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The Bully Behind the Screen

April 20, 2012
By KerryG BRONZE, Albany, New York
KerryG BRONZE, Albany, New York
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Imagine this, your having the best day at school nothing could put you down, well that’s what you thought. You come home to your laptop logged on to face book where that same person last week had chatted you and now is commenting on your photo mean, nasty comments. Would you want this to happen to you?

Cyber bullying is when someone repeatedly targets you in a negative manner. Cyber bullying puts many people down, they feel so bad about themselves they commit suicide. No one should have to feel this way about them selves. Cyber bullying needs to stop.
Some people think its not a big deal because its not in person its on a computer but online can actually be worse; the bully doesn’t stop because the person their bullying
doesn’t know its them behind the screen it could be any one. They also think they will never get caught, but that’s not true. Law enforcement officials can trace back anything you do online or cell phone back to you.

Another reason kids cyber bully is because they think their not going to get in trouble. Depending on the circumstances bullies may face suspension, expulsion or other at school.

Over one in three young people have experienced cyber threats online, this needs to stop! If you are angry don’t take it out online, what if that was you.

Think before you type.

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