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5 Stories of a Girl Called Life

December 5, 2010
By JessB46 SILVER, Lake Placid, New York
JessB46 SILVER, Lake Placid, New York
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(whata) flame
-a handheld th/fl/ing
child-friendly ;;

they have safeties for that

you know…
or so they say ;;

a th/fl/ing that sparks an ember,
with black Jacks on the side,
is brought home from work-
its future BRIGHT
and full of LIfE

to be tucked between couch cushions
unremembered in the frayed fabric of morning
while Somewhere Not Here

is laying out the cards
you have to play
Make. A. Move.
Raise. The. Stakes.


giving those eyes that scandal eyes

thinking, while

pulling down a painted thumb –

smoke pouring through painted lips,

the dealer always wins.
lighting Spirits as steadily as drawing

moths to a flame,
loosening lips and belts.
the lighter shclicking playfully
guiding the way to a few new tricks
and a predetermined tip
OR, well,


goes on and, already,

she wants to tangle that

unappreciative jerk up in the
delicate and bony

prongs of her hands.
A drink, A-nother,

A drink, A-nother.
A cigarette, A-nother,

A cigarette, A-nother.
A sleek black dress,

stained with self-doubt and
a bed that,





up and down and up and down.
S i l e n c e :

fumbling and sloshing through it

she goes,
searching shadow-draped walls,

“Someone?Anyone?God D*** it


AnsweR me!”
Shivering- because

she doesn’t feel that
it’s cold business,

it’s cold, it’s unbelievably

so / cold

without words.

with a dying dream.

and everyone else seems to know something that she doesn’t:






The author's comments:
Hopefully the format copies as planned; Can be read 5 different ways (the parenthesis only), the ALL CAPS words, straight through as normal, and either the NIGHT or LIFE column separately.

Feedback and comments appreciated :)

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on Dec. 8 2010 at 7:54 pm

A Great Work,  I read the poem twice and your poetry provoked thought and reflection.  Nice Work,,,

Thank You…….. Phil

s3r3nd1p1ty said...
on Dec. 7 2010 at 4:54 pm
s3r3nd1p1ty, Longwood, Florida
0 articles 0 photos 12 comments

i really like the concept, but the poem itself is somewhat confusing..