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Hang in there

January 12, 2014
By Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
Thestral PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Hang in there
seven new nooses today hang in their
rightful place from the floorboards
for now
Hang in there
at least you know you’re at the end of your rope
speak from sour experience
run out of sugar to coat it
Hang in there
because that’s all we could do
our world turned upside-down
Hang in there
Hang in there
say it as if it were easy
knowing it’s not but let it echo
let it echo
let it echo
let it guide you
because I’ll be honest I’ve no idea where the f*** I’m going
going blind to everything else but this
right now
now deaf to the world that doesn't try to pull you back up
when you find yourself here
find yourself here
and hang in there

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