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The Big Adventure of a Small Sea Turtle

February 12, 2008
By Anonymous

Once, there was a mama Leatherback sea turtle who came out of the sea to lay her eggs, Just like any other mama sea turtle. These eggs were going to be harvested by a little boy named Tim. Tim’s mom was going to sell these eggs at a local restaurant to be eaten. “Mommy!” yelled Tim with excitement in his voice.

Tim’s mom came running over. “What do you need Tim?” asked Mom.

“Look what I found!” answered Tim with pride.

“You found sea turtle eggs! Here put them in this beach bag.”

“Mommy, can I keep one? Please?”

“Fine, just one. We have a fish tank for when it hatches, anyway. Now, get in the car. We are taking the rest of the eggs to sell at one of the restaurants on our street. After that we will go home.” Answered Mom.

After they got home, the egg that Tim was going to keep was nowhere to be found. Tim and Mom looked everywhere, but still no egg. Mom figured that the egg had hatched at the beach, and crawled to sea
But she was wrong. The egg had hatched in the car, crawled out of the beach bag, and climbed out of the car all while Tim and Mom were in the restaurant. Now, the hatchling was wandering about the city.
Not knowing what he was doing, the little sea turtle started to walk into traffic. For the first two minutes, the road was clear, but then you could hear the roar of a truck in the distance. The roar got louder, and louder. Then, you could see the truck approaching. He had only about five seconds to get across the road, and as you can imagine, turtles are very slow creatures, especially sea turtles. Their fins help them go fast in the water, but slow them down on land. He was not even close to the other side of the road. You could hear the roar get louder, and louder, and you could see it get nearer, and nearer. Finally, it went… zoom over the turtle, but didn’t even touch him! As fast as the little turtle could, he ran pushing his tiny fins against the hard, hot, concrete. Finally, he felt the soft, cool grass on his fins.

After getting across, all he had to do was walk across the beach, and into the big blue. It seemed simple enough. Well, it wasn’t. It was actually a very tiring walk, especially being a little sea turtle.
Finally, he got to the beach. Surprisingly, he found the nest where he, as an egg, had been buried. He noticed that Tim and Mom had forgotten one other egg. It was the smallest of the bunch.
It started to shake! Rattle, rattle, crack, crack. The little turtle took a step back away from the egg. Suddenly, the egg burst open. You could see the baby turtle peak it’s tiny head out of the broken shell. The baby turtle just sat there for a minute with its eyes as wide as could be, just starring at the new, and strange world. Seeing that one of his brothers was still there, made the little turtle happy.
The baby turtle finally crawled toward his brother. Both turtles just stood, starring at each other. Then they both crawled toward the sea, and swam into the distance. Today they are still in the sea as happy as can be.

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on Oct. 4 2018 at 8:03 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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Aw, this was so cute! I love it!