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A Crowded Drop

September 30, 2011
By K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
K-Rhyme GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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A person in a crowd is as noticed as one rain drop in a storm
you splash onto someones face
alerting them of your existence
and then you slide off
as quickly as you came
leaving them as fast as you can
and if you follow the crowd
and fall straight to the ground
letting it fall silently
clinging the unfeeling rocks
of it's surrounding
never knowing the warmth of life
if a
crowds distinguishes a person
where a
person should distinguish the crowd
you leave this life like a

Drop in the rain

The author's comments:
We go with the crowds, but if go with flow, and never go on a background, then we are just a number, this poem i am trying to encourage people to interact and react and break away with people,because if you just go with crowd you are only feeling stone not warmth.

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