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Sing it Out Loud

August 30, 2009
By Poe_poe SILVER, DeMotte, Indiana
Poe_poe SILVER, DeMotte, Indiana
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Theres a song that’s inside of me.
I’ll try to sing it but it never comes out right because if I let loose of my grip you’ll leave, because I’m busy holding onto you too tight.

And you wouldn’t understand.
I let you slip straight through my hands.

There’s a dream that’s inside of me.
I’ll try to believe in it but you took my faith because I let loose and you left, because you saw pass what we could be and move on.

And you wouldn’t understand
That I let, I let you slip straight through my hands.

I let you fall. I let you leave.
I watched you go and with that you took every single part of me.

You sang the song louder than I ever could.
I was hoping that I would find my voice so I could sing along, but I let you go. I watched you go, and I’m still standing where you stood.

Hoping that you could ever find the heart to know,
Hoping that you can find some space in your soul,
Believing that you could find the faith to understand that I let you
Slip straight through my hands.

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