October 18, 2008
By Anonymous

How do you start a story of a miracle, oh hear we go, I’ve got it. The North Koreans were having war with the South Koreans. It was the greatest most terrible civil war that had ever happened. But on the outskirts of Korea, there was a small village called Plakloviamatacloomy just, just Plak for short. Also in Plak there was a 15 year old boy named Kenya. He was just getting out of his small school called Plak high school; he was studying to be a water tower engineer. He wants to help his village by building a water tower for it, so that his family and friends wouldn’t have to go to the lake 10 miles away just for water. This way the water would be purified and transported to his village, it would be powered by a spinner at his schools play ground to where there having fun at the same time. That way his village could survive. Below are the blue prints of his idea:

Kenya was walking home on a hot day with his little note book and his little worn down pencil, the only things his family could afford. Because South Korea was in war his half, North Korea, so there North Korea needed to be taxed so there country could afford their supplies.

This made Kenya very mad, because he was very supportive of his village. He worked part time as a black smith asistant to help prepare for attack to his village if it were to happen. They had only a picket fence for a wall around his village. So, they were pretty much dead if there were to be any thing powerful enough to blow through a 2 inch thick piece of wood.

He was just getting through the door with his friend Amaro, and when he just got through the door of his little house there, there was a man there with a North Korean army uniform on; he was drafting 12-18 year old boys. Guess how unlucky that was, he drafted me Kenya, and my friend Amaro to the North Korean army boot camp no. 548. I didn’t even get to say good bye to my parents. Nether did Amaro, we were just pulled by or sour wrists to a camo truck. Then the guy just yelled at us to get in, so we did of course. Then we were brought to the,” boot camp no. 548”.

Well we had been driving for about an hour or so with this Stanger and then he said in South Korean that we would be there in an hour, this scared us very much as if we were to die because this meant that basically that we were hostages to South Korea, because Kenya new that the border was 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the border and that that meant they would be staying there 30 minutes into South Korea. Kenya could tell by the look in his friend’s eye he knew this too.


We were there at a concentration camp no. 548. So this meant they were going to be slaughtered like the Jews with Adolf Hitler. Which was very bad, this pretty much meant they were done for. There were about 10 grads inside and out patrolling the place, and about five torturers. But Kenya was smart to take notes in his note book of how to get out possibly but probably not they were pretty much doomed.

To be continued………………………………………………
Read the rest in part two: HOW TO GET OUT OF THIS


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This was alright a little boring though 

maybe if you made it more mysterious keep writing though and proof read a lot