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Savior Continued

September 7, 2009
By Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
Taylor Mann GOLD, Cave Creek, Arizona
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She disposed of the evidence and was ready to walk downstairs until, uh oh. Daddy’s home. She pulls her hood over her head and briskly walks down stairs as not to look suspicious. She thinks that she may possibly make it through the night without getting grounded, until. Dang it mom brings up my sneaking out and tells me to take off my hood. Now they are getting suspicious and asking questions and talking about my needing therapy. Just wait till’ they see my hair they’ll think I’m loony for sure. Well at least dinner is almost over then I can have a happy quiet peaceful night’s sleep, oh wait no I can’t that’s what normal people do and me being normal for once in my life would just be a death sentence. Instead though I get kidnapped by ugly Shadowers that want me to join them and help them take over the world, goody. That’s me, a normal teenager. Wait are my parents still talking. This is the most boring thing that I have ever done, but sadly it is a high point in my life!!! Shadow chasers and over barring parents, ya, doesn’t get much worse than that.

I slowly ignore the voice in my head telling me to wait, as I slip out from my chair and walk upstairs. I hear my parents yelling for me but I don’t particularly care. All that’s important is that I get away to clear my head. My cell phone rings as I approach my room. It’s Lily so I pick up.
“Oh good, you answered I thought you were ignoring me because at school you seemed so bored when I told you about me and Phil going to the Winter dance together possibly, maybe, well he hasn’t officially asked yet but don’t worry he will. I see the way he looks at me in Science. Aaaanyway.
“Lils, do you ever stop to breathe!!!”
“Uh-ya, sure whatever you say.”
“Right, well I gotta go Lils Ill talk to you tomorrow”
“Oh, my gosh”
“WHAT, are you ok”
“No, absolutely not, you don’t want to talk to me so therefore you are implying that Phil really doesn’t like me and he won’t ask me to the dance!”
“You read too much into things”
“Like our relationship”…snnnniiifff
“No like everything else, I don’t have time for this I need to think. Call Brenda or Callie, there real peppy.”

The night is black and my heart is sunk, any chance I can escape this I would. But as the Earth rotates, unfortunately, my life does to. My parents and family re great and all but they just don’t get it. Any of it. They think I’m depressed, and maybe that’s true, but not because of anything that is a choice, it’s not like I chose this. Because I will never ever become one of them I would become a vampire before I became a retched awful, Shadower. All of this excitement slowly puts me into a heavy sleep. I wake up at around midnight and find myself in the presence of Wicks, the most powerful shadow chaser of all.
She is a level five, out of five levels, the level ones are called shadows, they are the beginners just now transforming into a Shadower. Level twos are called shadow catchers, they are called this because they go out and lurk in dark places and select innocent people to become Shadowers. Level threes are called shadow hunters, they go out and find all of the people that the shadow catchers select, and they bring them to and from our world. Level fours are shadow casters, they are the one that cast the humans into beginners, or shadows. And last is level five, called the shadow leaders, only a small few ever make it to this level, they have to go through every level prior, and they have to take a 10 year training class, on how to be a leader. Those who make it to shadow leaders, really don’t have to do anything. They just have to supervise and order people around.

Today she is mad, immediately when my eyes open. She starts yelling!
“WHAT, are you thinking!!!”
“I’m not sure I know what you mean,” I said.
“ I mean, that you have already wasted an hour sleeping.”
“Well, why didn’t you just wake me”
She held out her hands and gave me an expression as if to say, isn’t it obvious.

“Oh, right sorry I forgot that you can’t touch anything, you being a shadow and all.”
“Yes well, I don’t have time for this, get to work”

My job in this stinky world includes dishes, inventory, and greeting everyone that walks by the Café, encouraging them to come buy a snack. And the best part is I already get to do most of this at my own house! YAY!!! Wicks tells me that I am great at all of my jobs but one, she tells me that I need to be more peppy and smile. But I think if that’s what she wanted then why she didn’t select a cheerleader is beyond me. I mean that’s totally there thing, not mine. Tomorrow I might get promoted to four jobs instead of three. I mean that’s like slavery, its not my choice, and I don’t see a weekly paycheck in my name!!!

The author's comments:
This piece is a continuation of the story Savior that I posted a couple weeks back.

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