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By Morighan BRONZE
Carnation, Washington

Chest heaving You can’t breathe Pain in your chest pain in your stomach Pain in your heart. The roaring in your head won’t stop You think in that moment that you’re dying, t...
Morighan BRONZE, Carnation, Washington
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saltyranchers SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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#3 Poetry
By that-random-fanatic BRONZE
Pleasant Hope, Missouri
that-random-fanatic BRONZE, Pleasant Hope, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"You're both the fire and the water that extinguishes it. You're the narrator, the protagonist, and the sidekick. You're the storyteller and the story told. You are somebody's something, but you are also your you." (John Green)

#4 Poetry
By Morighan BRONZE
Carnation, Washington
Morighan BRONZE, Carnation, Washington
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#5 Poetry
By Samster02 BRONZE
Pittsburg, Texas
Samster02 BRONZE, Pittsburg, Texas
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#6 Poetry
By Summer_R_Quinn GOLD
Madison, South Dakota
Summer_R_Quinn GOLD, Madison, South Dakota
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#7 Poetry
By LanaKaufman16 BRONZE
Lexington, North Carolina
LanaKaufman16 BRONZE, Lexington, North Carolina
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#8 Poetry
By Anna.E.M GOLD
Gainesville, Florida
Anna.E.M GOLD, Gainesville, Florida
10 articles 5 photos 36 comments
#9 Poetry
By Carl Haynes
Staten Island, NY
#10 Poetry
Not Me MAG
By TabithaL SILVER
Suffolk, Virginia
TabithaL SILVER, Suffolk, Virginia
9 articles 0 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Speak only if it improves upon the silence"- Mahatma Gandhi


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