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December 6, 2009
By AnneW SILVER, Santa Clara, California
AnneW SILVER, Santa Clara, California
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A rock, taken by gravity and some tremendous force beyond you and me, plummeted right through my body, unstoppable
Planted itself in the pit of my stomach, an anchor, detaining me in that spot, I starred
Torrential rain clouds found a nice place to settle in my eyes and filled them with heavy rainwater
Hot beads raced down the soft curves of my face, leaving behind only meandering trails of smeared make-up
Pressure like that between two techtonic plates right before the big quake coursed through my head
Thoughts that were once as clear as a baby blue California summer sky turned murkier and darker than a stagnant, polluted river

Two words, Just a few letters, First name, Last name
That was all I had to see to be caught by a tornado and thrown right back to where I once was
So sick over what you chose to do
You managed to creep back into my mind like a child’s nightmare of monsters in the closet
I am so ashamed to be writing this but my skin is still prickling
Not wanting you to have this power over me, telling myself I am strong over and over again
You break me down, You hurt me
Not because my heart aches for you, not at all, it really never did.
Only because I cannot believe how cruel you truly are, a predator prying on the innocent and unexpecting, and to think you still don’t care!
I have the choice to shut you out and forget you again
And so I choose, I will- farewell Nightmare

The author's comments:
This poem was written in an attempt to capture a few different styles of writing that I have seen and admired in the past.

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on Sep. 7 2010 at 8:04 pm
ClareBear07 GOLD, Glendale, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up. ~Robert Frost

Wow. Really good! powerful and it flows!