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Logic Vs. Genius

January 6, 2008
By Anonymous

“A time machine?” Kathy looked at the contraption with a confused look and then looked back at Kitty.

The piece of equipment was a red, old-fashioned telephone booth, it’s door swung wide open. On one side of the chamber was a system of button controls.

Kitty had a gigantic smile on her face as she was jumping up and down anxiously, “Yes, I just finished it.”

Kathy was so full of disbelief that she turned around and started walking toward the nearest exit. As she started walking, she saw a solid object go from the middle of the doorway of the exit and around it’s frame into the hallway. What was that? She stopped her thought as she felt Kitty’s hand pull her back and turn her around.

“You don’t believe me?”

She put the moving object out of her head and said, “Well, duh. That’s why I started walking away.” She seemed to have a sarcastic tone in her irritated voice.

Kitty started to push Kathy toward the unbelievable machine as she said, “Hah, hah, very funny.”

Kathy did not back down, “Kitty, I know you’re a genius and all,” they stopped a foot away from the machine, “but, a time machine. You’re like what, fifteen? It’s just not possible.”

Kitty was barely listening, as she was too absorbed in pushing buttons on her newly made device. Kathy folded her arms as she made an annoyed sigh. Yet again, I’m being ignored.

Kitty stopped what she was doing and looked back at Kathy satisfied. Kitty made a wicked smile and said, “You want to bet on that?”

Kathy responded with aggressiveness and glared back at Kitty, “You’re on.”

Kitty smiled and reached out her hand, “Whoever wins gets gloating rights for a week.”

Kathy took the hand firmly and said, “Deal.”

This added to Kitty’s satisfaction, “Well, get in.”

Kathy looked at her in surprise, “Me?”

Kitty rolled her eyes, “No the other Kathy in the room.”

Kathy despised her sarcasm. “Why don’t you go?”

Kitty said with a soft, quick voice, “Because it hasn’t been tested yet…”

Kathy formed a foul smile and chuckled, “I knew it!”

Kitty stopped her, “I know it will work, I’ve never been wrong before.”

Content, Kathy continued, “There’s always a first time for everything. But if it hasn’t been tested, then I’m definitely not going in there.” Kathy waited firmly in the spot that she was standing in.

Kitty gave Kathy a sad frown as she said, “Please, I’ll be your best friend.”

Kathy’s words sprang back, “I am your best friend.”

Kitty was about to say something back, but then gave up. Kathy thought: I think she has suffered long enough.

Kathy went up into the door of the instrument. Kitty made a yelp of joy as Kathy thought: I assume that I step inside.

When she was completely inside, Kathy looked around the interior of the phone booth and unexpectedly heard the door slam behind her. She quickly turned around to see Kitty smiling through the door. Perfect, just perfect.

“Where do you want to go?” The solid that was separating them muffled Kitty’s voice. Kathy thought for a moment.

Finally, Kathy replied, “You choose.”

Kitty thought for a few seconds and then said, “I’ve got it.” She looked pleased by this and then vanished for a few seconds. Kathy heard her pressing down buttons and switches. It stopped abruptly, “You ready?”

Kathy calmly said, “Fire away.” Even though it’s not going to work…

Kathy stiffened as she felt the fortress shake around her. What’s going on? Before she could come up with any conclusions, she felt herself hit the ground, the phone booth gone. Where am I? She rubbed her throbbing head as she looked up. No way…

She was in Kitty’s hallway, right outside the room where the “time machine” was being held. “Kitty, I-”

She stopped as she saw two figures moving toward her. They were pretty far down the hall. Who are they? As they got closer, Kathy realized who they were. That’s Kitty and…me?

Swiftly, Kathy turned around and ran around a corner of the hall. She then looked, cautiously, back around the corner and saw the two girls. Kitty was dragging “Kathy” down the hall.

“What is it Kitty?” The voice came from the so-called Kathy, who seemed to be terribly bored.

Kitty was filled with enthusiasm, “You’ll see.”

“This better be good.”

The Kathy around the corner then realized: I went back in time to…ten minutes ago? The two girls walked through the door to the time machine room and left it wide open. The present Kathy, knowing she was in no danger of being seen, tiptoed to the door that the past Kitty and Kathy just went through. She gradually looked into the room, her head popping out into the middle of the doorway.

“A time machine?” This is what Kathy heard as she tuned into the conversion in the room.

“Yes, I just finished it.”

The Kathy at the door didn’t believe any of it. Kitty must have put me in a holographic simulator or something because this is definitely not real. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by her “past” self turning around to face her. As quickly as possible, Kathy moved her body out of the middle of the doorway but she knew that the other Kathy had seen her, even though it was just a glance.

Kathy realized something as the other two continued talking. I did time travel! As I turned around like her, I remember seeing something move. I guess it was the future me…

She suddenly felt herself shake rapidly and looked down at the ground, trying to grab it to decrease the shaking. Yet, when she looked back up, she saw that surrounding her was the interior of the familiar telephone booth. I’m back.

The booth’s door flew open as Kitty stepped in the doorway. She had an overjoyed face on and a wider smile than ever. “So, was I right?”

Kathy exhaled with admitting sigh, “Yeah, you were right.”

Kitty immediately started dancing outside the booth, adding, “I win” to it after every other second.

Kathy stood up from the sitting position she had been forced into and walked out of the booth, her legs a little wobbly. She sighed with relief for the first time that day, “You know Kitty,” Kitty turned to face her, “This is the first time I’ve ever lost a bet.”

Kitty shrugged and said, “There’s always a first time for everything.”

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Nicely done!  I just love time travel stories, and I really enjoy the characters you have created. 

Keep up the good work; it would be awesome if you could somehow elaborate on this story and make it into a novel!