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In These Moments

February 11, 2016
By LemonRiver BRONZE, Corvallis, Montana
LemonRiver BRONZE, Corvallis, Montana
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All you need is faith,persistence, courage, and an indomitable spirit.

My strength is gone.
It left me just moments ago.
The pounding in my head, the stress in my bones;
And I think: How can I go on?
But in these moments,
You can find or lose yourself.
In these moments; heroes are made or dreams are lost.
Yes we know it’s hard so don’t even waist your breath complaining.
In these moments you can go on, for that block you have put up is completely mental.
If you are to succeed, if you are to become who you strive to be;
You must push past the temporary pain.
Push past the strangling doubts.
Do not let any voice tell you anything but Yes. I can.
You, as a person, have a choice.
When you feel yourself straining and wilting, that you can’t go on, that you’ll never be good enough, you have a choice.
You can either quit today saying that you weren’t up to it and you’ll try again tomorrow, but
Weeks and months will go by, I assure you,
Where all you feel is regret.
Regret that you didn’t try, that you didn’t give it your all.
Could I have done it? Is what you will tell yourself over and over again until you are convinced that you have nothing more to give.
The answer to that question is that yes, you could have done it. You could have won, finished, and conquered.
But you didn’t.
You let your self doubt, momentary pain, and your insecurities old you back.
Each time you quit you will NEVER get anything out of it,
NEVER get any further than you were the day before.
This is a choice that only you can make in those times of complete despair,
Will you allow yourself to be caught up and quit or will you take the other road?
Take the other choice where something inside of you decides that you’re not going to back down,
You’re going to push through it because you know what?
This moment is temporary.
Each moment will only happen once.
If you waste this precious moment, you’ll never be able to go back and change it.
In these moments,
You can either make it a success of a failure.
Think back to all of the times you’ve felt down or discouraged because you thought that you weren’t good enough, or you hit a rough patch in life,
It’s your choice,
Do you want that feeling to stay or will you stand against it and rise?
Now go out there and make your choice.

The author's comments:

As a cross country athlete, I find that during runs, races, and training I am forced to face my own limits and conquer them. 

Every athlete, student, or human being deserves to have the courage it takes to break down the barriers of their mind and become whoever they wish to be. 

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