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A Letter From The Desk of Vincent Van Gogh

June 15, 2011
By Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
Mosheimh SILVER, Mosheim, Tennessee
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As I sat in the fields overlooking the town, all I could do was think of her. As I thought, I fell into my waking dreams, in them the stars became her eyes shining with the brightness of 10,000 suns. The trees and grass became her long silky hair. And when I saw the moon, I knew I was looking into the face of my angel that had died that very day.
It was a sunny summer day when my sad tale begins. I was engaged to marry Verona, the love of my life, this was in fact our wedding day, but fate saw fit to make her wedding bed her death bed. I had awoken early to make preparations for our wedding which was to be held at sunset. I made my way through the streets of Cappell to the baker’s shop that was to be preparing the food for my wedding. After making sure that everything there was in order, I proceeded to the chapel to make sure everything was under way. I found some complications, so by the time I got those worked out, it was well past noon, and I decided to go home and lie down. And so I did, I slept well past the time for me to get ready. As I rushed to the church, I was excited to see my fair Verona, for I had not seen her all day. But I made it to the church and found something amiss. I ran up and demanded to know what had happened and so I was told the story of Verona’s demise:
She had asked to be alone to pray before the ceremony, so she had went to the bell tower the only place in the church with no one there. But as she was there, fate saw fit to have the rope snap and the bell crush my lovely Verona.
So as I mourned that night in the fields alone, I drew what I saw, that which was my fair Verona, and then so as to never hear those bells again, I chopped off my ear.

Vincent Van Gogh

The author's comments:
This was a writing assignment, we had to look at "Starry Night" by Van Gogh and then right a story about the painting in 15 min. This is what I got :)

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