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Im With The Band

December 23, 2011
By CeciliaLee-Anne BRONZE, Taree, Other
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CeciliaLee-Anne BRONZE, Taree, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Be confident. Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves to others and wishing to be something we aren’t. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s only when you accept everything you are – and aren’t – that you will truly succeed."

“As we grow up we learn that even the person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it gets harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love, so take too many pictures, laugh too much and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is one minute of happiness you'll never get back” – Andy Biersack ♥

I had a goal, I had a dream…and at the end of the day no matter what people say to you as long as YOU know who you are as a person NOTHING in else in the world matters.” -Andrew Dennis Biersack<3

Author's note: what inspired me to write this book was my love for music and making it big. also being in a band. the hardships and a few fights that might happen. i hope you guys like this book and think its good

before i get on with my life story, i would like to briefly introduce myself.
my name is Skylar Sahara Stone,
triple "S", i know.
im 16yrs old and in my second last yr of high school. making me grade 11.
i would like to say that its really easy being in grade 11, but i would be lying because i dont know.
today is actualy the first day of schoolso i need to get ready.
any who, im in a band.
"The Monster In Me." name was chosen by our Lead guitarist, Elijah Samuels who is also our male screamer, and me. our bass guitarist is brad chillar. on rythmn guitar is zac clark. and lastly on the drums is Tom clark him and zac are twins.
i live with my dad, mark stone. mom left when i was born. didnt even bother trying to get to know me, but all's well. i get whatever i want from my dad.
i have long red hair that ends at my elbows but i usually wear it teased. its black at the ends.
i guess you could say im scene as most people would put it. i think of it as being simply myself.
i was born this way and i have no intentions of changing it.
i have a selection of fave bands, as few me and my band have done covered of.
to name a few; falling in reverse, black veil brides, escape the fate, blood on the dance floor, attack attack, motley crue, boys like girls and more, but sometimes we do screamo covers of pop and rnb artists like jason derulo, kesha, beyonce, nicki minaj and so forth.
well i think's thats brief enough for you.
OH! and my eyes are a deep vibrant blue-ish grey.
some might even say that i could see into people's souls with my eyes, but i doubt that.
im just being concieted as always.
me and my sarcastic self.

back to the story now.the beginning before i met my band and things happened. the first day of school and a week after i had moved to the busy streets of Los Angeles, a mansion like house that my father bought.
i wouldnt say we're the richest family out but with my dad being a manager for the stars we get a lot of money, currently he's on tour with that whiney girl justine bieber. he left last night and just ditched me here. but i dont mind, he pays a lot for it.a besides, i like the privacy. gives me time for running around nude-not like i'd ever do that but you get what i mean. anyways the reason im not famous like him ad havent got a band is because he cant give me numbers of famous people. policy as he says.
he's hardly home though.only stays for about a week. 8 days maximum and thats only on christmas.
i swung my legs onto the red and black dotted soft carpet and glared at my closed curtain, hoping to burn a hole throught the window and toast those stupid birds who decided that it was ok to wake me up at 5:30.
since then i couldnt get back to sleep. the time now is 5:31.
so you can see how much effort i put into fallinf asleep.
i trudged towards my bathroom and stripped.
i left the bathroom door open as i knew that no one would enter and disrupt my peace.
i let the warm water wake me up and alert my senses.
as i scrubbed my body i thought over what to wear on my first day. i want to make an impression. maybe i should go about my day as i did before in my previous school.
i wrapped a towel around my tanned curvy body and walked to my room.
i wouldnt say im the skinniest but im definetly not fat.
i have curves in all the right places and a "nice rack" as the boys used to say at my old school.
i pulled on cute micky mouse panties and a matching bra.
i let the towel drop then picked it up and wrapped it around my head, towel drying my hair.
when it was dry enough i took it back to the bathroom and hung it on the rack to dry.
i headed back into my room and into my walk-in closet where i pulled out a pair of ripped bred skinny jeans and a tight black tank top which showed the right amount of cleaverage, if not a bit more.
it ended just below my belly piercing. i pulled out a red and black belly bar with a dangling bit with the words "rock star" on it.
i then pulled on a pair of black DR Martens and walked over to my vanity.'i blow dried my hair then straighten it.
i then teased it then put in a big-ish black bow on the left side of my face.
i applied some heavy eyeliner and some mascara then ruby red lipstick to match my jeans and hair.
i jumped up and grabbed my red and black iphone off the charger along with my red and black tiger print ipod touch.
as you can probably tell my fave colour are red and black.
i threw in a small notebook in my bag just in case and two pens.
then slid my nose ring in my nose, my two snake bites on my lip and my 2 10mm taper/gauges in my stretched ears.
before running down the stairs i shrugged on my black leather jacket and ran down the stairs towards the kitchen where i ate a quick bowl of cap'n'c crunch.
after that i drank the remaining milk, making sure not to ruin my ruby lips then grabbed my keys and ran out to the garage.
i pressed the keys and the automatic garage opened.
as it opened i locked all the doors then walked back out.
i wheeled my red and black ducati monster out and shut the garage, locking it.
i then slid on my red and black helmet on and shoved the keys in ignition.
i smiled to myself as the bike roared to like.
i road off down the road towards the school that i had visited with my dad when he dropped off my application.
one of the teachers showed me around that day. no students were around as it WAS still the holidays.
i parked my bike in the student car pack and took out my keys.
eyes were glued on me like magnets as i pulled off my helmet and fluffed my hair.
mouths gaped open as a few guys whislted and girls glared.
i sighed to myself and pulled on my signiture smirk and i slung my back over my shoulder afther putting my keys in it.
i nestled my helmet under my arms as i walked in the front entrance. ignoring the murmuring and chatter going around.
this is the beginning of something new and great. i just know it.

i approached the old lady in the front office who obviously wore too much make up for a lady at her age.
i cleared my throat to get her attention but she just ignored me.
i cleared my throat again only to get ignored.
i then resorted to drumming my fingers loudly in the desk.
i swear this lady needs hearing aids.
she looked at me with a bored but scared expression on her face.
"im sorry," she said sarcastically and rude," didnt notice you there under all that make up and leather."
"i didnt notice you under all that wrinkled up leather you call skin, now get on it." i replied with a scowl in my face.
"name." she said inspetcing her nails.
"skylar sahara stone." i said.
she started typing on her computer and in a few minutes printed out some papers.
"this is you schedule, map and a note for all your teachers to sign. also there are some things you parents need to sign when you get home and some stuff. now off you go." she handed me the papers in a folder.
"thanks." i said throught gritted teeth.
i turned on my heel and walked towards homeroom with mr teel.
i roamed the hallways looking for room D12 wheni realised that i have a map. a VERY helpful map.
i pulled it out and looked at it.
the bell suddenly went.
"crackers" i cursed under my breathe.
homeroom was on the second floor on the left wing.
i climbed up the stairs and smiled triumphantly and yelled out a whoop as i thrust my fist in the air feeling like i just climbed mount everest.
i then walked down a few doors, turned left and walke down a few more.
"D12, finally." i said under my breathe as i knocked on the door.
"uhhh, the new student Ms Stone, nice of you to finaly join us." the balding teacher. mr teel, said as he looked at my cleaverage. not only was he bold and old but add perv and pedo to the list.
i walked in and looked around the room.
in the back there was a spot.
i made a beed-line towards it and said down.
i then realised that i still had my helemt with me.
"dude." i said as i put my hand up.
mr teel looked up from his attendance sheet.
"yes skylar."
"i gotta visit my locker for a sec, imma be real quick i swear on my sandwich."
i got up and walked out and up the stairs towards the senior lockers.
i found locker #233 and opened it with my combo.
i shoved my bag and helmet in and locked.
the only things i took out of my bag wer my iphone, ipod and notebook and a pen.
i had no intentions on going to the locker till lunch wheni need my wallet.
i walked back to homeroom only for the bell to ring.
i shoved my hand in my pocket and lfound my schedule.

I headed towards the maths wing and towards my class.
i sighed as i opened the door.
having roamed the school again because of my lack of direction resulting in me being 5 minutes late.
"hi, you must be skylar stone, am i right?" a nice asian lady said to me as she pulled me in for a hug.
i awkwardly patted her back and grimaced.
"im mrs shin, tell us a bit about yourself then take a seat next to mr samuels. zac rais your hand please."
a scene looking guy with black straight, hair, who was seated necxt to a guy who looked the same as him but had a lighter shade of green eyes than him.
i take it their twins because both boys had their hands raised.along with them sat a guy with black hair with red tips. he had dark chocolate brown eyes.
next to him sat a guy with black hair with blue streaks which really brought out his deep blue eyes.
they all dress similarly in either grey or black skinny jeans and different band t-shirts.
sighing i thought over what i was going to say.
"um, my name is skylar stone. uhh..i play electr guitar, totaly epic at it might i add, umi just moved here from new york, um what else, oh! i love bands like motley crue, falling reverse,asking alexandria, black veil brides and such. im 17, my dad is on tour with that chick, umm what was her name again....ohh ohh!!!!! justin bieber, he's her tour manager, my mum is a dirty rag who slept around and left after i was born and i think thats it. any question." i asked lookind around.
a few hands went up.
"no questions? ok good." i ignored the hands and plopped down next to zac. well i think its zac.
"hi, im tom." he said.
"im skylar, i take it you and the other kid are twins right?"
"yup, hes name is zac, thats elijah and brad," he said pointing to the black-blue haired, blue eyed boy and the guy with the black-red hair.
we slipped into comfortable silence theni pulled out my ipod.
sliding my earphones into my ears i started listening toc'Im Not A Vampire' by falling in reverse.

leaning back in my chair i sighed silently. wishing for maths to finish.
its only first period and im just about ready to bolt out the door and head home, then dive straight for the couch or my bed.
whichever one i reach first.
i just couldnt wrap my head around why we need math.
i mean with my music career, i wont need it.
i'd only need it when im countin' the cash that im gonna be rackin' in.
right now, my ipod was blasting out "Raised by wolves" by the epic band, Falling In Reverse.
the awesome guitar works of jacky vincent never cease to amaze me.
not saying that he's the best because there are a few other guitarists out there who are "awsum.
like for instance, jake pitt-lead guitarist for the epic band Black Veil Brides. hmm, there was ummm, jinxx, also from BVB. there is also jimmy hendrix and slash from Guns 'n' Roses. never forget slash.
i could spend all day naming my guitar heroes but then i'd waste a lot of time.
well i wouldnt consider it a waste of time but you might.
i dont know if youre the type of person who appreaciates my music.
i bet most of you dont know who Johnny Franck is.
if you dont then you seriously need to et out of your little preppy hole and go to the record store.
ask for attack attack, right now not sure which album he was in before he quit but just ask them for the one with the song "stick stickly" and "smokahontas".
i could just die listening to him sing.

i was snapped back to reality by the loud bell.
i grabbed my book and walked out across the hall to the english side.
i then did a 180 and walked back into the math room to get my slip signed.
i made my way into english.
the teacher, Mrs Loona, really was crazy. guess that explains the name huh?
anyways, i was made to seat with that same group again after i had done the same intro like before.
the day pretty much went like that till lunch.
i bolted out of the room and straight to my locker.
quickly doing my combo i then yanked the door open and grabbed my wallet.
i grabbed a crisp twenty out of it and shoved my wallet back in my bag then locked the locker.
i bolted down the stairs towards the room i had walked past on my way towards 3rd/4th period science/chem.
it was like atwo very similar classes.
i spent them doing nothing.

i stood in line waiting to get some food wheni got fed up.
these people were WAYYY too slow.
i got out the line and marched right up to the front.
the lady who was running that line had her back turned.
i slid right at the front and ordered a slice of pizza, coke, sticky finger bun and a lollipop.
"Hey! i was in here first." a whiney blonde haired girl said, attempting to pout towards her boyfriend, who i take it is a popular jock, and glare at me.
"who cares if you were here first, im here now so shove a tampon in it." i glared as i received my change from the lady.
i grabbed my try in both my hands and walked towards the back exit whixh was wide open.
i walked out the doors and towards a huge shady oak tree.
nestling myself in a chair like part of the tree i whipped out my ipod.
i took a big bite of my pizza and popped open my coke.
chugging a bit down i burped. loudly enough to turn head.
i guess i wasnt lady like after all.
oh who am i kidding.
i have never been lady-like.
not even as a baby.
i pulled my phone out of my jacket and sent a quick message to sean.
an old buddy who's still back in new york.
i miss my apartment like crazy.
he texted me back a hello.
me-how is it our there without me
sean-boring, i can tell you that
me-ha, i knew it!!
sean-come backkk :(
me-if i could then i would but i cant so i wont XD
sean-but its horrible here
me-what happened to the fashion shows, subways and random dancing at time square
sean-that all left when you left, beside, i cant dig up enough courage to go dance there by myself.:'(
me-awww dont cyr.. i feel soo love :D
sean-why you so happy
me-im not, this school is a total bummer, dad's touring with justin bieber and im home alone....for six months....AGAIN! >:) i feel like a bit of plotting but have no one to help me prank.
sean-havent you made any friends yet
me-nah, there's this group who i sat with during class, but the teacher made me do it, they dress like they're in a band black hair, piercings, one even has a tattoo on his bottom, dont ask how i know,im still scared.
sean-sorry bub, gotta go but i'll call you tonight right?
me-yupperty yippers, dont forget xx
sean-i wont xx

i sighed and put my phone on the ground.
dont get me wrong, sean is definitley attractive, border-line sexy but we're just buds, plus hes gay.
so yup.
he doesnt act like the cliched weird gay, ones that act like chicks.
no way, he more man than....than..... umm..more man than...TOM CRUISE!!! yup tom cruise.
now thats saying something.
i closed my eyes and turned up the volume on my ipod.
not long after my sun was gone.i lazily opened one eyelid to find two tall boys.
i squinted my eyes to find the emo twins. what were they're names again?
oh yeah, zac and tom clark.
"sup dudes, what can i do you for?" i asked them in a bored tone.
"can we sit with you?" tom asked.
"sure, my tree is your tree."
"yes!." zac yelled.
i pulled out my ear phones out my ears and the music blasted out as the earphones accidently de-tached themselves from the gadget.
right now it was the scream bit in "tragic magic" by falling in reverse.
"cool music, fave bands?" tom asked.
i turne my ipod off and shoved it in my pocket.
we started whole music based conversation, me excluding detail of how i sing and play epic guitar.
turns out the twins play instruments
tom played the drums while zac rocked the guitar.
they also told me about the rest of the gang. brad played the bass and elijah screamed and played really good guitar.
i doubt he could beat me.
i was trained by the best.
half the time i was barely listening.
as the bell rang i grabbed my note book and headed towards the music rooms.
turns out i have all classes with the "Awesome foursome" of deadly rockers.
i question zac and tom about why they didnt start a band, their reply was that they were too lazy.
i laughed sarcastically as i walked into the music room.
brad and elijah were already perched ontop of the desks in the corner, strumming away on a guitar while chatting.
i sat away from them till tom and zac literally picked me up and threw me into a chair near them.
i huffed and crossed my arms ove rmy chest.
"if thats ho you treat me, a normal girl who you dont know, then i feel sorry for whoever you marry." i snarled as i leaned my head back, looking at the ceiling.
"hello class, i see we have a new student, umm, Ms Stone? is it," i nodded," can you come up here and introduce yourself?"
i growled and walked towards the fron.
this class was mainly filled with "scene" kids and a few punks. there was a groupd of preps at one end but that didnt matter.
i gave a brief intro and attempted to go back to my seat.
key-word: attempted.
"why dont you place us something, you do play something right?" mr ketchum looked at. he was a fairly young teacher.
looked to be fresh out of college.
very good lookin but not my type.
"i play guitar and drums?"i replied, it sounding more like a question.
i walked over to the drum kit, grabbing the drum sticks off JJ as Mr ketchum likes to be called.
i sat on the stool behind the kit and thought of a song when the perfect one came to me.
i shoved my earphones in my ears so the other instruments could be heard, along with the audio.
i couldnt play drum unless i know how the other instruments go.
i raised my hands in the air and hit the first beat.
playing perfectly along with the song "Smokahontas" by Attack! Attack!.
at the end i added my own drum solo and let myself get carried away.
when the song finished i looked up.
mouths were gaped open, gawking eyes settled on me making me feel proud yet uneasy.
i cleared my throat and that seemed to awaked everyone else from their trance.
"wow.." a boy the back said.
"i thought i could play but damn." Tom mumbled while looking at the faces of everyone who was in the group.
all mirrored each other: pure shock.
"good! good! not i wanna see your guitar skills." JJ said amazed.
i placed the sticks on the seat and walked towards the red and white fender against the wall.
i plugged it in the amp and turnd the amp on.
"is the mic on?"i questioned JJ.
he coughed and nodded.
i stood by the mic and struck a few chords to see if the guitar was tuned.
it wasnt all tuned.
i placed my self on the piano stool and tuned it.
when i was done i checked the mic.
"test 1 test 67, i got pie from 7/11."
i stood up and started playing the guitar riff, the starting one, for "Knives And Pens" by Black Veil Brides.
singing it at perfect chick pitch and not getting a word wrong i then progressed to the pre-chorus.
screaming in perfection and totally having fun.
it would be moe fun with a band up here though.
after the first chorus i did the guitar solos in the middle of the song and started singing "caraphernelia" by Pierce The Veil,as in i cut off the song after the solo and just sang that.
after that chorus i then changed chords swiftly and smoothly to "Sink Or Swim" then fnished with a massive guitar solo.
through-out the song the chords where changed to match all the songs and done swiftly, almost as if this was your first time heairing it you'd think it was the actualy song.
i looked into the eyes of every student in the room.
pure amazement was all could see.
in some there was jealousy and envy but oh well.
"im totally lost for words." JJ said as he brought his hands together and started clapping . soon the whole class was clapping along with him and whoops and hollers could be hear from the direction of the door.
i turned my head there and saw what looked like the whole school but i miught be over-exaggerating.
a LOT of kids were there, gawking at me, like boy's who'd never seen a girl before.
i felt awkward under the spotlight, awkward but proud and happy. But still awkward

Music went by pretty fast, with people complimenting me and such.
When the bell rang for home i jumped out my seat and literally bolted out the doors.
I ran to my locker and grabbed my things then walked out to the parking lot.
I pulled my helmet onto my head then hopped on the bike.
Shoving the keys in the ignition i started humming Evanescence’s 'Bring Me to Life'.
I revved the engine and sped out of the school towards a little cafe that i had passed this morning. Entering the cafe all i could smell was coffee and chocolate. 'Smell like heaven' I thought.
I walked up to the counter, bike helmet under my arm, and ordered a cappuccino and a large choc chip cookie.
While waiting for my 'grub' i found a window seat and situated myself on it.
After five minutes of waiting for food i pulled out my iPod and listened to 'Matter At All' by Kids in Glass Houses.
A band that I personally think rocks. I silently sang the words to myself till a waitress came with my food.
"Sorry for the wait miss, we're just a bit busy today."
I nodded and tucked in like the little piggy i know i am.
When I finished the cookie I decided that I wanted to eat a cupcake. Chocolate to be exact, so I waltzed up to the counter and ordered one. After ordering my food I sat down back at my seat and drunk a bit more of my cappuccino. I can’t just ever get enough of these. In New York I practically inhaled them like they were what I needed to survive. Which in my head I thought to be true.
If you ever wanted to find me then don’t look far away, just mosey on down to the local Starbucks which I might add was on almost every corner and then you’d find me.
It wasn’t that hard.
As I sat down my phone rang.
I picked it up after the third ring.
“Hello?” I asked the other person on the phone- dad.
“Hey honey, how was your first day of school?” he asked.
Like he would ever know. I know he tries hard to be there for me but would it kill him to be there for my birthday, thanksgiving, Groundhog Day? Would it? I don’t think so.
I think he just uses his job as an excuse to not see me as I ‘remind him so much of my mother’.
I don’t even want to think of her. I’m not gonna lie and say she was a hideous toad.
No, she was completely the opposite. Beautiful in every way on the outside. But in the inside she was truly hideous. Even Cinderella’s step-mother was a better mother figure than she ever was.
But I don’t care. She’s the one missing out. I don’t need her.
Back to the phone call/
“I- it was great dad, really great.”
“Did you make any friends?” he asked.
“Yeah I guess, there’s this group I hung out with today, if that’s what you want to call friends.”
“Well, that’s good then honey, um... I have to go, I’ll call you when I can ok?”
“y-yeah,” I replied, trying not to show how hurt I was. The man couldn’t even spend five minutes on the phone with his daughter.
In case he caught on my mood I hung up.
The cupcake was already on my table by the time I was off the phone so I just dug in and drank my drink.
When I looked up I was met with four pairs of eyes.
“Fancy seeing you here m’lady,” tom said feigning a British accent.
“Yup, so what do ya’ll want?” I asked.
Zac feigned hurt and looked up at me wide eyed.
“Why can’t I just sit with you without wanting something?” he asked.
“Because if you did want to sit with me, you wouldn’t have brought cap’n grumps over there” I said pointing at Elijah.
“Anyways, what rode up his backside now?” I asked Brad.
“He just doesn’t like you,” he simply stated.
‘Way to make it not hurt huh brad. You would have the worst luck with females with the way you lack sensitivity’ I thought.
“Way to break it to me gently brad,” I growled.
“Hey, I’m just the messenger, don’t hate on me, it just had to be said but on my defence I don’t hate you, in fact I like you. You seem like a pretty nice chick,” he said while eyeing my cupcake.
“Compliments get you no were pretty boy,” I said as I shoved my cupcake in my mouth, devouring the whole thing.
I chewed it up then swallowed it, almost choking but quickly grabbing Elijah’s orange juice and chugging half down.
He scowled at me and crossed his arms.
“Did I say you could drink it?” he asked, glaring menacingly at me.
“Nope, but never stopped me now did it?” I smirked.
“Damn, girl can eat,” commented brad.
“Whoa, did you think I was like those preppy Blondie Barbie who eat rabbit food and one carrot a day?” I asked, pretending to be really angry with him.
He flinched at my tone and cleared his throat.
“No I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
“good,” I continued,” now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see my friend couch and catch some sleep.”
“Ok see you tomorrow Sky?” asked zac.
“Hmm, not sure about you calling me sky, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I walked out and pulled my helmet on. Starting up the bike I headed home.
As soon as I entered through the front door I headed towards the couch and took off my boots.
I picked my boots up and trudged up the stairs where I walked into my room.
I took off my pants and jacket then wiped my make up off.
When I was done with that I pulled on a pair of shorts and some uggs.
I made my way back down the stairs and turned on the fan above the lounge room.
I slumped on the couch, head resting on my pillow pet and turned on TV, where I put the music channel on.
Nothing that interesting was on so I changed it to the movie channel where Dumb and Dumberer was on.
Laying there I watched the movie while thinking of what my life would have been like if I was normal.
I wouldn’t want it to be that way but I just couldn’t help but think of what it could have been.
No having high security things, I would have been In Iowa but no.
We had to move because of dad’s job.
You’d think the man would have chosen an easier job to work in.
When the movie was over I made microwavable Mac’n’ Cheese and ate it in the back yard.
The cool breeze blowing my hair up.
When I was done I placed my empty plate in the dishwasher and left it there.
I checked if all the doors were locked then walked to my bedroom where I instantly fell asleep.
Didn’t know the first day could be so tiring.
“Could be because of that giant ego of yours.” A voice in my head said.
I hate when i talk to myself but it just happens. I guess I’m just weird like that.
The next day waking up was better than the day before.
This time I actually got woken up by the alarm clock at 5:45.
I took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of black denim short, a red tank top and my black and red Supra Sky tops.
I did my hair and make up the way I usually wear it then walked down stairs with my school supplied.
When I parked at school I got the same reaction as I had the day before but the only difference was the ride I had today.
Today I was in a red Mercedes BENZ.
My baby. I love this car. It actually was my first.
I got it for my 17th. Which is yet to come. But since this is the year I turn 17 I tell people I am. It was an early present since dad couldn’t make it to my birthday. That man needs a parenting book, seriously.
But I guess it’s good that his gone. One day he came home for Christmas and Sean was over.
He pulled me into the other room and tried to have the talk with me.
That was really horrific.
If I ever have to go through that again, I would definitely jump of the big red California Bridge, which I still don’t know the name of.

I walked into the hallways which were crowded with students and made my way to my locker.
Once I was done putting my things in there I once again grabbed my phone, iPod and a $20 bill then slammed it shut turning a few heads.
I quickly made my way to homeroom so I get a seat. When I walked in there was no one in the room but the teacher. Something about this guy gave me the creeps so I just made my way to the back of the room and grabbed a window seat. Shoving my earphones in my ears I turned my iPod on and blasted out a random song which came on. I hummed along while staring out the window daydreaming. I always wanted to have a band. They would be kind of like a little family. Always there for each other. Sort of like being in a pack of wolves. All I needed was a band, a group of talented musicians. I could have asked Zac and the gang but doubt they would want to. As they had simply stated yesterday, they were too lazy to form a band. I want the band i'm in to become huge, big and really famous. The guys are too lazy for that I guess.
I felt the seat beside me move and looked up. Right next to me staring at me oddly, was Zac and Tom. I pulled my earphones out and turned my iPod off.
“Um… hi?”
“HEY! SKY,” Tom exclaimed excited.
“What’s crawled up your pants and got you excited,” I asked curious.
“oh nothing, just my- our birthday’s coming up and we’re having a small get together with some family and friends and were hoping you could come?” he asked me, a look of hope on his face.
I pretended to think about it for a while. I mean what could be the harm. I was just going over to hang out, free cake and singing ‘Happy Birthday’.
“Sure, I mean what could possibly happen right?” I replied.
“YEEHA! Thanks a lot sky.”
I frowned at Zac.
“Didn’t I tell you not to call me sky?”
“Oh sorry….. Sky.”
This boy is really trying to grind my gears isn’t he? I ought to slap him upside the head a few times.
I sighed and faced the front as Mr Teel took attendance.
Elijah and Brad had arrived while I was talking to the twins. Every so often I would catch Elijah looking at me oddly. Just by watching him I could tell that we could actually be great friends- best friends even, but he just won’t let me in.
Just to make it clear I have no intentions of starting a relationship with this baboon.
The next two periods were ‘okay’.
So far the day was good till period ¾ where I have science and chem. It’s a good thing these classes are connected because they basically are the same thing so there would be no point in teaching it to us twice.
Mr Gingerl walked into class late.
During the waiting period I talked endlessly with the twins. They seemed to be the ones I go on with great out of all the boys.
“So, we were thinking that you, Brad and Elijah can stay over after the party,” Zac continued on.
We had been discussing the party all morning. Well not THE party but what we would do after. Apparently their cousins were coming over and the twins didn’t like them so me, being the little devious girl I am, decided that we should prank them, seeing as they were sleeping over too. Mandatory, otherwise the twins would have said no.
“How about we dress them up in pretty dresses, make up, wigs and push their beds in the pool?” Brad piped in. I hadn’t even noticed him; I thought he wasn’t in this convo.
“Nah, too classic, we need something original, something that hasn’t been done...” I sat there thinking of a plan then BAM! It came to me.
“I GOT IT!!” I exclaimed happily.
“Care to share?” Elijah said smirking at me.
Hmm, he seems to have loosened up a bit.
“Nope, it’s a surprise but I’ll tell you when it’s been finalised ok?”
They nodded and that’s what brings us to where we are now. The moment when Mr Gingerl walked in.
The man looked oddly familiar.
I hadn’t paid much attention to him yesterday but he seems really familiar. Like we’d met before, not counting school. He reminded me of someone who was once important in my life. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. This was too annoying.
I sighed and racked my brain trying to find out who it was. He looked really young too. Just like my music teacher, fresh out of college.
But where could I possibly know him. He had black short hair, deep blue eyes and a five o’clock shadow. His body was medium built and lean and muscular.
I thought through my childhood memories till it hit me. This oaf used to be my neighbour. When I was a little baby he would babysit me. Well till I turned 13 and my dad trusted me to take care of myself.
Mr Gingerl couldn’t have been that much older than me because I remember having a little schoolgirl crush on him. I would gush over the phone to my friend about how good-looking he is. That was until the day he decided to leave me. I couldn’t wrap my head around why he wanted to leave till dad told me a week later.
Jake Gingerl had gone to college. This makes him about 5 years older than me. I don’t have any interest in him anymore. I would say I only think of him as a friend now.
When class ended, instead of bolting off towards the lunch room I took my time getting packed up. As soon as everyone was out of the room I jumped on Jake and hugged him, a few tears leaking out.
Even though I had had a crush on him, I also thought of him as a brother. He chased the bullies away. We were more like family than just babysitter and child.
“Whoa there Mrs Stone, this isn’t appropriate,” he said panicked.
I jumped down and looked him in the eyes. I then proceeded to slap him hard across the face.
He stared at me in disbelief.
“What was that for!” he yelled holding his cheek.
“That was for leaving me you jerk,” I turned and head for the door.
“Leaving you? I don’t know you, you’re just a new student,” he said confused.
“How could you just go without saying goodbye, how could you just forget about me ginger ninja?” I asked using the nickname I used to call him.
“Skylar?” he asked, looking in my eyes in disbelief.
“Yes,” my voice shook.
He enveloped me in a hug.
“Oh sky, i’m so sorry, I just didn’t know how to break it to you, you were like my little sister, it was just too hard to say goodbye I know I should have at least called and kept contact but I didn’t know what I would say or how you would react. I thought you might hate me.”
I sobbed into his shoulder.
“I don’t hate you; however I do hate how you didn’t call. I sat by the phone for months on end hoping you would call,” I said crossing my arms over my chest.
“I’m sorry sky.”
He hugged me again.
“Come on, I’m sure you’re hungry, you and your food habits.
“Hey! Nothing wrong with my food habits,” I replied with attitude.
He laughed heartily.
“Sure,” then we walked down towards the cafeteria.
“Shoot,” I yelled as I ran for my locker.
“What sky!” he frantically asked.
“I look like a racoon, I’ll see you later.”
I bolted to my locker, snapped it open and grabbed my bag.
I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.
My hair was slightly messy and my makeup- well just look at a raccoon then compare the too. You won’t find much of a difference.
I wiped my entire make up off and re-applied it.
When I was done I brushed my hair a bit then dumped my bag back in my locker.
I made my to the cafeteria where I spotted the gang.
I walked over and sat in the middle of the twins. Zac on my left and Tom on my right.
“What’s crackin’” I said as I grabbed a slab of pizza from Brad’s tray.
He didn’t seem to mind as he was in his own dream world.
“Not much, got you a tray since you were busy with whatever you were doing,” he said slyly.
“I was just talking to an old family friend. It got a bit emotional because I missed him so much” I said, trying not to break down.
“You knew Mr Gingerl?” Elijah asked.
“Jake? Yup, he was my babysitter before he went to college. Jerk didn’t bother telling me he was leaving, just up and left. He was like a big brother to me I missed him so bad,” I replied.
For the rest of the lunch period we talked about Jake and random things.
When music came I was genuinely pumped. I couldn’t wait to walk in there and play around with the instruments.
It was like my own personal heaven. Well in my mind that’s what heaven would look like.
I grabbed an acoustic guitar and sat in the back corner where I was sure no one went.
I started plucking chords tuning it then played a soft Mexican tune.
Everyone was in their own little worlds with their groups chatting away.
The boys walked in and sat near me.
Zac turned in his chair and stared at me.
“What,” I said getting annoyed.
“Why did you bolt like that?” he asked.
“Hello? Music?” I stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Elijah looked at me amused.
JJ walked into class and took his position at the front.
“Good afternoon class, I take you had a good day?” he greeted.
The class made small noises in response so he continued.
“As you all know, every year we have a battle of the bands. Now, we need a band from this school to enter the competition so me, Mr Gingerl and Mrs Huiha will be choosing along with a representative from the contest, Mr Johns.
I know this school has a few good bands so don’t hide your talent. We want to hear you. The world wants to hear you, so if you’re in a band signups are next Friday,” he said, the last part directly looking at me.
The class burst into excited chatter about the battle and wondering who would win.
I talked to the twins about it but they still wouldn’t form a band with the other two boys.
Not that I would say this to the twins but if i was in their bands I would have signed up already.
I mean I play a bit of bass; Tom plays drums and Zac guitar.
It could work.
I don’t understand how these best friends won’t make a band.
I decided to stay out of their business and think about something else.
We soon initiated a conversation on the Smurfs. I used to watch that show all the time as a child. Well I still do but who cares right?

The class ended soon and I found myself making my way towards the café I was at yesterday.
I walked in and ordered a cappuccino and a large chocolate cookie with a cupcake.
I sat there in complete silence, thinking over my life. What had happened throughout it? The good, the bad and the in between.
I really wanted to be in the battle of the bands but there was only one thing missing.
A band.
Where in the name of peanut buttered and jelly sandwiches was I meant to get one of those?
I couldn’t just put up notices around.
I would have to audition.
I mean think about it, there could be a good band but had a bad drummer.
I just couldn’t bear to break them up. Auditions would take long too. I would miss the auditions still searching for a band.
Maybe I could be a one-girl band. No, I doubt that’s allowed.
I must have been concentrating really hard because all I heard was:
“Don’t think so hard, your brain’s gonna fall out,” from non-other that Elijah.
The gang walked in after him and plopped next to me and in front of me.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” I asked.
“Not much, you? You seem to be thinking really hard.” Brad said.
“It’s nothing, I’m just thinking about… nothing,” I sighed getting up and heading for the door.
“Where are you going?” asked Elijah.
“Home, I’m tired, I’ll see you guys later, oh and tom?” I asked.
“Yes” he sang out.
“What am I meant to wear on Saturday, casual or formal or what?” I asked.
“Just come in casual,” he replied.
I walked out and sat in my car.
If you’re thinking that me and tom have a date then you’re way off. I was just asking about the party. The auditions are next week and this weekend I get to hang out at the twin’s house.
Calling them the twins is getting a tad bit annoying. I should call them something else, like Tac or Zom.
I think I’ll go with Tac. It reminds me of that show, ‘Tac and the power of Juju’.
When I arrived home I got changed in to a large t-shirt and long socks.
I sat on the couch and watched TV, and then later on that night I called up Sean.
*phone call*
Me-heyya Sean, how you been?
Sean-been good, I miss you though, we can’t go guy-scoping anymore
me-ha I miss those days
Sean-yes, so what’s up your bum today?
Me-I saw Jake today, he’s my teacher.
Sean-hold up! He’s’ you teacher!
Me-calm you panties Sean, you’re gonna burst my eardrums ok?
Sean-sorry, but damn, unlucky, you can’t have him now… but I can
He chuckled evilly
Me-have him if you want, he’s more of a brother to me now.
Sean-ok, hope you can visit soon chick, when can you anyways.
Me-hmm I think maybe a month from now
Sean-ok good
Me-yup, well I gotta go hit the hay, bye
*end phone call*
You see, when i’m talking to someone face-to-face, I’m completely fine. I could talk for ages none stop. But when it comes to phone calls, I go all awkward.
Sometimes that never happens with Sean as I’ve known him forever, but with most people I just don’t know what to say.
I usually read people’s facial expression when I’m talking to know I’m going in the right direction but when I can’t see them it feels weird.
I made my way to my bed after locking all the doors and windows.
As soon as I hit the pillow I was out like a light.
I guess that was a pretty good end to the second day at my new school. Anthony Crest High School.
The week flew by faster than you could sing the PB&J song.
I found myself standing in front of Tac’s house. (Tom and Zac).
I was dressed In a red and black cocktail dress. The dress itself was red and had a black band under my breasts. The dress itself came to my mud-thigh and had the top was like a red bikini.
I wore red and black heels. My hair was done black and straight and it rested on my mid-back. I wore my makeup with a thick layer if eyeliner, some mascara and red lip stick.
I knocked on the door again over the loud music.
The door swung open to reveal and lady about 40 years old.
She looked like the twins. The only difference was the eye colour; her eyes were brown while the twins had blue eyes.
“hi, you must be Mrs Clark right?” I asked, slightly unsure of whether I was at the right place.
“yes, you must be Skylar, the boys won’t stop talking about you,” she said.
“awe mum!” yelled Tom and Zac.
I laughed as she opened the door fully.
Walking in the door, I felt the warmness. This was the type of home I should have grown up in.
They had a small two story house on a cosy neighbourhood while I had a 3-4 story mansion in Beverly hills.
“the boys are in the back,” Mr Clark told me.
I made my way towards the back of the house where I could smell burnt sausages and fried chicken frying on the BBQ.
Mr Clark I take it had an apron written ‘sexy chef’ on it and was taking weirdly to the music.
Out the speakers came ‘Pon de replay’ by Rihanna.
I think he’s Mr Clark though.
He looks exactly like the twins, but with longer hair, in a ponytail, he looks older and has wrinkles but he is very muscular. His eyes were blue but slightly darker than the boys’ eyes.
I made my way to the boys who all had their back turned to me.
“um hey guys,” I said as they turned around.
When they had turned around fully their jaws fell to the ground.
“Whoa!” came Elijah’s intelligent reply.
I smirked.
“like what ya’ll see boys?” I asked them.
Saying they were star struck would have been an understatement. These boys were Gobsmacked.
I chuckled lightly to myself.
The guys complimented me on my attire as I complimented them.
They were all dressed in dark jeans and dress shirts.
I take it their mothers dressed them.

Soon lunch was served, I made a hamburger with my patty, tomatoes, onions, cheese and lettuce. I added a bit of mayo and barbeque sauce. To top it off I grabbed a bottle of creaming soda and sat at the table along with the boys.
Their cousins had cancelled on coming. Some big football thing was happening.
How slack. Anyways I had my sleep clothes in the car and now the whole family was seated at the large table.
Mrs Clark introduced me to everyone, from gram-gram and pops to uncle jerry and auntie terry.
I felt like I belonged. Being in a family. I envied the twins. I envied anyone who had a family who actually cared for them. They could always have someone to go to at a time of need while I wouldn’t.
I mean I couldn’t just call my dad off work and I couldn’t just hop on a plane and go to him. It would disturb things.
“so, which one of these boys if yours,” asked auntie Terry.
I almost chocked on my burger when she said that. I took a big gulp of my drink and turned to face her.
“I’m sorry Terry, but none are,” I said.
“oh, I thought maybe one would have snatched you up already, I mean look at you,” I blushed and looked down as all eyes were on me.
“don’t blush sweetie, you’re beautiful, such a beautiful lady like you shouldn’t hide,” uncle jerry said.
Uncle jerry and terry were twins.
I guess the twin genes ran in the family.
Elijah snorted.
“she is nothing but a lady, look at the way she eats,” he laughed.
“what’s wrong with the way I eat, just because I don’t eat a carrot a day and whinge like a prostitute on crack doesn’t make me any different from another girl in the world? Just because you like you ‘women’ in barbie form, all stick and no brains doesn’t mean every girl in the world is gonna be like that.”
He looked taken aback.
Everyone looked taken aback. I guess no one had ever said that to him.
“you tell em sister,” Mr Clark piped in.
I laughed and continued to eat.
Everyone fell into a comfortable silence till we finished eating.
The adults were talking outside so we decided to go inside and hang out.
While the guys watched a movie I went up the stairs and into a music room.
I grabbed a guitar and played the starting solo to the song ‘Rise Up’ by BlessTheFall.
I heard a drum beat kick in and bass then I started singing.
Another guitar came in and I smiled to myself.
Maybe getting the boys to play together to get them to make a band. The song progressed and I have to say; it sounded really good.
When the screaming bit came in I let Elijah scream. Well I screamed too but we did it together.
The song finished and I smiled.
“you guys are way too lazy,” I simply stated as I head for the door and down the stairs where all eyes were on me.
“um hi,” I said.
“dear, was that you singing up there,” terry asked.
“yappers, i’m trying to get the boys to make a band together but they say they’re too lazy,” I simply said as I slouched on the couch.
Soon the boys ran down the stairs. Their faces bright. I had only seen this face a lot of times. It’s when they get a ‘genius’ idea.
“ok spill boys,” I said looking at my nails.
“well we’ve been thinking.” Zac started.
“and we want to start a band, with you as lead singer and Elijah screamer- but you can scream too if you want.” I beamed as I looked at Tom.
“are you for real!” I squealed and hugged the twins. “I would love to.”
“good, because it better than what Elijah suggested.”
Brad said nonchalantly
“what exactly did Elijah say?” I asked.
“well, he was planning to come to your house and kidnap you in your sleep and strap you to the-“I interrupted before he could finish.
“I think I get the idea.” I said.
“how bout we go to my room and talk about this,” Zac suggested.
We all walked up the stairs and walked into a bright orange and black room.
“somebody loves orange,” I said.
“are you kidding?” he asked.
I smiled to myself.
I quickly took off my heels and plopped myself on Zac’s bed.
“before we get into anything serious, I think we need a band name,” I said.
“hmm, how about orange organics,” said brad.
“nah, that was a band on some show called Pugwall’s Summer.”
“ok, how about deathereaper,” piped up Elijah.
“sounds too scary, we would have to sing deathecore or something.
“hmm, I got one, how about the monster in me,” I said.
“I could deal with that,” Elijah said nodding.
“it’s ok but we can keep it, beside we all have monsters in ourselves right?” said brad.
I smiled.
“so its settled then, so what type of music are we gonna play” I asked the gang.
“we could always start with punk and scream covers; we could also make scream covers of rap song and things like that.” I smiled at tom who had come up with the idea.
“thanks tom, that’s exactly what we’ll do.”
“who made you in charge?” asked Elijah.
“no one, no one spoke up so I chose, if you wanted to change anything you could have said.” I told him.
He glared at me playfully and then turned to the band.
“hmm so Tmim shall we go grab our jim-jams?” I asked them.
“tmim?” asked Elijah.
“T for The, M for Monster, I for In and last M for ME,” I said.
“you understand?” I asked them.
They nodded.
I ran down the stair and out to my car where I grabbed my overnight bag.
It consisted of a change of clothes, jammies, underwear, toothbrush and things like that and a pair of swim wear for the beach tomorrow.

Soon we were all slouched on the couches in the lounge room.
Tom, Zac and Brad shared a 3 seater couch in the middle of the room and me and Elijah shared a love seat next to them.
I would have sat in the middle of the twins and brad with Elijah, if Zac and tom hadn’t gone on and did synchronised farting.
You should have seen the amazement on my face when they all came down in their boxers with no shirts on. My mouth hung open for about 2 minutes till tom told me to shut it before flies made a nest in there.
Being it a very hot day in the California sun today, I would have gone to sleep in my underwear but chose not to with all these hormonal teens in here.

Uncle jerry and aunt terry left half an hour ago with gram-gram and pops. Mr and Mrs Clark left at that time to for work. They both work night shifts. I wore orange and black polka dot boxers with which I had pulled up and rolled the top so they fitted perfectly. I don’t know, I always had a knack for sleeping in boxers. I also wore a white tank top that reached just above my belly button, showing a bit of my abs, toned stomach and arms. The shorts showed off my toned legs too.
So now here I am, snuggled up next to Elijah watching Mr Bean’s holiday. Not my choice by the way, we all brought a movie so we could pull a somewhat all-nighter. This movie was chosen by non-other than Zac. It came to the scene when Mr Bean did that dance in the middle of the markets where he had found the little boy.
I couldn’t stop laughing that I fell on the ground, which caused Elijah to fall with me. He landed about a ruler’s length away from me. We couldn’t stop laughing and soon the rest of the boys followed in laughing.
When the movie was over I decided it was time for a break with movies. We had already gone through 2 movies. The first one being Brad’s movie, Never back down 1, which was followed by my movie, Never back down 2. Oh how I love that movie. So the only movie left to watch was Tom’s and that was a Nightmare on Elm Street.
If they expected me to panic and be scared they were way off. I loved horror movies. I watched them all the time and this one was one of my favourites. I must have repeated this movie at least 27 times. So after Mr Bean I turned off the TV and turned on the radio to a random music station which was pumping out great tunes.
I jumped around head-banging and dancing around. The guys just sat there looking at me so I kangaroo-hopped towards them and pulled them up and onto the D-floor as I now put it.
Soon we were all head-banging till a slow song came up. I took that as an opportunity to go and get refreshments. I entered the kitchen and made a bee-line towards the fridge where I pulled out a can of Dr Pepper.
I made my way back to the lounge where the slow song was just about to finish. I chugged down the drink till there was nothing left and cringed as the bubbles hurt my throat. Probably wasn’t a good idea to chug soda huh?
Next thing you know the song had change to a fast pop song. The party rock anthem by LMFAO.
I found myself shuffling along with the guys and singing along loudly. It was a lot of fun, probably the most fun I’ve have in a while. Sure hanging out with the guys was fun, but that was all at school and we didn’t get to do any of this.
I beamed a huge smile towards the boys because I wouldn’t have been this happy if I had never met them. In a way I’m really glad that dad decided to take the job of Justin Bieber’s tour manager and left me here. He probably wouldn’t have wanted me sleeping at a boy’s house. Him and his over-active imagination.
‘Down On Me’ by 50Cent ft. Jeremiah came on. The boys just stood there not knowing what to do but since I was on my second can on Dr Pepper I was hyped. I guess you could say I went psycho because of too much sugar. I started grinding on no one in particular and dancing by myself with my eyes closed. I felt a presence behind me, then a pair of hands. I didn’t care whose hands they belonged to, as long as the person danced with me. I pressed myself up against the person and grinded on them.
Hoots and hollers where head from the rest of the boys. I could just tell who the voices belonged to. Which leave only one person behind me. And that one person would have to Elijah. I didn’t mind though. It was all fun in the end right? I mean it’s not like I have any feelings towards him and it’s not like he holds any towards me.
I’m sure of it.
Anyways the song ended too soon for my liking and was replaced by ‘Sexy and I know it’ by LMFAO.
“IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT!” I screamed out of excitement as my arms flew everywhere and I just danced to the music. I opened my eyed to find the guys dancing too, apart from Elijah who seemed to have disappeared somewhere. I was about to go look for him when he came back with 5cold drinks. I dashed for a can of Dr Pepper but he slapped my hand away and gave me a coke.
“You drink too my DP,” he said smirking.
I glared coldly at him and chugged down my coke. Once again burning my throat and struggling to burp. I tried but it wouldn’t come and if it didn’t I would choke so after long minutes of trying I managed to let out a loud embarrassing burp.
My face flushed pink and I ran out the room and into the laundry where I caught my breathe and thought about it.
Why, oh why did I have to burp so loud? The boys think I’m an embarrassment now; they might not want to hang out with sung an unladylike person.
I wiped the sweat off my brow and casually made my way back to the couch where I said down by Elijah. They had turned off the radio and turned the TV back on.
Tom was putting in the movie and Zac walked in with two bowls of pop-corn.
He handed one bowl to Elijah and took the larger bowl to the couch where the other three boys were seated.
“What a mighty roar you have sky,” Elijah joked.
I slapped his arm and playfully glared at him.
“It’s not my fought the burp would come, I could have died you know,” I said pouting. My arms crossed tightly on my chest showing more cleavage than I wanted.
Elijah’s eyes seemed to find their way to my cleavage and stared.
“My eyes are up here El,” I stated.
“I’m not looking at your eyes,” he smirked.
I turned and looked at the scream.
The movie started at the diner. Where Channing’s scene was coming up.
When he slit his throat the boys expected me to comment or make some sort of response by I didn’t. My eyes were glued to the scream where I watched in excitement.
The boys then turned to the scream.
Well, turns out our ‘all-nighter’ was a complete flop. I fell asleep first with my head on Elijah’s shoulder. Then the rest I don’t know.
I woke up to hushed voices whispering.
“Hurry up and take the picture, she’s starting to wake up,” I heard Brad’s voice.
I heard the click of a camera and a squeal of excitement.
I pretended to be waking up and opened my eyes while yawning.
I tried to move my arms but they were in Elijah’s death grip.
I squirmed and squirmed to no avail so I resorted to licking his cheek.
That woke him up for sure.
He rubbed his check looking at me oddly.
“You did not just lick my cheek,” he stated.
“Maybe, maybe not,” I said playfully.
I jumped up and made my way up the stairs towards the bathroom.

After getting dressed in short denim shorts and a white crop top with a red and black bikini underneath I was ready. Only thing left to do was put on my sandals and follow the boys out to the car.
When we were all done and ready we piled into the band’s van which belonged Tom and Zac and headed off towards Malibu beach.
When we got there I was beyond sweaty and so were the guys.
The window of the van were jammed and it was way hot so as soon as we got out I ran towards a stand and bought a bottle of water which I half drank half drenched myself with.
After I had wet myself I turned back to the guys and walked back to the van where I picked up the rest of my things.
I set my towel down in a nice spot near the shade so I could move when I wanted and stripped down to my bikini. I pulled my shades on and laid there with my iPod in my ears.
The boys decided to go straight into the water so while they were splashing around like little pansies I checked my iPod for possible songs for BOTB-Battle Of The Bands-.
The most appealing to me right now were;

Paramore-Born for this

All Time Low-Dear Maria

Boys Like Girls-Heels over head
And last but not least

Linkin park-new divide
So that was what I thought of, but the boys may want to add in a few songs then we’ll pick.
As I lay there daydreaming about winning I felt myself being picked up by my feet.
I thrashed about till I got free then opened my eyes. In front of me, hands on hips, smirking was Elijah. Oh how that boy annoys me.
I shoved my iPod in my bag and got up.
“What do you want,” I scowled at him.
“You to come and play with us,” he said motioning towards the group who were looking at me expectantly.
“Well, first off you could have just called me instead of dragging me by my feet.”
“We tried to call you but you didn’t hear us,” Tom said.
“Well, since I had earphones in my ears, didn’t you think it would be appropriate to just tap me on the shoulder, and I don’t know, ask me if I wanted to play,” I said glaring at them all.
“So… do you wanna play?” asked a very dim Zac.
“Sure why not,” I replied.
I jumped on Elijah’s back as he walked towards the ocean.
We splashed and played in the water for a while till I got hungry.
My stomach growled at the thought of food.
“Shh, quiet, I’ll feed you soon,” I said looking at it.
“Did you just talk to your belly?” asked brad.
“What’s it to ya,” I snapped back,” I’m hungry alright.”
I walked out the water and towards my bag; I pulled my shorts on and grabbed my wallet.
I headed towards the chips stand and bought a packet of chips and a triple scoop ice-cream cone.
Ok, now is the time for the big decision.
Chips or ice cream first.
I decided to pick the ice-cream first as it might melt.
I sat on my towel licking the ice-cream till a shadow came over me.
I looked up to see who dared do that and squinted towards the sun.
In front of me stood a group of guys, about my age, had the surfer look and probably as much brain capacity as a fish.
“What,” I glared at them.
“Well, we just thought you looked a bit lonely and we-“a guy with long blonde hair started.
“And you what? Huh? Are you accusing me of being a Nigel?” I snapped.
He shifted from left to right uncomfortably under my glare.
His friends behind him snickered.
“What are you laughing at huh pipsqueak?” I asked the short one laughing loudly at Blondie.
“Nothing,” he responded.
“If you don’t mind, I was enjoying the sun before you scared it away, now can you leave me so I can be in peace please?” I said.
They turned and walked away.
Hmm, well that wasn’t so hard. I smiled proudly to myself.
My band came and sat by me with their own ice-cream cones.
“You guys ditched me to be eye raped by a bunch of weirdos,” I complained.
“Well, is our fault though,” tom said.
“If you hadn’t ditched me then that would have happened,” I muttered under my breathe.
We finished up at the beach and went back to the twin’s house.
We hung out for a few more hours then I got in my car and rode off back home.

When I arrived home I got took a log shower to wash the sad that landed in places sand should never be. I got changed into a pair of boy shorts and a white singlet then walked down the stairs to the kitchen. No matter how much food I ate at the party, at the boys’ house or at the beach, I was always going to be hungry.
Looking around the kitchen, I realised that there wasn’t much to eat so I decided to just get some pizza.
While waiting for the pizza to arrive I thought about the song that the band might possibly play. While thinking I let my imagination carry me away to places beyond reality. Places that I knew that I might never get to. Like to the teen music awards, or the Grammy’s. I doubt that this small band would ever make it that big. I mean the competition may have a famous judge but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to win. I know that it’s unhealthy for me to doubt myself, let alone the guys, like that. But you never know what’s going to happen.
I was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock at the door. I take it the pizza dude is here. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed my wallet from the top of the fridge then proceeded to walk to the front door. I peeked through the peep hole to make sure it wasn’t just some creep. Once I got confirmation that it was in fact the pizza boy, I opened the door wide.
“Hey! Pizza time!” I yelled in his face.
“That would be $6.00 please,” he said, laughing at my sudden outburst.
Clearly he finds my weirdness amusing. Some people just don’t, which is why I think that they need a good sense of humour.
I fished the money out of my wallet and handed it to him.
“Would you like a tip?” I asked him, as he was just standing out the front of my door.
“Um, well it’s not really my place to say but if you’re kind enough to give me one then I’ll happily accept it.”
I gave him his tip and he left. So now here I am, watching sweet 16 on MTV. I know I know, you were probably thinking, ‘oh, I thought she didn’t like these kind of shows, because she’s ‘scene’’.
Well, I do like these shows. Even though I am stereotyped as scene/emo/Goth and I do like, no, love rock music, I do not have a stereotype. I am my own person. Bound to no one. Well at least till I’m married. Not that I’d let my husband boss me around or become to over-protective of me. Because you know I won’t.
By the time the show had finished, my pizza was long gone. So was my bottle of cherry doctor pepper. I chucked the box and bottle in the trash can and made my way around the house, checking window and doors to make sure that they were closed and locked. When that was done I lay on my bed. Once again going on a journey with my imagination. I could see me and my band performing on stage at the warped tour with all our favourite bands. Headlining our own tour. Having a world tour. I could see it all. All I needed was for the band to give it all. To completely focus and be really determined. I was going to make this happen. Regardless of their help in this, I would work my hide off on this. I would make sure we won the battle of the bands. And that would involve starting by getting a list of songs that we could choose from and letting the guys vote. The when we have the songs down pat then I’d get on with making some t-shirts. Well maybe not making them, but meeting up with a friend of mine. Antonio Grande. A designer in clothes, interior and an artist.
He would make and design our band shirts that we would distribute for free while we perform, then after we perform, I thought we could maybe sell them for $5.00.
That would help a lot. Then I would have to enlist the help of my good friend Sasha Wall. A photographer. She would take a few photos of us for the shirt and for a band poster which we will also distribute for free along with the shirt.
With that thought I fell into a deep sleep.
The next morning when I woke up, I had a big smile on my face.
I raced to the shower and got dressed in denim high waisted shorts with rips in them. They were also ripped on the bottom and came just under my bottom. On top I wore a black and white Black Veil Brides shirt with a Black Veil Brides red and black hoodie. After putting that on I sat on my vanity and did my hair and makeup. Putting on my piercings and bangles I walked to my closet and grabbed a pair of all black knee high converse. After putting my shoes on and grabbing my bag I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I made a quick bowl of cereal and after gulping it down I ran to my car.
Before I put the car of drive I called Antonio.
“hello?” he asked over the phone.
“hey, tony, how are you?” I asked.
“I’m doing well, business is good, not as good as back in the day but hey, still good,” he responded.
“Well, um, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.”
“Anything for you sweetie.”
“Well, I’m in a band and we’re in a battle of the bands and I was wondering if-“
“I could design shirts and such?” he asked finishing off my question for me.
“Yes,” he replied, my voice sounding hopeful.
“You don’t have to worry, I’ll just need a professional-ish picture of your band and then I’ll do the rest ok?”
“Thanks so much tony, I owe you heaps.”
“Hey, don’t sweat it baby,” he replied, “I have a meeting to attend in a bit so I’ll call you whenever, bye love.”
“Ok bye love you too.”
I hung up the phone and texted Sasha.
Me: Hey Sasha, how are you
Sasha: I’m good, was about to call you though
Me:whats up
Sasha:just wante3d to communicate with you
Me:yeah, anyways I need a huge favour
Sasha: my arms are always open
Me:I need you to take a pic of me and my band and have it printed of a couple hundred posters by next Friday
Sasha:ok, I’ll call you when I can and we’ll schedule
Me: ok :)
Sasha:bye kiddo :)
I put my phone away and started on my drive towards school

After making the calls I drove off towards school.
When I arrived I parked my car and made a bee-line for the guys. I wasn’t going to tell them the news yet, as they might not like it so I just brought out my song list.
We sat in the music room playing the songs on YouTube and picking the ones to be in the top 5. For the audition for the Battle of the bands, we need to play one song. For the competition itself we needed to play 3 songs. That is, if we survived the rounds.
“I think we should play, ‘born for this’ for the audition,” Elijah said, “it’s an easy song for us and we have really good vocals for it. We would get by with it, trust me.”
He folded his arms over his chest and leaned back onto the chair.
“I still vote for ‘heroes’ by all time low,” brad piped in.
“I’m with brad on this one,” tom said.
“But don’t you get it guys?” I crossed my arms over my chest and looked brad., “if we play heroes then the judges would expect us to put on a totally fantastic show at the actual competition. If we choose a semi hard song then they’ll just think of us a normal band.”
“which is why we have to choose ‘heroes’ so that we’ll be at the top of the list, they’ll always be looking out for our band, because of that we’ll be imprinted in their heads and the band to watch out for,” I addressed zac and Elijah who unlike everyone else, wanted to choose born for this. “Other bands will notice the judges keeping their eyes on us, therefore they’ll be intimidated, therefore ruining their confidence and we’ll march up on that stage and rock it. I mean playing heroes on guitar and drums is pretty hard, not many bands and do that, but I’m pretty sure that our band can do it. And we only have about 4 days to get ready for the auditions then a week till the actual comp, we need to get this right, get our name out there, so I was thinking, we practise really hard, pick a few songs and ace the audition, then the judges would think ‘oh, that was unexpected, they were good’ then they’ll talk about us. Which is very good. Our name will get out and regardless of whether we win or not, we’ll play gigs around, get our name out and hope for the best.”
After my mini speech Elijah and zac seemed to be deep in thought.
“I guess you’re right,” Elijah said. “ I’m in.”
Zac nodded his head in agreement and so we skipped homeroom and first period practising.
The walls were soundproof so I didn’t matter much. We planned to practise in the soundproof practise room during lunch and music then head over to the twins’ house for practise.
Having missed homeroom and math we headed to the front office to get late slips and claim to have slept in.
“So you’re telling me, that you all slept in?” asked the annoying administrator.
We all nodded and she just looked at us disapprovingly.
“I’m sorry, I don’t believe you, you’ll have to go back home and get notes from you’re parents.” She sneered.
I slammed my fist on the table and looked her dead in the eye with my most bone chilling glare.
“Listen here you wrinkly bag of leather, I want 5 late slips and I want them now, if you want to continue living that miserable life of yours then you’ll hand them right over within the next two minutes.”
She quickly rummaged through her drawers and pulled out 5 orange slips. She then wrote our names on them, the time of our arrival and then set them on the desk.
I plastered on a fake smile and in a sweet voice said this;
“Now was that so hard?”
We grabbed our slips and head off to second period English.
“Damn, you can be really scary sky.”
That was tom.
I glared at him before speaking again.
“That woman was wasting my time,” I stated.
No more was said after that. We walked into English and handed Ms Loona our slips. We sat in our seats and talked quietly about random things.
When music rolled around we had already chosen the song that we would perform if we got in the main comp.
At band practise at tom and zac’s house I told the band of my promotional plans. They agreed but asked how much it would cost.
“It’s completely free, I know those people.”
“Good,” Elijah said as he sucked on a lollipop.
What a great day huh?

The week proceeded the way it had on Monday. We didn’t skip first period anymore but spent any given free periods and lunches practising. We also practised for hours on end, full out, at the now proclaimed band house. Which might I add, has been changed to my house. We spent all Wednesday afternoon moving everything to the basement of my house and seeing as I live in a mansion, the basement was pretty huge. It was divided into different sections with doors leading into them. When we first moved in, the windows where locked and the shutters were closed, making the room look eerily scary. I never went back in there till today.
The band had been making trips moving the equipment into the basement. After talking to the band about the merch and everything we had done a photo shoot at ‘Wall Studios’ then I took a copy of two of the best photos and gave them to Antonio to put on the shirts.
Today I was meant to go see him, along with the band, so we could tell him what we thought of the shirts. We piled into the van which we named ‘Monster Mobile’ and headed off towards Antonio’s house. When we pulled up at the Beverly Hills mention on Hollywood boulevard Pogo came running out. Pogo being Antonio’s Doberman puppy. For a puppy he was pretty big. At first sight, one might have wet their pants from how intimidating he looked with those big choppers out but I knew pogo from the day we found him. I might have lived in New York but I spent a fair share of time in the L.A scene.
Walking into his house you could tell just how rich he was. His place was almost like mine, expect for the fact that his mansion was pink and black and slightly smaller. I greeted him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He led us down the hallway to his home studio and showed us the shirts. They came in all colours and sizes. There was a picture of the band and in some jagged edgy writing, it was written, ‘The Monster In Me’. I loved the shirts, I could see myself wearing one of these. They also came in tank tops too. I could tell he knew we would choose this design. He already had boxes and boxes of the stuff. The picture on the front had me up front. Behind me and a bit to the side, so they could be seen, stood the rest of the band. The twins being the closet then Elijah on my left and brad on my right. We were all dressed in black and red. Which I thought was pretty cool. I had heavy eyeliner on and the boys had a little bit of guy liner. Some of the shirts had a different design, which would be the giveaways, as me and Antonio discussed. They were a bit cute, had us looking like monsters and in cute bubble writing , our band name.
I thanked tony and the band grabbed the boxes.
The rest of the week was spent working our butts off. We got all the songs down perfectly, even the ones for the actual contest itself.
When Friday finally rolled up, I was beyond nervous, but tried not to show it. We skipped on school the whole day and hung out at my house, getting ready and practising. The auditions would be held at the school auditorium at 5:30pm so we had a fair bit to go.
Time flew by, and slipped through our fingers. I got dressed in ripped black skinny jeans and white tank top which I cut to above my belly button. The top had red splats of fake blood and to top that off I pulled on a pair of black dr marten boots. when I was done getting dressed, I sat at my vanity and applied some heavy eyeliner, mascara and crimson red lip stick. I teased my hair a bit and straightened it so it looked awesome. The boys walked into my room after a while, all dressed in white or black skinny jeans, skater hats, red or white shirts and DC shoes. They had a little bit of guy liner on and their hair straight.
We were so ready to win.
We pulled up at the school and grabbed out instruments, the drums we left at home because we wouldn’t need to bring them. The school had drums and it would get annoying having to stop and change drum sets.
I opened the door of backstage and was met with the smell of sweat and fresh adrenaline. We were ready for this, we trained for it. And I sure as heck wasn’t going to lose

Walking into the auditorium, I could feel the butterflies, ravaging my insides. I walked over to the sign up table to see when my band would be up and luckily we were last. Now we can spy on the other bands on stage and see how they are going to do. Elijah had gone back to the van and parked it round to the back so we could easily get our equipment.
A few good bands performed but nothing as good as ‘The Monster In Me’. I clutched onto the silver chordless mic standing side-stage. The boys held their guitars while Tom held onto his drumsticks. We were all listening to the song in our own iPod, me silently singing along, Elijah and Zac playing the song silently, brad plucking his bass guitar and tom’s sticks flying everywhere as he tried to get the beat going.
“AND NOW, ‘THE MONSTER IN ME’,” JJ yelled. the boys went out and plugged in their instruments while tom adjusted the drums to the way he likes it. When they had their things ready, I made my way on stage. Elijah was playing a weird, epic solo he had made up.
“Not gonna miss you when you’re dead and gone,” I started. The drums and guitar came on and we started jamming.
“not gonna think about you over and over again,” I continued.
Seems like most of the crowd knew this song as they were singing along, but not loud enough to override us. This feeling was so indescribable. If I could describe it in one word. It would be. Pure bliss. Full stop.
As the song drew near the middle, the crowd was up off their seats jumping and ‘dancing’. The judges seemed to be enjoying this too. As I looked at all their faces I noticed that they were truly amazed. Jake gave me the thumbs up while JJ just smiled and winked.
I grinned widely as I made my way off stage.
The crowd was great, they even insisted on an encore, which we gladly gave them, of course with the ‘ok’ from the judges.
The bands back-stage were gobsmacked too. Some congratulated us while glared. Jealous people.
While the judges were evaluating the bands that would be eligible to get into state battle of the bands, I chugged down my bottle of Dr Pepper. The boys were at the van, getting the merch stuff and started distributing to the audience. I gotta say, we were well prepared. Elijah chucked me a box full of the white t-shirts, the free ones, and headed off with the posters and hats.
“hey, thanks for coming to the comp, please vote for us, oh! And please here,” I handed the blonde haired scene boy a t-shirt. He nodded and ran off to his friends who came to me and said they liked my band and wanted a shirt.
So far we gave away heaps of the free shirts and after the winner is decided we will start selling the black and colourful shirts.
“ok! Can I please have all the competing bands on stage?” Mrs Huiha said excitedly.
We all filed on stage silently and nervously. My band was in the middle. Me front and centre, Elijah on my right, brad on my left, tom on Elijah’s right and Zac on brad’s left.
“ok, so first off I would like to say that all the bands were FANTASTIC!!,” Mr johns yelled. “but, unfortunately we can only pick one winner.”
“without further due, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS TO!!!!!!!!! THE MONSTER IN ME, wow guys, you blew us away, you chose a really good song to start off with ad you’re just over all really good. We hope you represent our state very well, and kick some a- behind!!” Jake yelled.
I screamed and jumped up and down as I ran down to the judges.
“OMO!!” I yelled in Korean, “I can’t believe we actually won!!”
The boys picked me up from behind.
“whooooooopp!! Whooppp!!” yelled Elijah.
I can’t believe we actually won. This is awesome.
We were on our way to the state final for this comp. if we won then we would be on our way to the big time.
After a long-ish conversation with the judges on our expectations and stuff, we headed back to the van and parked it at the front of the auditorium. We set up merch and started selling. This is what I live for. The High.

The next day was filled with full on practising, just getting a few songs perfect to make sure that we win.
The routine for the next week was like this;

Get up

Take shower

Get dressed and do make up


Get in car and go to school

Do school

Go home with the boys

Practise till about 7:30

Order pizza while writing songs

Boys go home and I go to sleep
You could actually imagine how tired I was after a long hard day’s work. Never knew how hard it would be to be in a ‘Battle Of The Bands’. Watching it in the movies, I always thought t would be really easy and the main characters win. But in this case, I’m not so sure. I watched the other bands from different states on YouTube. They were really good, but we were in the top few, but that still meant we need to step up our game a bit just to be on top.
Currently I’m lounging around on a couch, eating a bit of left over pizza I hid in the kitchen so the boys wouldn’t get it. Practise finished about 3 mins ago and the boys are gone, apart from Elijah. You could say me and him are the leaders of the group. Him because he has great leadership qualities and always stays positive and me because I obviously sing lead, I do the bookings and merch, so I think I deserve a bit of gratitude.
Elijah sat across from me.
“E?” I asked him.
“yeh sky?” he replied.
“ do you think we’ll win?” I asked, a lot of doubt in my voice.
I used to be a lot more positive till the tiring hours came, sometimes we would practise till late in the night.
“ don’t worry kid, we’ll make it. If we don’t win, then we should at least make sure we make it into the Grand final 2.”
“I guess. It just… I don’t want to raise their hopes up real high just to flop, do you know how big the crowd will be on Saturday?” I asked, I turned and looked at him. “they have never played in front of a crowd that big, what if they get stage fright, I never thought I’d be the one to be doubting us but I’m just not so sure anymore.”
“it’s going to be fine ok? You know as the Koreans say ‘Hwaiting’ which means…?” he asked, waiting for me to finish.
“Fighting,” I sighed.
He got up and picked up his backpack.
“I’ll see you at tomorrow’s practise.”
“we have a fitting tomorrow during lunch ok?”
He nodded his head as he walked out the door.
I sighed as I shoved the last bit of pizza in my mouth then got changed and locked all the doors and windows.
I kneeled down before my bed and prayed for my band. Prayed for me and the boys. Prayed that we would win, or at least make the grand 2.
I said a quick amen then crawled in between my bed sheets.

The next day I went to school, a few bags under my eyes. Even though I had prayed the night before, I just couldn’t get to sleep. I still worried over the band.
“Whoa, the bride of Frankenstein in here,” joked Zac.
“Shut it Zac, I couldn’t sleep alright?” I snapped.
“Chill Sky, he was just joking,” said Tom.
“I know, I’ve just not been sleeping well lately.”

Listening to ‘Set The World On Fire’ by the BLACK VEIL BRIDES, in science I started to get back to my positive state. I thought about it. This isn’t just about winning a competition. This is about the beauty of being in a band. Besides even if we don’t win, we still got a lot of publicity. I bet if we weren’t on a contract then it wouldn’t be a problem for us to go up to Epitaph records and ask them for a deal. Ronnie Radke did post on twitter that he liked our band and that his manager likes our stuff.
‘we’re the rebels and we’re free……now the world belongs to me,” Andy sang through my earphones.
The lunch bell rang and me and the gang practically bolted out of the door and towards ‘Wall Studios’ where Antonio and Sasha work as business partners.
After the long photo shoot we headed home.
Since we were tired, there was no point in going back to school. Besides it was about 15 minutes till the after school bell went.
Though we were tired, we decided that we could use this time to practise.
“Alright guys, I have the Official line up ok?” I told them.
“with the help of E, we have decided that to start off we should do ‘Hello Brooklyn’ BY ALL TIME LOW then continue on with ‘The Great Escape’ by BOYS LIKE GIRLS then we can finish off with ‘Crush’ by PARAMORE. What do you guys think, I mean it’s not as good as heroes but it’s still some pretty good songs and we can tweak them here and there till they sound just like us.”
“I like it,” brad said.
The others agreed so we set on working on them.
The whole week we worked hard, even skipped two days of school just to get everything just right.
Sometimes we would just practise till really late at night and the guys would crash at my place then I’d wake them up the next day and we’d carry on from the night before.
Everything went really well. We added some new riffs and just Monsterised the song to the way we think it would best represent out little band.
Even though me and E were the leader, sometimes we just couldn’t be able to book a gig were we could play different songs.
That’s when it came to me that we needed a manager.
He was just three years older than us making him 18 and an adult.
His brother had gone to law school and had taught Sean a lot of things so that Sean could one day be able to get into law.
“Hello?” his voice asked over the phone.
I had talked it through with the others about getting a manager and they didn’t mind having Sean as ours.
“Hey Sean, I got a favour to ask you.”
“Mmk, what is it?” he asked.
“well, do you want to be my band’s manager, the stress is getting to me and E and its two days till the gig and we just need one and I thought since your brother taught you a bit about law and you really wanna come see me then you could live with me,” I rambled.
“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow night when I get there.”
“WHAT! Really, you’ll do it on such short notice?!” I asked.
“Mhm, my mom was about to kick me out anyways, so I figured, be a manager and come live with you. Easy life for both you AND me.”
“Alright, see you then.”
I smiled as I hung up the phone.

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