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Drew's Adventure (Physically)

April 27, 2013
By coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
coolman907 SILVER, Plattsburgh, New York
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Along the Pacific coast there is a ship. It is a mere marvel in size in fact. Many people are partying on this boat and swimming in the pools of this ship. The sun is out, hardly any clouds, and the salt water breeze is breathing slowly, the little cries of seagulls are heard.
All of a sudden, a mysterious obstacle comes abound in the direction of the ship. The ship’s captain can not see the obstacle. All of a sudden, the ship is hit by this object. Some say it’s a jagged rock, or say it could be a simple can. I say it is an invisible mirage. The ship is sinking and many of the passengers are alerted.
My name is Drew Sanderson, and I do not know where my parents are. The rushing of the passengers going into life boats trouble my perspective. Alas I can’t imagine where my parents could be. I am the only one left on the boat and there are no more rescue boats left. This makes me tempted to jump into the water; and so I do.
I am falling from tremendous heights (around 300ft). When I crash into the water, all I hear is silence. My heart starts to beat faster than usual, the fear of mysterious creatures creep upon me. I rise up to the surface; I am in full relief. I see a glimpse of a mysterious island. I stroke and stroke in the water splash, splash, splash, and the temperatures of the cold water are becoming lukewarm as I get closer to the island. Thanks to my skinny body, and my survival skills from back home in Pennsylvania, I have been well adapted to the environment. I have on a t-shirt and Bermuda shorts, and I have hazel eyes that look like a light brown coffee color. I am 5’6 with a well- rounded face and chin.
There are palm trees everywhere. The sun is beating me down in intense heat, and my long brown hair is blocking the gorgeous views of the island. A giant mountain is standing tall and tremendous to the great blue sky. I figure that there will be animals hunting around the island, but I don’t identify any. All I see is the horizon of the ocean at an 180? view and the great bushes that lay in front of the darkness depths of the forest.
I had a mother and father before the boat incident. I used to have a great education at Raymoore High School, before this happened. Now, all I have is my survival skills to keep a quick sharp mind around the wilderness.
I search around the island to find a way to get back home; unfortunately I don’t find any people. The moon is gleaming in the night sky and the stars are twinkling in the night. I stare at the sky to see if I can find a way back home, but I know I won’t. Out of nowhere, a shooting star appears. I was in awe, because I have never seen a shooting star in my whole life. The star is orange; it looks like a small skinny plane. The sky causes a trick to make this star disappear in a split second. I settle out in the sand until morning.

The next day the bright sun rises and I hear the seagulls crying in the sky. I wake up, groggy, and still tired. I am still wondering if I will ever be back home. I decide to walk around the island again, and this time I find mysterious ruins in the water. I take a deep breath and begin the expedition on my water search. I feel like I need to get back up to the surface, then I see a surface when I enter in the ruins. I rise up, it is a huge cavern. The cavern is moist and somewhat dark; I have no idea what is keeping it alight. I take my body out of the water and start to walk around the cavern. There is no life in this environment whatsoever. I see a mysterious person with a hiker’s hat, bagging, and a flashlight. When I come close to the person I jump in fear; the person is dead. He is nothing, but bone. I take the cap, flashlight, the bagging, and the flashlight. I put the cap on my head, turn the flashlight on, and carry the bagging on my back. The flashlight works pretty well, even though the bagging feels like more than half my body weight to carry. I still search on what mysteries lay in this cavern. The darkness that is surrounds hugs me close in a menacing grip; I know I had to keep going.

I am walking through the dark cavern still, my nerves shudder, who knows what mysterious creature lays before me. A huge blob of black hangs from the ceiling; it shocks me out of nowhere. The bats gets blind by the light, they fly in my ways. I swipe the bats to keep going through the cavern. After another half mile of walking, a small circle light appears. With the energy I still have left, I run towards the light. Inside the circle of light, bright trees of paradise show. The sky is still light blue, and the sun shines brighter than ever.

I am walking through the bushes of the paradise island, and all of it develops into is desert of intense heat. The sun in the sky is to be moves small circles and vultures circle in the sky, their desire is to savage meat. No food or drinks are in my backpack, I should have not taken a break in the cavern. The need to be hydrated is a strong desire for me. Sweat drips from my face, while I gasp for water. I see a small part of Arctic land before I pass out.

I am asleep; my mind sends me to a different dimension. Even though my eyes feel confident, I still lay in a trance. When I awake, my body feels befuddled. My eyes open to view the world of reality. Vulture peck my body, the pain is excruciating. I slap the vulture away and it starts to fly away. I am lucky to be alive; I only suffer from a few scratches. I walk through the desert one more time, as the chill of the Arctic land slithers around my body. Its chills are subzero; it’s a risk to my blood-warm body. A cloud of blizzard snow happens in this environment. The cold makes me fall; I am on the ground once again. I drag my body through the vexatious snow. My legs lay dead while my arms keep on going. I feel like I can’t go on any longer. I drop to the snow and lay into a deep dormancy. The clouds of the blizzard shrouds on me, my memories are all clear and obliterates nothing in existence.

The author's comments:
Drew had similar adventurous characteristics like Altai.

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