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Shadow Sister

December 19, 2010
By tracey217 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
tracey217 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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This is a story about a girl named Holly who lived a tragic life in Irvington, New Jersey with her mom, step-dad and brother Christopher. Her mom was constantly abused by her step-dad Steve. And no matter the amount of times Holly's mom tried to get rid of him she always took him back.She was 18 when she finally realized that it was necessary to move out an go to New York City where her brother, her friend Christina and herself could live an amazing life full of independence. Along the way she thought that everything was going to be perfect and that there was going to be a possibiilty of even opening up a coffee shop in Manhattan with her Christopher.
Altough after a few unpredictables twists of fate, Holly's life turns into a life full illegal actions.

Tags: Family

Tracey R.

Shadow Sister

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