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June 19, 2012
By Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
Cinnamon GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Smile. It confuses people."
"We are all of us stars, and we all deserve to twinkle." -Marilyn Monroe

Food run and shopping spree
Lots of plastic surgery
Models doing trashy things
Tuxedoes and diamond rings
Disrespective crazy classes
Clinking all our champagne glasses
Booster Juice and Yogurt Fruze
Sneaking out and buying booze
High school drama, dating, break up
Hiding beauty behind make-up
Dark eyelashes, scarlet lips
Signs of the apocalypse
Zombies, vampires, dragons, clones
Having all the newest phones
Poking fights and giant wars
Visiting your favourite stores
Summer break and spring vacation
Living in the right location
Buying People, Vogue, Hello
Dying hair blue and yellow
Paparazzi, fashion shows
Needing bright and crazy clothes
Headbands, popcorn, jets and planes
Making tiny paper cranes
Graffiti on walls and lockers
Family and Facebook stalkers
Movies straight from Hollywood
People living in the 'hood
Children dying in the street
Throwing out what we don't eat
Tv's getting to your brain
Society is now insane


The author's comments:
Sometimes we need to slow down and just be.

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