the stars...
If a million people believe in a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.

It was the first when it happened,
Don't know when and how,
But the memories are just so fresh in my mind,
As if it happened now...

Sometimes things happen so quickly that you may have to give thm a chase,
With me, it was fast, alright.
Even though it still stares right back at my face.

There was this feeling at the pit of my stomach,
What it was?
Don't ask me at all.
It made everything else feels so unimportant that even the greatest of things felt small.

The stars shone brighter now,
Even enemies seemed nice,
Music played wherever I went and there was only one picture before my eyes.




I wanted to tell you then that we'd go through it all,
That even if the world came down, we'd still be strong and tall.

That I'd leave everything behind and follow him in the dark,
And for all those who are scared to do so,
I hope we'd leave a mark.

That even in the rockiest of paths,
I'd never leave his hand,
Always be there for him, And help him take a stand.

That what I feel for him, I'll never feel for anyone ever again,
How do I explain to him that I am through being friends???!!!

That every sad moment is forgotten the moment I see him,
That everything feels awkwardly nice,
The way it is in films.

That this is sometimes weird,
Because it's never happened to me before,
And that every time I meet him,
I want to again, more and more.

That I don't know why I can't tell him,
No confidence even after all these tries,
That because of what I feel for him,
I can see a completely different side of lies.

That how can he not know, When my whole world revolves around his?
That every time I send a sign,
He always manages to sort of miss?

That he just needs to say it, and I'll leave everything and follow,
Because he hasn't said it yet,
My heart feels kind of hollow.

Our eyes would communicate in silence and we'd be one.
I'd love you for who you are and whatever you may become.

That i feel that one day he will surely know,
And I secretly hope that right now he feels the same but just doesn't let it show.

That even if the world dies down,
This feeling will always last,
I hope he finds out before that happens,
I hope he does so and FAST.




But no matter what I do,
He just can never see:
The truth in my eyes and all that we could be.

I am scared about others finding out, What they all might think,
Even though I try hard to hide this,
It doesn't really sink.

I hope that he sees it and gets to know in time,
As i mentioned before,
This Is Only The First Time...

The author's comments:
This one's about my first love (not a CRUSH!)... I fell for him when I was in Grade 6...I know that this poem sounds as if it is some corny teenager obsessing over some guy...but, believe me...this poem is much more for me than that...much much more... He still doesn't know...and BTW, I am now in Grade 9...It's been a very long 3years...

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