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June 21, 2009
By OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
OurFrost GOLD, Galt, California
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Bearing whatever may come at me,
I plant my feet firmly on the ground.
Soon the unknown will come barreling at me,
but I will stand and let it come crashing into me.

Bearing whatever may come at me,
I brace my mind for the unkind words that will come.
They may not think that I can decipher their whispers as they walk by,
but I will not cower under their cruel laughter and mockery.

Bearing whatever may come at me,
I stand on the battle field of life-
awaiting the monsters of the unknown and those of which
I never wish to become;
My heels dig into the earth and I draw my sword.
Waiting-for the time is near!

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