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A forgotten tale

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


as the water fills my lungs, and my vision starts to fade
a clip of you in minde, has begun to play

you always seemed to know how to make things right
but then you seemed to give up, as if love wasn't worth the fight

you always got the best of me, and i always got the best of you
as i'm taking my last breaths, realization that we are through

memories will be lost forever and there's nothing i can do

your promises never kept,the words never spoken
hurting so much from this, feeling bent and broken

the water takes me, very calm quiet, and slow
forget your face, forget your love, my body falls gracefully below

because my heart beats slower, and this is my last thought
why waste it on you when i've already forgot

forgot all the pain you've burdened on me
forgot all the tears that blinded me to see
forgot all the times that i thought were true

forgot who i was, and all this because of you

breaking hearts is what you do, tears i cannot bare
why did i ever give you my heart when i knew you never cared

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