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My Paradise

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Clock strikes eleven. Should we do it, should we not?
Should we stay and rest quiet, or adventure into the cold, dark night.
The mystery, the risk, but oh what a thought,

To experience a new place filled with wonder and fright.

Everything’s great,
We’re well on our way,
When a cop stops and asks why we’re out so late.
Need a quick response,
What do we say? What do we say?
We are just taking a walk,
As we did just today.

Nothing will stop us, from finding this place
Of mystery and darkness within one tiny space.
We finally arrive.
It’s an unfamiliar place,
Yet it’s cold and relaxing. The wind sweeps across my face.

Nothing but the stars, glowing in the sky.
The water wheel gives a soothing hum.
All I do is wonder why,
I’ve never seen this place we’ve come.

The cold and darkness gives a strange feeling inside,
But the beauty gives comfort that puts that aside.
Never have I witnessed with my own two eyes
Something as beautiful as what I’m seeing tonight.

The most wonderful paradise in this one small spot,
I wish to carry it with me forever,
Oh what a thought.

When I dream that night,
All I see,
Is that one spot with just the stars and me.

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