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The Puppet Master

August 31, 2009
By bagofskittles SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
bagofskittles SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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The Puppet Master is a peculiar person
A tyrant for the eyes that can’t see
The ears that can’t hear
The tears that can’t flow

With a flip of their fingers
Marionettes can dance
Be pulled apart

The puppet master’s skills are not unique
Anyone with a heart wrapped in cold could do it
You and I

But what if puppets had souls?
Hiding behind the wooden mask is suffering love
Caged to do the master’s bidding
Behind wrath’s cold strings

In the end
The puppet master is just a bitter person
Whose happiness is the power over silent eyes
And crying hearts

The author's comments:
A symbolic peice written for all of the puppets out their who want to speak their minds but can't.

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