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The Heist

October 18, 2017
By mwissler BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
mwissler BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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The day had come. All of the particulars had been laid out very carefully. We were about to heist the largest diamond in the world.
It would not be easy. The diamond was protected by a state-of-the art security system. It had all of the bells and whistles. One entrance and exit, titanium-hardened walls, and guards posted 24/7. The diamond was als a part of the queen’s collection of jewelry. But we were ready. And by we, I mean Jake, Cooper, Dave, Ronan, Otto, and I. Jake was an ex special forces for MI6 who had been arrested for killing someone on one of his missions that the court found unjust. This person ended up to be involved in a plot to kill the prime minister, but he was still not released, and this resulted in him having a grudge against the British and MI6-he couldn’t wait to have revenge. Cooper has a hatred for the British in his family leading back all the American Revolution. Dave and Ronan are brothers we had hired for the job and Otto was my personal assistant, and my most trusted friend. We had planned it so that we would strike when some of the guards were on vacation and they were short handed. It was decided that we would get in through a simple diversion. And then the time came. Jake, Cooper, Dave, and Ronan created two different diversions by simply lighting firecrackers to get the guards attention. While the guards were investigating, Otto and I made a hole in the gate by using an acetylene torch. We were in!
We ditched the torch in a bush near the entrance and advanced. Wearing black thermal-camouflage and bulletproof suits, we sneaked up on the lone guard guarding the front door and subdued him silently with a blackjack. After he was out cold, we tied and gagged him and put him in the hedges. We took the guards ID card and scanned it to unlock the front door. From there we knew exactly what to do, for we had stolen the plans to the mansion from the architect’s master storage room. We went down the hall and went to the study, where we removed a false panel in the desk and shut down the security system. From there we knew exactly what book to pull out to reveal the secret door leading to the vault. We knew that there would be another guard here, so we made a slight noise, drawing his attention. While I crouched down in the darkness, Otto made himself visible and when the guard came up to him, I sprang up and clamped a rag soaked in chloroform over his nose. He slumped unconscious, and we proceeded.
When we reached the vault door, Otto worked on the combination and hacking the iris-scanning system while I kept watch. I heard a click as Otto fist-pumped the air and I knew he had done it. We entered the vault, silent in awe as we saw the sheer magnitude of the diamond. Then an alarm sounded. Otto grabbed it hastily and we left, locking the door behind us. We ran out of the house and onto the lawn-being chased by security guards-and eventually exited the compound through the gate. We did it! We were jubilant as we piled into the supposed getaway car and shut the door. It was then that the police officer locked the door and looked back at us and smiled, “Good try boys” he said. Dumbfounded, we remained silent for the rest of the drive to the police station.

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