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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous


Naïve, I thought our love was true
Deceived, I thought we were something meant to be
Ignorant, I thought he had understood and accepted me
But it seems to be all just a dream
Painful heartache as I realized I was living in a fantasy
Lies of affection, I was handed the dress and slippers
Foolish, I deemed them mine forever

I believed when the clock struck twelve
I believed I’d remain gracefully posed in the centre of the ballroom
I believed my prince would take my hand in adoration
I believed it wasn’t just my heart talking
I believed it wasn’t my mind’s illusion

I suppose I was delusional to the figments of perfection in my mind

My flawless gown turned back to rags
My elegant hair had fallen back down to my shoulders
My jewelry of enchantment had disappeared

I clutched my clothing in embarrassment
Cringed at the looks placed upon me around the room
The prince looked away with disgust in his eyes
And started to walk away.
My eyes starting dripping with water
As I ran out into the pouring rain
Nobody saw my tears for the water had washed them away
Nobody heard my cries for the thunder hushed them quiet

My eyes fell upon the crystal clear slippers
Sparkling with a diamond shine still
But I knew the truth
Even if they didn’t disappear
Didn’t mean they were mine
It’s time I took them off myself
And end this Cinderella dream.

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