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British Brawl 2

February 10, 2009
By Nick Grams BRONZE, Cashmere, Washington
Nick Grams BRONZE, Cashmere, Washington
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Hey we all remember the story of are favorite British general Stephens Mceyepatch, his sidekick private Scurvy, and there robot friend Cody well after they had went there separate ways Mceyepatch hung up his harpoon gun that once helped him take down the evil Jewish genius Gyro Sugarshaker anyways he settled down and had a family. But for private Scurvy he took Stephens place as a great British general. And Cody went on to pursue his dream in ballet. Britain was a safe and civil but little did are three hero's know Britain was in great danger and would soon need help from its three hero's.

It was a sunny calm day in Great Britain but that was all about to change because little did they know Gyro Sugarshaker wasn't really died he had survived, and was planning an attack on Britain but this time it was much, much worse because he was secretly building an army but not of people no something more dangerous lawn gnomes this would surely be the end to great Britain's power unless the three hero's could somehow find a way to stop these terrifying gnomes before Britain's time was over a great task at hand a very challenging task I might add lets begin.

So one day Mceyepatch was on his way to the fish market when he happened to pass the ballet studio and Cody saw his old friend so they met up and talked for while and it was after this talk they had decided to meet with their old war buddy scurvy or general scurvy and the few talked for then Mceyepatch brought up the last war they had fought together which remind them that were a great team and talked about possibly opened there own agency but they weren't entirely sure on the idea and dropped it there. Well it was a beautiful sunny day and we find the trio enjoying a great and exciting game of cricket which was all their favorite sport and they got news the ballet studios was attacked and destroyed by something unidentified they all thought to them self's Gyro Sugarshaker.

After this hazard they decided they would work together again and this time they would finish the job. They quickly made there way to the ballet studio where Cody was a star but his fame quickly went up in flames and know they only thing he wanted to do was get his revenge and this he would certainly do but first the three went for ice cream and after that they went to bed and in the morning Mceyepatch and brought out his harpoon gun this time it would do it's job. So the three met up in the morning and were drinking coffee and another mysterious thing happened but this time there favorite place the ice cream shop was destroyed no sign of anything something is going on but what thought scurvy so the three hero's decided to meet up but they had nowhere to meet so they had to meet at the coffee shop when suddenly they got horrifying news the coffee shop was blown up there was nothing they had to call in expert detective scurvy met in the British armed forces his name was Brock this smart detective was there only hope.

Now with there newly found hope they went to the one place they knew they talk Cody's house which wasn't there best idea ever because Cody still lived with his mom and when they got there his mom started yelling at him because he left some cereal in his bowl that morning and threw it away. So as punishment he had to take a timeout and put his nose on the wall. So we ditched his because wanted him to walk the cats. After that no one ever wanted to go to his house and that settled that and they met up at Brock's office he said he had good idea on what was Britain attacking apparently what's been causing all this terror was an army of land gnomes they were coming form an evil genius this had to be Gyro and if he would stop at nothing to destroy Britain.

The three sprung into action on there to town square after hearing news that the library was destroyed and on there way there they were to late these things work quick thought Mceyepatch and then one of the theme songs from star wars episode four a new hope was playing you the one at the beginning where Luke is standing on a sand crater and stairs at the sky well after that Mceyepatch turned around and said
'Jon Williams and the London symphony orchestra everybody' then at that second the orchestra was blown up

'JON WILLIAMS' shouted out Mceyepatch but it was to late he was dead.
'Great now we have to this thing with Danny Elfman' Mceyepatch
. Traumatized by the loss of his friend Jon Williams Mceyepatch sprang into action and attacked the gnomes that were drop out of an aircraft but they were to strong for him he had no chance but out of nowhere detective Brock saved him by pushing him out of the way. This was it they decided to leave to London. As they were playing cards in the helicopter they had noticed f-16's flying by the helicopter they said to land because it was a restricted air zone they turned to scurvy and said tell them to stop but he said that those are not British pilots.

It had turned out they had a giant GS which could only mean one thing Gyro Sugarshaker this was terrible he had taken over Britain. They ended up having to land in a small European village called wannarebel the town was a calm community who was secretly building a rebellion this was the last chance they but they would have to stay here for a while and get to know the people they were fight with. They had just woke up from there first night here in wannarebel to here a loud screech from some sort of animal I cant believe thought Mceyepatch for out of the trees came a flying lemur but at that instant second the lemur came crashing down he had been struck by a blow dart no shouted Mceyepatch he raced quickly to find it was his lemur this was the saddest moment of his life except for that one time when that one lady subway messed up his subway sandwich but still this lemur thing was up come to think of it this lemur never did a name bob that might be a cool name or jerry like jerry Seinfeld I always did love that show crammer is pretty funny and George to, but still this lemur was hurt bad and they rushed him to a hospital and he was treated to there full ability. Stephens Mceyepatch called out the nurse he went back he was lemur was fine and healthy. But Mceyepatch had noticed a small paper attached to his leg and read it had read dear Mceyepatch I have your family and if your reading this your probably know I'm not dead but anyways yeah the family thing you have one month to save them or I will beat them to death with a sponge not really could you imagine if I was like no I will probably just shoot them to moon or something sincerely, Gyro Sugarshaker.

This is terrible said Mceyepatch he has my family who, who has your family Gyro does, wait where's Brock he was just here. It turns out he had left to investigate the village. We have to get out of here he said there here who, Gyro what how did they find us I, I don't know but they did quickly they left with an army. This time the three hero's and the rebels of wannarebel were going to take back Britain after they stopped at subway, there was a loud shout NO what is wrong Mceyepatch they, they what, what happened, they messed up my subway again, No my god said Scurvy they ran as fast as they could. So on they way back they ran into some F-16's so Cody put his head out the window and shot his robot arm cannon thing at them and took one down. Its ok I know some maneuvers well lose em said Brock he turned it to the right a little bit, that was your maneuver all you did was turn to the right said Mceyepatch, well were not in the same spot as we were that ought a confuse em. It turns out they had lost the F-16's wow I can't believe that worked that actually worked its not even a maneuver said Mceyepatch.

Now the time has finally come they were outside London's border and were ready to attack but first they would finish there taco's, They decided they were going to attack in the morning cause they were afraid they were going see a spider and spider's are just plain creepy and so they slept underneath the stars till the invasion began. It was dawn the time to attack was now but after there game of Simon say's so now they would attack they started running but then realized they had no attack plan so they spent another night there morning came now they were ready this was it Charge said Mceyepatch they ran taking out every archer that Gyro had but suddenly Mceyepatch was about to be shot by an arrow but Brock took the arrow no said Mceyepatch rushing over, Brock was hurt bad, medic shouted Mceyepatch dude um we left the medic behind, um why cause he was afraid, so that doesn't mean you leave him behind, well sorry. Ok so we have no medic, no, ok well what do we do about Brock, I don't know leave him, just go put him at the base, ok.

Out of nowhere came the lawn gnomes and attacked Mceyepatch this was it the only chance to take back Britain the lawn gnomes were terrible little guys this was no small task. Mceyepatch stood up staggering around and then out of nowhere Cody shot the gnomes leaving none left. Finally we did it we took some gnomes out of this fight said Cody, Yes said Mceyepatch we took some but there's still one hundred waves left and there stronger each time we cant do this without Brock and we cant do it tonight come on lets go maybe Brock will be fine in the morning. And they were partly right Brock was okay but he was in no condition to fight against the lawn gnomes. This was terrible there was no way they could take down the lawn gnomes without Brock. What are we going to do they thought.

It was morning time now and they had to fight the lawn gnomes now or lose Great Britain forever. They were all ready to fight now as the F-16 pilots suited up to attack Gyros evil army of lawn gnomes this was it the moment we've all been waiting for the final battle right after we stop at taco bell. Now that they eaten they were ready to fight the evil lawn gnomes once and for all. They had arrived now and it was time to do the fight that would end all of this. As they landed they ran after the gnomes and Cody stayed back and decided he would just snipe them as Mceyepatch and Scurvy would lead the ground attack against the gnomes. The time was now they charged at the gnomes yelling and screaming they were cramping from the tacos but they pushed the battle went into the night slowly there were losing it look as if it was over but then with the air strike came Brock they had bombed them leaving barley any gnomes so Mceyepatch led the last attack to victory as they noticed Gyro had left they had recaptured Britain but only to have it's freedom challenged later on they would rebuild Britain slowly butstronger.

The End

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