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November 7, 2014
By ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
ShadowBlossom ELITE, Boca Raton, Florida
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Memento Mori- It means that nothing lasts forever, no one is immortal, sooner or later you will die and things will come to an end. It also helps you realize that while you are living you should do the most with your life, live life to the fullest.

They tell you what to do

They push you around

Telling you not to speak

Don't make a sound...

They don't care what you feel


They push you around

They tell you what to feel

What is it they really want from you?


You do what they ask

You do what they want

They're never satisfied with what you try to do

No...  They don't appreciate you

They don't care about you


They screw around with your head

They don't care if you're dead

They take your freedom

They take your life...


They take your joy and replace it with strife

They want you to die

Not to live

Making everyone suffer

Not a drop of joy

They kill you slowly as you go on

We die as they kill our hearts, trap our spirit

They say who you are

Dictate your life

They are always there...

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