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The Modern Man

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

To a modern man, waking up is like diving into hell,
He has no compassion for the day.
To a modern man, the crisp drizzle is like a torrential storm,
His outlook is moldy and miserable.
To a modern man, a baby's cry is frustrating noise,
He loves only himself and has none to give.
To a modern man, to overcome an obstacle is a waste of valuable time,
He has lost the will to seek challenge and to learn.
To a modern man, every failure insults his morality,
He cannot bear to be second place.
To a modern man, multi tasking is the most important skill,
He has forgotten to enjoy life.
To a modern man, winning is more important than the love of his family,
He has forgotten what winning is.
It seems to me that the modern man is a miserable soul, trapped in his weary cycle.
He has not been shown how to lead and trust in himself.
He has been shown to be weak and follow orders.
Answer me, modern man.
Is this the life you wanted to live?

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