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Team Monster Hunters

March 7, 2014
By Tghermione19 SILVER, Normal Hieghts, California
Tghermione19 SILVER, Normal Hieghts, California
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My name is Scarlett, and I am a Monster Hunter. We have a awesome Team house, which is where I usually stay. Unless there is a big job that needs an extra person.

But one day, there was an extremely important call about three legendary monster’s running loose in the forest. I was the one who picked up the call. So I was the one who had to pull the alarm.

Legendary monster’s are very hard to capture. It takes seven to nine people, to capture one legendary, and we have captured this legendary and her friends before, she must have escaped. Her name is Demoda, and her friends are also legendaries, one of them is a guy who is a scarecrow named Demon the other one is a girl who is a witch named Mabel.

This was the first mission where all of the team had to go help. We got our blasters, portable capture devices, and wrist watch communicators. We got in our squad Quad bikes and rolled out.
When we got to the city there were screams heard everywhere, trash cans were flipped, trash everywhere, people running in circles, (Watching that was hilarious.)

All of a sudden there was an evil laugh. Then Demoda flew down from the sky, Demon and Mabel followed not so far behind her. She flew over to a group of people trembling in fear. The leader of my group gave us the sign to duck and hide, I went to a fence and jumped over it. Thank goodness there was a park on the other side of the fence. I crawled inside the plastic tube that connected the two structures.
I heard Demoda say
“ I smell children.”
“Please don’t find me, please don’t find me,” I whispered to myself.
“You must be hungry” Mabel said cackeling after she spoke.
When they left I contacted my team leader on my watch
“Jason tell the team to come over the fence and into the giant plastic tube to regroup and discuss a plan.”
“Ok be there in 5” Jason replied. When I hung up the neighborhood was quiet............... too quiet............................................................. then without warning Demoda came out of nowhere.

“I knew I smelled children” Demoda screamed,

“Yeah but, i’m no ordinary child” I said mysteriously,
I pulled out my blaster and started blasting, but she kept dodging all my blasts.
“Shooting is worthless, pathetic child” Demoda growled.
“How would you know your just a floating monster Demoda” I hissed.
“Yes I am a floating monster and you’re the monster hunter, so I guess there’s more of you am I correct” Demoda asked?
“I am told not to answer that question” I replied.
“So that means there are more of the hunters here” Demoda growled,
“But, I can use you for bait to capture the other hunters so I can rule the world” Demoda laughed evilly.
Demoda grabbed me, and flew to an old abandoned apartment. She grabbed a chair, sat me in the chair, ( holding me in the chair ) grabbed a rope, tied me up, and tried to put duct tape over my mouth.
After ten minutes of fighting with Demoda she finally got me in the chair, she took my watch communicator.

Demoda mimicked my voice and called my team leader again.

“Jason, come to the old abandoned apartment” Demoda said.

“ok, is Demoda there if so I will bring everyone” Jason answered.

I managed to get the duct tape off my mouth, and the first thing that came to mind was for me to scream.

“Jason you’re talking to Demoda she has trapped me here and, trying to trick you so she can capture us all” I yelled.

There was no response, was I too late were all of the already on their way, not knowing they were going to get captured? The harder I tried to stop thinking about my team the stronger the thoughts became.

Minutes passed, the minutes turned into hours, then suddenly BOOM, my team bursted through the garage door.

One of my team members, Dustin came over and, used the built in laser on his communication watch to cut the ropes.

When I was free there was a stare down happening between the monsters and the monster hunters.

Then out of nowhere a duck just flew in, and someone lasered it and cooked it.

“ Hunters vs Monsters “ Conner yelled.

Everyone charged and lasers flew everywhere I was helping take down Mabel.

The first monster to collapse was Mabel then Demon, but Demoda wouldn’t go down without a fight. She was dodging every laser beam we shot at her.

I tried to remember how we defeated her when we first captured her.

After a long time of thinking I finally remembered how to capture Demoda.

“ Hey everyone we must combine all of our monster hunting gems to make the most powerful laser beam, then we capture Demoda” I yelled.

Everyone gathered in a giant circle. We all held our Monster Hunting gems in the middle of the circle.

After about 30 seconds the gems began to glow a bright green, the gems got brighter, and brighter, and brighter, until it became a giant laser beam shooting up to the sky.

It sucked Demoda in and she spun around and around until, I broke the circle, grabbed our capture device, pressed a button.
The capture device sucked Demoda into the holding area until we could get her back to the forest.
When she was captured we found our Quad bikes and rolled all the way back to the forest and released Demoda back where she belonged.
After that I was awarded with a new badge of bravery and ranked to team leader. I had my own team to command.

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