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March 8, 2018
By Katachi, Darlington, South Carolina
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Katachi, Darlington, South Carolina
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My name is katachi. I am currently 14 and my life is good. If you call socially awkward good then go ahead. I never thought I could lose everything in a couple of hours but I did. I dont have good luck like most rich kids, so I couldn’t get expensive tickets to my favorite band concerts. But one day I was going to my favorite manga store and was offered a ticket to a band called YouLose. The man said they were a good band and I should have the ticket, So like an ordinary teenager would do I took it without hesitation. I rushed home and went in the door. “Are you home mom?” I asked. She responded and I quickly went into the kitchen. “Look what I got mom,” I said. She looked at it and snatched it “Where the hell did you get this?”. “I got it from a man,” “he said thier a good band and I should have it.” I would tell her. She gave it back and said, “Well you can go if your room is clean.” I got my room clean and got ready to go. I would kiss her goodbye and go out the door. I was on my way.

I’ve never gotten an opportunity like this before. Im so exited! I ran, Faster and faster. The streets were crowded and I was bumping into people, But I didn't care because I had an opportunity to feel something. I arrived at the center where the band was at. "Whoa!" I said in excitement. There were over 100 people there! "This band must be really good" I thought to myself. I swear it was hours before I got in. When I got in I was seated beside someone with a hood on. "Aren't you hot?" I asked. The person looked at me and took their hood off. "It's not that hot in here" she snapped. I would jump as she snapped. "I was just asking" I replied. She shook her head and stared at me. "My name is Katachi" I said while looking at her. " Mine is Asuki" She told me. I never really got an opportunity to talk to a girl like this. I blatantly said “Can we be friends?”. “Sure, Whatever” She said. We settled down as the concert was about to start. “Are you ready?!” A voice came from the speakers. The crowd rumbled. People screaming in excitement. The concert started normally and played their first song. You can see the people waving their hands to the music. I started to wave my hands with them and so did Asuki. Out of nowhere there was a loud ear piercing screech. After a few minutes I passed out. Where am I? How did this happen? I didn't know where I was or where Asuki was. Where will we be when we wake? I don't know.

I gasped for air. It felt like I was drowning. I could hear screams of the people in shock. I can smell salt water in the air and the ground I was on felt like sand. The sun blaring on my skin burned. I got up and looked around. “I can't see her anywhere” I said. I started walking around to try to find her. “Oh god” I gasped in terror. She was lying on the ground with a guy next to her. “Leave me alone!” She screamed as she got up. “Whats wrong pretty thing?”The thug said. He then hit her to the ground and jumped on her. He ripped her shirt and tore off her bra. He started groping her. Anger filled in my heart. I pulled out my pocket knife that I took everywhere and charged at him. “You mother f*er. Get off of her!” I screamed. The knife hit with force and blood dripped from the wound. “Little bitch had a lover,” He laughed while pulling the knife out. “You think that will stop me?” He said and laughed. He charged at me with the knife. Out of nowhere everything froze. “What the hell?” I screamed. I would take the knife and stab him. Everything unfroze after I stabbed him. “What are you?” He screamed. He fell to the ground, blood staining the sand. I ran to Asuki and asked “Are you ok?” . “Yeah I'm fine but what just happened?” She responded. “I don't know” I said while helping her up. We walked back to where the people were. I was still holding her hand. Ive never really held a girls hand so It felt good. We sat down and waited for something to happen. Hours passed and suddenly the screech came again this time in a blink of an eye we were all in a dark place. A light suddenly flicked on and we saw a person. The figure started to talk “ Hello, You all are here because you all were chosen. You all have hidden talents, talents as in powers.” Panic started filling the room. He would continue, “Some of you have discovered your talent and have used it. If you have used your talent please stand.” I stood up along with a couple others. He started talking again, “You 15 people have rare, legendary talents and will become team leaders. You may choose your members now”. I quickly got Asuki to stand and went to see if anyone was available. “Excuse me can I be part of your team?” A voice came behind me. I turned to see a boy, about 10 years old. “Sure little guy whats your name?” I asked. “Akihiko” he said. I shook his hand and introduced myself. We walked around and found one more person. Her name was vex. The figure starts to talk again, “When I call your ability bring your team forth.” “Time” Our team walked to the figure. “Your team is strong in fact the strongest. Use your power to your advantage. This mark will show how strong you are.” A mark was placed on our forehead and was displayed in the air like a hologram. It was a clock but there were no hands and it looked broken. The rest of the teams were called. There was Speed, Invisibility, Teleportation, Requip, Deadeye, Mind Control, X-ray, Ghost, Pyromaniac, Flight, Water, Electricity, Nature, and Telekinesis. He started speaking one last time, “You may be wondering why your here. You are here to survive, you are here to play some games. But there is a twist, If you lose a game, you die. This is a test of the survival of the fittest. Your teammates will discover their talents over time with training. Your team leaders are responsible for your survival so they will have to train you. Here is something to start you off”. As he finished talking a chest appeared below my feet and he disappeared. People were in shock and some took in the shock and took action. The loud screech happened again and this time we passed out. This again, why. Where are we going now? We were going somewhere again.

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