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The Beginning of a Thought

June 14, 2011
By Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
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"A beautiful person doesn't have to tell you they're beautiful, you'll see it." ~Me

Of all the comedies or tragedies, that I have ever known, my life seems to be the funniest and the saddest. The very situations that make me laugh and cry seem to be the reason that I find myself making what i consider to be the hardest decision of my life. For some ,the decision would be a simple one, but I feel forced, pushed and pulled to choose one over another.A way to put it would be it's a choice between a death in fire or a life in ice. Yet my predicament is a serious one, and it is almost time for me to choose, yet there you are, knowing nothing of me, not even my name, so I guess we should start somewhere near the beginning...

The author's comments:
This was just an idea, that struck me so it got wrote down, I'm hoping it gets some positive feedback, and I'll hopefully write a story to go with it.

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