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The Hunt for Red October

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

The Hunt for Red October

By: Tom Clancy

This is a great novel for older teens but not as much as a children's book in parts it is hard to follow. But over all it is worth the read, 460 or so pages will take awhile. Tom Clancy does a great job convening characters and explaining the sortie in great detail. The characters all have there own opinions and thoughts about the communist Soviet Union. There are some flash backs in the beginning to explain the characters.
This novel starts out as many others do, dull and boring. Slowly but surely the book becomes more and more interesting. Until you can't put it down. The epic saga of one submarine captain as he rallies his men and revolts from the communist Soviet Union.
Ryan an intelligence officer working for the CIA. Bargain's with the Central Burro of British Intelligence to gain some photographs of a new soviet nuclear typhoon class submarine. Things escalate as tensions grow. Ryan is forced to call an emergency meeting with the president of the United States of America.
The soviets want her back and are franticly searching the Atlantic for her. Eventual they spot her and shot two anti submarines torpedoes at her. The torpedoes race towards the starburst bow. Captain Ramus screams orders to the officers. The Red October fires countermeasures but they fail.

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