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It's Funny

August 12, 2012
By SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
SexyKitty28 GOLD, Pflugerville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes you forgive people... Simply because you still want them in your life."

It's funny how alone you can feel... when you are surrounded by people.
It's funny how wrong you can feel... when everything is so right.
It's funny how pissed off you can feel... when you get everything you want.
It's funny how lucky you can feel... when you have nothing.
It's funny how hurt you can feel... when you act so tough.
It's funny how bored you can feel... walking through a carnival.
It's funny how misunderstood you can feel... sitting by your best friend.
It's funny how unloved you can feel... looking at your family.
It's funny how proud you can feel... after a fight with someone close to you.
It's funny how stupid you can feel... being at the top of your class.
It's funny how afraid you can feel... sleeping soundly in your room.
It's funny how lost you can feel... staring at a map.
It's funny how insecure you can feel... surrounded by people that adore you.
It's funny how weird you can feel... just being yourself.
It's funny...

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