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My Little One and I

December 22, 2011
By moklyann000 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
moklyann000 BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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" If I don't push you and embarrass you then you won't grow as a person. You're not done yet. And if you don't grow as a person, neither will anyone around you." - Mr. Moore

Under the willow I sit weeping
For my little one and I
For we await a gruesome future
My little one and I

We await the land of terror
Knowing we will never see our homes again
Yet, the creatures with the skin of white
Drag us cruelly, into the still night

As I look up to the sky
I see the moon, I see the stars
The same moon shining every night
The same stars shining on my little one and I

But I shall not give up
I shall not cry
I, will stand and fight
For my little one and I

The massuh says "lie down you dog"
But I reply
I'm human
Both my little one, and I

Why are you treating me
Like I'm not worth you
Yes, you are white
As I am black

That is no way to even treat an animal
Yet, you treat my little one and I like that
You see me only as an animal
But, I am human too

No matter what you are
Or how you look
We all are equal in this world
We all deserve some love

The author's comments:
My class was reading Copper Sun. I felt so terrible for the slaves, I wondered what would I feel if I was one of them. These thoughts inspired this poem.

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