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I'm Missing You Like...

February 23, 2018
By hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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I often find myself staring off into space,
wondering what my life would be like if you were still here
And the truth is..
I’m missing you like...
Flowers miss sunlight
And boxers miss their first fight
Like faces miss smiles
And runners miss miles
I’m missing you like….
Words miss book pages
And the moon misses its phases
Like a key misses its lock
And a clock misses its tock
I’m missing you like…..
It’s summer and you’re snow
Like a stop light misses go
Like a kid misses their trike
And Eleven misses Mike
I’m missing you like…...
America misses Obama
And a teenager misses drama
I’m missing your eyes that I’d get lost in like…….
Isaiah misses Boston
I’m missing you like……..
Pluto misses being a part of the solar system
And a gamer misses their gaming system
Like the ocean misses waves
And the sun misses its rays
Like hands miss holding
And sculptors miss molding
I’m missing you like………
Cats miss meowing
And dogs miss barking
And preachers miss preaching
And Kanye misses the old  Kanye
Like Lonzo Ball misses his shots
And the office misses Michael Scott
Im missing you like……….
A little, except it’s a lot

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