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Secret x2

August 25, 2009
By Keigs2010 BRONZE, Capebreton, Other
Keigs2010 BRONZE, Capebreton, Other
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A day goes by and here I stand
So much has happened that means so little
I have no desire to participate
But I know I have too , too hide what I feel inside

The worlds not ready

Too see the way I really feel

I may talk about my personal life

But you won’t even know me in a little while.

If you could see the hate I have with in

You would not think I could be such a good friend.
Things are never really how they appear
On the outside I am happy go lucky
I cause drama
Grew up to fast
Play sports
I’m with friends all the time
Telling them things I know I shouldn’t
But I just don’t see anything to live up to
So I tell you everything.

There are something’s people will never know

There are some truths that never should have been told

There are lies that sadly seem so true.

& love that is so untrue.
I’ve hurt best friends
I’ve hurt family
I’ve hurt boys and I’ve hurt girls
Caused drama for many
Laughs for most
A good time almost always.
Made someone smile daily
I’d do anything for anyone…
Not really ,
But it is what is
Of me
Here’s a S.e.C.r.E.C.t.
I could really care less.

I;m never really happy

I cause the drama because im hurt

I make you laugh so you don’t see me cry

I get attached to guy even though you think I could care less..

I give you a good time so we wont talk one on one.

I could really care less about what happens with my life
When you actually look at me
And realize that the sparkle in my eye is actually a tear waiting to fall down
The day you realize this
This would be when the day goes by and someone takes my hand and softly says “ come with me we’ll find you help.

& when that day comes

Maybe I’ll have the desire to participate

Like I was always raised to do.

Maybe I wont have to hide the anger

Because there wont be any.

Maybe, just maybe

That one day
I’ll wake up and be me…..

The author's comments:
I wrote this when i was in grade 11 which was lat year.. There was a few dark moments in my year and i would just sit up stairs and write.. another one of my poems sound simmliar to this one but this one it just specificly about me and my life. I hope You enjoy :)

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Brndi said...
on Sep. 11 2009 at 12:26 pm
i love this poem!!!

on Sep. 8 2009 at 5:31 pm
purplemusician SILVER, Columbus, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"those who matter don't mind, but those who mind don't matter" ~ Dr. Seuss

i can totally relate so i know watcha feeling. you should check out my poetry!