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Ace Kills People

January 13, 2009
By Sam Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
Sam Barsketis SILVER, Park City, Utah
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He woke up beside a tree. The moon was high in the brisk night sky with a comforting glow. The young man, now heaving for precious air, was not in a comforting mood though. Everything happened too fast for his comfort, in fact. The blood still dripped from the metallic blade in his hand as he lay there behind a tall, dark tree. His heart was racing as fast as his mind. It was obvious now, to him, that this was a foolish idea. The screams from the town’s people echoed in the distance, and so did his sanity. That thought made his blood boil; he was insane and he was very aware of it.
You see, the young man lost his sanity back in the old woman’s room where she, most likely, still lay in the bloody mess he left her in. He has killed the old woman unwillingly and in pure…evil? No, he thought, it wasn’t evil. It was Tom. The young man’s head started to ring. He wasn’t supposed to think against Tom. The world started to shift side ways and the moon turned off as if a lantern was being blown out.

Ace, I warned you. We can do this all week if you keep this up. See you soon.

He sprang forward. The young man was on the ground with blood and dirt splattered all over his clothes. The very familiar rusty, blood stained blade lay beside him on the stone ground. “Leave me alone!” he yelled. He was still not sure whom he was yelling at, even after all this time.

I’m not the one that made this decision, Ace. Now if you want to stop this, just say the words you know so damn well!

Ace, the young man, couldn’t let this happen. Those words are too inhuman, too evil. “Just let me be! I never agreed to this! You tricked me, and I am merely just a mortal still. It’s not too late!”

You never learn, kid. Suit yourself. How about one more, shall we?

He broke through the surface of the water, gasping and sputtering for air. He was in some kind of tall, red room. There was about three or four inches of water that filled the room. The water was tainted a dark, maroon color; blood. The sun shined through the long draping curtains that were partly torn and had obvious signs of struggle strewn across them. Something was shining under the murky water as Ace looked down. He reached his scarred hand under the water and picked up a rusty knife that he began to become best friends with. He also noticed hair floating and waving in the water. His breath caught in his throat as he noticed the floating corps scattered around him by the numbers. Each one of them had several stab wounds and blood still spewed out of the deep, horrific cuts from, most likely, the rusty knife. Ace knew now that there was only one thing to change this all. He cleared his throat and inhaled a deep breath and said the words that he so deeply avoided…

“For the God’s of Delran, I give you, Thomson Stillegade, my soul and self being. I am your servant of the heart, mind, and body. Hail you, Thomson, for I am under your total and utter control.”

From that point on, Ace’s life was never the same.

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