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Citizens Rebel Tax On Whiskey--Attack Tax Collector

March 19, 2009
By firstsnowfalls DIAMOND, Marcellus, New York
firstsnowfalls DIAMOND, Marcellus, New York
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Nearly twenty years after the Revolutionary War began, our government faces a small –scale uprising of its own. As in the Revolution, taxes in our Nation are a central issue. As many citizens rebel, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton believes that stamping out this rebellion is crucial to the well being of The United States. When Congress instituted Hamilton’s proposition of an excise tax on whiskey and other distilled spirits, many distillers, especially in the west, were angered. Some proved very hostile to the idea. Now, many are rebelling.

Some violent rebels have even burned houses, and fought the government in many aspects. Yesterday, the Mingo Creek Militia surrounded and attacked the home of John Neville, the local excise tax collector. He and his family were evacuated. However, in the end, the rebels burned the house to the ground. Many citizens fear these violent rebels. One, when asked by reporters, stated, “The rebels do not look around. They just shoot. They seem not to care if they hurt innocent by-standers in the process.” Another complained of the burnings of public officials by rebels.

Some citizens side with the rebels, but do not show it in public for fear of being arrested. One man commented, “It is as if our government’s Revolutionary ideas about rights, and their opposition to taxation have completely disappeared. I feel almost as though we are once again living under British rule.” Many think that unless the government takes action, and puts down this rebellion, they will lose respect and set a precedent that this sort of behavior is acceptable.

There are, however, many moderate rebels who follow Revolutionary tradition. They hang and burn public officials in effigy, and raise liberty poles. It is these people that create the largest problem for the government. As one citizen stated “Why couldn't the people rebel if they were not happy with their government? Was that not our policy? If the government does not protect the rights of the people, the people have the right to rebel and form a new government. What, I might ask, have they done wrong?”

That, most say, is the question that the United States Government must answer. In order to have the respect of the American people, they must show that this is not acceptable. Currently, there is talk that the government is preparing to enter battle and put down the rebellion. Hamilton is advocating for the use of military force, but George Washington disagrees. He has state militias on the ready and is sending in negotiators. As rumors fly, red hot rebels are beginning to cool down…

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