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Maximum Ride Series.

October 23, 2007
By basketballbravec BRONZE, Lynnville, Indiana
basketballbravec BRONZE, Lynnville, Indiana
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Book Review for the Maximum Ride Series.

Do you face the same dilemma as I do every time you walk into the school library? There are no "good" books. I mean good as in: action-packed, adventure-filled, smart, funny, and witty! But alas, there are a few books to fit my criteria, but so few! And to top the sundae off, I am a boy, and it seems to me sometimes that most books are written in a manner to attract girls. Okay, I do understand that most guys don't always read a lot, but we need a good book too! And I have finally discovered that good book, and it just happened to be part of a series, yes that's right that means more than just one book. The series is the MAXIMUM RIDE series. You have no idea how excited I was after I finished the first book, The Angel Experiment. It was great! It had all the awesome aspects I was looking for!

It has six hilariously unique kids that are just like you and me, besides the whole having avian DNA and wings. Oh, and they are chased by Erasers, who are like normal bad guys, only they can turn into the big bad wolf in ten seconds flat.

These kids fight through three great books to stay alive, to stay together, to discover about their past, and try to understand how they're supposed to "save the world". Yeah, well if that doesn't scream READ ME! Nothing does. The books are hilarious. They're all filled with hilarious lough-out-loud funny parts and they are suprisingly easy to relate to, even for the kids of america who don't happen to have wings protruding from their backs.

Its definitely a must read for everyone! Read all three books, actually just read the first, then you won't be able to resist the second and third books, School's Out Forever and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

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on Oct. 14 2010 at 5:33 pm
Wow! This is exactly what I would say about this book! I mean really, I'm a girl, too, and there are all these girly books out there. It's all teen drama and stuff. I admit, I've read a few, but that's really all that our school library had! Finally, a month ago, I came across Maximum Ride and I REALLY REALLY loved it. I read a book a day. Literally I did nothing else but sleep, eat, and read! I'm dead serious! Even though, yet again, I'm a girl, I'm sooo with you on the truly "good" book thing! There are three more books that have came out since you've read the series. People say they are horrible and not like the first three, but I think they're just as awesome as the first ones. I'm glad someone likes this series as much as I do! Good writing! Keep it Up! :)