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By IamAlexzandra BRONZE
Kings Mountain, North Carolina

Leaving the sliding glass door ajar, I leaned over the lumber porch, stained Kona and chipping slightly, it was facing towards the forest adjacent to the picnic table and flower be...
IamAlexzandra BRONZE, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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“Isn't all that rage so ugly? And isn't it mine, still? Good God, isn't it mine?”
― Ashe Vernon

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By MaddieLee06 BRONZE
Louisville, Kentucky
MaddieLee06 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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“The secret to a happiness is a small ego. And a big wallet. --- But that's not really a secret, is it?”
― Robert Louis Stevenson, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous

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Kent, Ohio

[BELLA and EDWARD are onstage. EDWARD is staring over his shoulder like a creeper at BELLA.] BELLA: Are you a vampire? EDWARD: No! Yes... [BELLA whirls...
LucyM BRONZE, Kent, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
90% of my happiness is coming from my pants.

Alright, alright, sorry, inside joke. Okay how about: "If you give a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day; if you set a man on fire, he'll be warm for the rest of his life." -Terry Pratchett.

SamanthaS BRONZE, Encino, California
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By Anonymous
Opulence MAG
Kalamazoo, Michigan
AquaGem SILVER, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There's just too much fraternizing with the enemy. ~Henry Kissinger

Life it too short to let you matter.

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