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To You

April 16, 2009
By Not_year_but_Forever SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
Not_year_but_Forever SILVER, Belleville, Illinois
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My hands so unsteady
I try to grip the desk
glancing at the clock
trying my best to ignore it
finally the bell rings and I have
the note in my hand
approaching his locker
he is alone good no friends
but then he walks away to quickly
no im dead my heart has sank
no time to dread
4 minutes till the bell rings
then off to class again
i'll just slip it into his locker
maybe then he will know my feelings

Yes the day is to a end
I watch him at his locker
he is almost done opening it
the note falls.....did he notice
YES !!! he picked it up
please please read
I watch closer i can barely breathe
he unfolds the note
he smiles slightly
a small piece of hope delights me
i walk to him so i can hear the verdict
he turns to me and say
"Hey here is your homework."

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