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A Friend i never knew i had

November 5, 2010
By swiftheart GOLD, Houston, Texas
swiftheart GOLD, Houston, Texas
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It was in the middle of the night, twelve to be exact. When I heard it again; it was the lamentation of a dog followed by the screeching of an animal I wasn’t familiar with. I decided that this was it, for many years now I haven’t had I night when these two or more foolhardy animals weren’t going wild. I went upstairs grabbed my riffle and hurried down the stairs. I walked up the door and positioned my hand gently on the knob; I leisurely twisted it and slowly opened the door. The bright full moon provided so much luminosity that I didn’t regard the use of a flashlight. I stepped out the door and felt my arm shaking; I had never been out this late at night so I was pretty terrified. I gentle creped to the dog house and freed my alpha wolf from its leash –where I live it wasn’t abnormal to own wolf-. We walked simultaneously towards the forest where I believed the noise was coming from.
As we walked closer, I noticed that the glow from the moon getting weaker and weaker and by the time we reached the forest,, there was nothing but a faint glow left. At that point I was too close and determined to find the source of the noise that I refused to go back for the flashlight. I walked into the forest living a mark just in case I got lost. The noise was getting closer and so was I, I started to run towards it with my riffle ready to fire and then I saw it or at least I was able to make out the shape of its body. This was no animal I murmured to myself; it had the shape of a human but the features of a dog. I was so scared, and turned around only to notice that my wolf had deserted me. I tried to run but my legs were so stiff from fear and mortal terror. The creature ran towards me and with one pounce, fell to the ground, it got on me to bite but I fought back, I fought like I never did before but it was no use. The creature bit my hands with its razor sharp canines. In an instant I felt the pain rush through my veins, destroying every ounce of my body. I opened my eyes and tears dropped down my cheek. It opened its jaw to finish the job only to be stopped by my Wolf. In a flash Moon beam jumped on the creature unleashing her powerful claws and biting the creature with her magnificent canines. I watched in distress as the two fought each other. It seemed like Moonbeam was winning but suddenly, the creature got a hold of her tail and swung her by a tree. She fell laying flat on the ground, I knew at that moment that she was gone. The creature rushed at me with torn eyes, blood covered canine and ragged fur. Blood dripping from all over its body, it was a surprise he was still alive.
I was within feet of its reach when it fell to the ground but this time never to get up again. I sat there tendering to my own wounds that I forgot about the being that had saved me. I looked towards the moon and noticed Moonbeam laying on the floor just underneath an oak tree, I rushed there with lingering pain in my arm carried her up and placed her on top of a rock. The moon lit up and a great beam flashed upon her and her coat glowed under the moons reflection. Tears ran down my eyes and I let out a powerful cry.
I would never forget that day, the day when I was saved by something I didn’t even care for. Moonbeam a friend I never knew I had.

The author's comments:
I would never forget that day, the day when I was saved by something I didn’t even care for.

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