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Seeking Solace

February 1, 2011
By cherrykitkats SILVER, Temperance, Michigan
cherrykitkats SILVER, Temperance, Michigan
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Teen girl searching for the place in her dreams
A dense forest with trees reaching above the clouds
Wide as mansions and old as Time itself
Dark mahogany bark and shimmering scarlet leaves
Soft grass and undergrowth blanketing the woodland floor
Rustled by a cool breeze carrying the scent of the winding river
Murmuring softly somewhere among the shade
Surface glistening where dappled sunlight shines through the branches
Of the mighty trees that guard their enchanted home
Watching over the exotic creatures scurrying amongst their roots
The fauns and centaurs that frolic at their feet
The dragons that soar above their reach and perch on their limbs
The water nymphs that dance in the depths of the ponds
The faeries that flutter through their boughs
Sparkling with mystical magick and humming a mesmerizing melody
The Mythical Land, the Enchanted Woods, the Magick Kingdom
The Forest of Dreams

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