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I'm finally home

October 25, 2011
By wj136832 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
wj136832 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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This is the story about an ordinary boy did extraordinary things
It wasn’t dancing or running or trying to sing.
He had a special talent unlike anyone else,
But no one ever noticed because he was always by himself.
His mom died at the age of two,
His dad was always sick, what would you do?
He goes to school like everything is okay when really he was dying day by day
He never told anyone he was dying because he wanted to be treated like a normal kid
But let me tell you all of the horrible things people did.
They knocked down his books and spit in his face,
They made “mama jokes” and made fun of his race
His first and only girlfriend lasted two minutes because it was a bet.
Not knowing that he was her soul mate, a mistake she would soon regret.
All of his friends left him because “he wasn’t cool enough”
Not knowing he needed a friend because his life was too tough.
He wanted to be normal, but was always mistreated;
He had an empty space in his heart that was never completed.
He had no one to pick him up whenever he falls,
But his talent always shined through it all!
Right before he died his talent was revealed,
He wrote all his bullies a letter before he was killed.
The letter said, “ I was dying with cancer but you never knew, thanks for all the trouble that you put me through. I had a talent no one ever saw, but once you did you’ll be filled with awe. You made fun of me thinking it was just a game, hopefully your lives will never be the same.”
His talent wasn’t being fast, quick, or even agile.
His special talent……. Was just making people smile.
The weird thing is he didn’t die from cancer, he died from taking a bullet for a stranger
The stranger he died for was truly fate,
For it was his one and only girlfriend, his soul mate.
You don’t understand, he wanted to die,
You have cancer and get made fun of and you ‘ll understand why.
When he died he was left there all alone, but when he got to heaven he said, “I’m finally home.”
There goes to show you a smile can go a long way,
Treat people with a smile, you might make their day!

The author's comments:
I just decided to write just to write. When people read this I want them to get a different perspective on bulling because you never knows what someone is going through.

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