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Bullying is a huge problem in schools these days. It’s not just in schools, but online and any place where you can be physically, emotionally, or mentally abused. In my opinion, I think bullying should stop. There are many types of bullying. They include cyber-bullying which can be mentally and socially, physical abuse like hurting someone, and Emotionally like calling someone names or spreading rumors.
Let me tell you about the first type of bullying: Mentally and Socially- Cyber-Bulling. Most of the cyber-bullying start on social networking sights, such as MySpace or Facebook. This can include sending a message to someone calling them names or telling them to do something like kill them self. Also cyber-bullying can be posting a picture of someone and spreading rumors through private chats so you don’t know who they told and what they said to that person. The best way to prevent this is to take a picture of any messages and tell an adult. Whether it’s you guidance counselor at school, or you parents, you need to tell them as soon as this starts.
Another type is: Physical Abuse. This can include pushing someone up against a locker, beating them up, or even showing them what you bullies are about. No, never let that happen to you. Tell an adult about this so they can do something. It is mandatory that you tell them so they can do something before anything else starts between the victim and the bully. Never try and walk away. Adults have been telling you that for years, but it only makes things worse.
One last type is: Emotion abuse. This is sort of like Mental abuse. It is caused from things from your past possibly, or the things you have been posted. You never want to post things you don’t want anyone else to see and share. Bullies can easily snapshot things and spread them telling people something that is totally not true or just hurtful. For Example, if you posted a picture of yourself on Facebook. Someone can easily comment on that, “ Your Ugly!”. Also someone could look at you and comment, “ See what I mean people? She is currently pregnant.” That could all be lies! It all starts with a single word. That word is “ Me”.
In my opinion, I think bullying should be stopped. I have seen bullying around my school and have reported it to my guidance counselor who got everything settled. People need to think about what bullying can lead to. If someone gets upset they could commit suicide due to depression. Some cut themselves because of people that are bullying them. So, seriously, let’s stop all this bullying and spread the word to get the news over the world.

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