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Fire Us by Jennifer Armstrong and Nancy Butcher

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

In the future in a galaxy far, far away… wait this is advertising to earth. Let me start over. In a place we all know (earth) there was a terrible plague that killed off everything. Now it's up to these three children to survive to help keep the world populated with humans. I defiantly recommend this book to all. Hunter, a boy in the book who gets all of the supplies, is the main reason of the children's survival. I know I have said the word survival over 1,000 times but in this book survival is all that matters. Fire us, a masterfully written book that is a great “fun read,” is a book for everyone.

The characters in this book are unbelievably brave. It's not that they choose to either. If they aren't brave or even have the loss of the slightest bit of courage then they will most likely die. There are three important characters in this book. There is hunter, I already told you about him but he gathers supplies. Mommy, a girl who plays the role as mother by taking care of everyone and helping with their wounds, is another important character. But there is also action, who runs, jumps, swings and even dances his way around and protects the kids from any danger. With these three kids and many more they will live in so called “harmony”. Yeah, right.

In the book Fire Us, if you called those big kids little girls… It almost would be true. The kids forgot everything they have ever known after that terrible plague and worse than that everyone else in the world died. The kids forgot their names, certain words, who they are and they forgot they existed or why they existed. It's sort of like they were reborn. Although these kids aren't even my age and they, lost their parents, forgot how to live, don't have any home or shelter and yet they still manage to survive!
Imagine losing everything and just out of nowhere start over from scratch. Imagine being eleven but being as smart as a two year old. The theme of this book is that even if you lose something you have to move on and keep on living life.

The Author of this book is- wait there are two authors, that's right two. Their names are Jennifer Armstrong and Nancy butcher. Jennifer Armstrong wrote the books, Steal Away, the dreams of Mairhe Mehan and Mehan Awake. But she also has an award for historical fiction. Nancy butcher is a New York Times best seller who writes the ghostwriter mystery series. I highly recommend you to read this book. Therefore I expect you to at least find it in your local library or search it on the Internet. Nancy Butcher, the woman who helped write this book, also wrote wishbone.

Sometimes I can really connect with the kids in this book. Just like in the book, how they are all alone, sometimes I feel that way. But I like getting to be able to take care of myself. It makes me feel a little grown up. Sometimes when I come home, I have to do everything myself as though my parents were never there. But also like in the book I feel sort of “limited”. I feel tat way because although I take care of myself I still have rules. Or in the books case, some things don't exist because there is no one in the factories making most of the things we have.

Some say that this book is “cheesy,” “corny” or even just plain dumb. But they are just trying to be cool. This book isn't exactly real either. Therefore I recommend this book to you but I warn you that you will not be able to put it down. Well if you were these kids surviving then you want your book to be read. Later on time passes and these kids save the world and all goes well. Just kidding… well you have to read this book to find out what really happens.

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